• When a VRI or OPI is used for a research consent process, a remote interpreter checklist MUST be completed for each subject and filed in the research record and the medical record as applicable.

  • The person obtaining consent is responsible for acquiring and completing the checklist.  This is not a responsibility of the interpreter services department.

  • Many of the procedures are the same as when an interpreter is present however the additional requirements necessary are:
  • Asking verbal permission from the interpreter to record their name and ID number in the witness signature section; and
  • Asking the interpreter to confirm with the subject that they understood the information about the research and had the opportunity to ask questions.
  • the exact wording of what needs to be ask of the remote interpreter is specified in the checklist. There is also a section in the checklist to document that both these requirements have occurred.

  • The use of this checklist will be audited. You may be asked for evidence that the form was used.

Please review and familiarize yourself with the steps required in this checklist. 
We also used this opportunity to develop a checklist that the research team can use to guide the consent process when a short form is used and the interpreter is present . This is not a required form but you may find it helpful.  

Please feel free to contact the IRB staff with any questions you have.

* Witness signature  is limited to confirming that the information was presented orally to the subject, parent or legally authorized representative in a language they could understand, and that the individual had the opportunity to ask questions .