• Your pastors and staff are arguably the most excited of anyone! We miss you and can't wait to see you!!

  • Even if we wish it was, the pandemic is not yet over. In fact, four members of our church family have been added to the COVID specific prayer list in the last three days, two of whom were or are hospitalized. In order to help keep each other safe there some things that we will need to do differently, at least for a while. Some protocols may seem silly, unnecessary or even unfair, but please know that each is important and based on the best known scientific and data-driven guidelines.

  • In accordance with recommended CDC guidelines, attendance for each in-person service will be limited to 150.

  • Registration will be required. If you arrive at a service without registering, you will have to wait to enter until just before the service begins to see if there are still slots available once those who registered have arrived.

  • Masks worn properly covering the mouth and nose will be required at all times for all people attending any gathering at the church, regardless of vaccination status. Children under 24 months old are exempt, and the worship leader at a socially-distanced microphone may remove his/her mask so as not to be heard muffled. By April 18, all worship leaders who might be briefly unmasked while leading from the chancel will be fully vaccinated.

  • Every other pew will be available downstairs and in the balcony. Please maintain a 6' social distance between households. However, a person who has been fully vaccinated may choose to sit with another fully vaccinated household.This isn't intended to create large clusters of "vaccinated households" but rather to allow a single person to sit with a friend or two.

  • If you have not been fully vaccinated, please maintain the full six foot social distance from others. This would also apply to households in which some members are vaccinated and others aren't, or that include children who are not yet eligible.

  • During hymns, please do not sing out. Humming along or singing very softly is fine.

  • If you are physically able to make your way to a balcony seat, please consider doing so to allow those who cannot navigate the stairs to have the opportunity to sit downstairs.

  • In lieu of paper bulletins and hymnals, the order of service and announcement information will be on the screens and available electronically on your phone. Offering boxes will be at the entrance to the sanctuary.

  • There will be no coffee service offered or food. Beginning April 25, you may bring a personal beverage to your Sunday school class. However, you must continue to wear a mask over your mouth and nose all times except as you briefly pull your mask down to take an occasional sip. This is a big step as most of our sister UMC's who are having in-person small group gatherings (and many are not) are prohibiting all food and beverages on campus that are not medically necessary. Please maintain a full 6' social distancing in Sunday school rooms and be mindful of your mask so that we can continue to have a beverage option. Food is not permitted at this time.

  • No food or beverages in the sanctuary.

  • We are not currently offering nursery or children's Sunday school.

  • We WILL be offering a shared experience of face-to-face community gathering to praise God, learn from and with one another, and share the joys and challenges of life.


April 18 - We will begin by having our 8:30 service in the sanctuary. It will be a hybrid service: in-person and streamed on Facebook. The 11:00 service will be streamed on Facebook only, and Sunday school classes will remain only on ZOOM.

April 25 - Both the 8:30 and 11:00 services will by hybrid services, offered both in the sanctuary and streamed live on Facebook. Registration will begin on Monday, April 19. Adult Sunday school classes may return to meeting in-person while also connecting via ZOOM with those not present. Due to social distancing, room capacity and ongoing restoration work in the Vastine Building, most classes have new room assignments.

Apple Corps - Apple Corps classroom (B8)
Branches - C19
Genesis - Downstairs Chapel
iConnect - C17
Journey - C24
New Beginnings - B9
New Fellowship - B1
The Way - B7 (B5 if needed)
Youth - Upstairs Chapel

Until we can restore the Vastine Building, Children's Sunday School will remain connected on ZOOM, and we ask our adult classes for understanding as most of the rooms they will use have yet to be fully restored either. Insurance adjustors are understandably inundated by claims following the winter storm, but we are ready to move forward immediately as soon as our adjustor signs off on the estimated scope of work.

More information regarding our mission programs, weekly small groups, and other activities was published in last week's newsletter and remains available on the Martin Facebook page.

We are taking a leap of faith and moving to more in-person activities sooner than many of our sister UMCs in the immediate area. We believe that we can do so safely if we each keep Loving God and Others at the forefront of all we do, and support one another in coming together safely!

Peace and grace,
Your Pastors, Staff, and Leadership Team
Prayer Concerns & Sympathy
Please continue to check the Facebook Prayer Page for daily updates or concerns. To be redirected to the Martin UMC Care Team Prayer Ministry page, click here:

Martin Community:
Jay Bradford, Virginia Browning, Rosemary Dawes, Kristi Easterling, Isi Faletau, Doris Fash, John Longyear, Susan & Mitch McCumber, Pat Murphy, Melissa Norton, Dottie Rust, Marcie Smith

Family & Friends:
Ryan Campanaro, Jill Davis, Tanya Deaton, Lee Erickson, Nora Finn, Bonnie Fuller, Rita Morris, D.J. & Lona Rater, Deb Viney, Glendora Waldrup, Jessica Walker, Kathy Walton, Landon Wren and family

COVID specific prayers:
Joe and Donna Kempf and their son Cliff; Christi Bentley-Jerry Galloway's daughter and Chris Galloway's niece.

Names remain for two weeks
unless otherwise requested.

Please remember to notify Deanna
regarding any changes to the prayer list.