Street Outreach Update
The scenes in the news are not exaggerated, unsheltered homelessness has increased in the Valley of the Sun. The HSC Multi-Disciplinary Street Outreach team that launched last July does weekly counts on top of daily engagement and connection to services. As the number of unsheltered individuals around the Human Services Campus has grown month over month since August of 2021 with totals reaching 970 in mid-March, the HSC Multi-Disciplinary Street Outreach Team coordinated an in-depth count and survey in the early morning hours of March 30th. The goal was to understand more about this population, in order to learn how to best meet their needs.

About 40 individuals from HSC and its partner organizations engaged with 603 people, 147 of whom completed the full survey. Preliminary findings of those surveyed show:
37% White
29% Black, African American, or African
15% Hispanic
14% Other, refused to answer
3% American Indian, Alaskan, Indigenous
2% Asian, Asian American

69% Male
22% Female
8% Refused to answer
1% Transgender
Average Age: 44
Oldest Age: 72
Youngest Age: 18
Count of people over 60 years old: 20
Count of youth 18-24 years old: 12
US Military Veterans with Honorable Discharge: 5

Length of Stay in the area:
50% zero to six months
8% six to 11 months
42% 12 months or more
This snapshot tells us that first time homelessness is a real factor. And that the disproportionate representation of people of color continues. 

HSC will be continuing this type of in-depth survey with regularity to understand any changing dynamics in the unsheltered populations, as well as to continue to evolve the efforts of the Street Outreach Team.
Arizona Coyotes and MedSupply Provide
Hygiene Items for HSC Clients
For Gender Equality Month, the Arizona Coyotes teamed up with the Human Services Campus on a women's hygiene item drive. Together with MedSupply, Coyotes fans helped collect 374 pounds of hygiene items!

The HSC is so grateful for this much needed donation and for the continued support of the Arizona Coyotes. We thank you for all you do for our community!
Episode 31 of
The McQuaid Mission
on the
Episode 31: Human Trafficking & Homeless Youth

According to an ASU study, nearly 50% of young adults experiencing homelessness identified as LGBTQ – and the average age of their first homeless experience was at 17 years of age. Of those who participated in the survey, about 40% said they had experienced exploitation in the form of labor or sex trafficking. We’ll be joined live in-studio by Dominique Roe-Sepowitz, Associate Professor at ASU’s School of Social Work for a closer look at this troubling report.

Special guests include: Rob Podlogar, Chief Community Development and Engagement Officer, Valley of the Sun United Way; Tomas Leon, President, Equality Health Foundation; Dominique Roe-Sepowitz, Associate Professor, ASU School of Social Work

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