April 18
10:00 a.m.
Livestream Only

Becoming Biophiliac
Aly Tharp, Pulpit Guest
The Rev. Dena McPhetres
The Rev. Kimberlee Tomczak Carlson,
Minister of Religious Education
Alissa Rhode, Lead Music Director
Nick Hayes, Worship Associate

Join Aly Tharp and Rev. Dena for our Earth Day service as we consider becoming biophiliac (a lover of life) on a deeper level. Big systems are changing right now. What is Earth becoming? What is the human relationship to Earth becoming? Unfortunately, we must shift from working to stop climate change to learn how to adapt to climate change. How do we do that well as lovers of life?


ZOOM COFFEE HOUR AT 11:00. Once you enter the Zoom meeting, Lynne will coordinate smaller groups of five or six for conversation. Members, guests, visitors are all welcome! Bring your own coffee. Link to Join HERE.

SANCTUARY REFLECTIONS AT 11:00. Feel moved by the Sunday worship service? Want to spend time reflecting with others? Come to Sanctuary Reflections every Sunday. We reflect on three questions and share our experiences with each other. Joyful, enriching, connecting. Just drop in. Join on Zoom HERE.

Democracy Found: Nonpartisan Political Innovation in Wis.
Sara Eskrich, Executive Director, Democracy Found

Democracy Found applies business analysis tools to politics and provides a nonpartisan call to action to revitalize our democracy. Their analysis highlights the unhealthy parts of the political system and offers a way to create a diverse, nonpartisan coalition of leaders, committed to reinvigorating our democracy. They advocate open, top-five primaries and ranked choice voting in the general election (Final-Five Voting).On Zoom & YouTube Live HERE
"LOVE LIFE" EARTH DAY EVENTS! Our Earth Justice Ministry is in tune with the message for the Earth Day Service: loving life. We recommend some positive things for you and family this year:
  • River cleanups Saturday, April 24 – choice of 70 locations. Sign up:
  • Earth Week Mini Film Fest April 19 – 25. Excellent films plus discussions. Free but registration needed:
  • View “Kiss the Ground” anytime before April 26. This is a profoundly optimistic film about regenerative agriculture and the promise of carbon sequestration in soils. As part of WI Interfaith Power and Light’s Earth Day programming. Click HERE to register.
NEEDED: NOMINATIONS FOR SHARE THE PLATE. We Share the (collection) Plate with non-profit organizations that meet our criteria. The committee will meet May 5 to select the organizations for the next year. Please submit nominations on our website at
CHILD DEDICATION SERVICE. On May 9, a Dedication of Children will take place during our virtual service. The Child Dedication Ceremony is a time for celebrating the birth or adoption of a child in a ceremony of naming and dedication. It is a time for welcoming our children into the world, into the family and into the church community. Because of the promises our congregation makes to the family during the ceremony, child dedications are available only to members of the church. If you are interested, contact Lillian, our RE admin, at or fill out the online form by Sunday, April 25 at
PASTORAL CARE PROVIDER SERVICES UPDATE: NOW PROVIDING MEAL DELIVERY! Since so much more is known about how the COVID-19 virus does and does not spread, bringing prepared meals to someone seems not that different from restaurant take-out. Our Pastoral Care Providers (PCPs) are now available again to bring meals to congregation members who are in need due to illness, chemo treatments, return home after surgery, etc. PCPs use masked, contactless delivery with arrangements for where to leave the meal followed by a phone call or text to the recipient. Contact PCP Coordinator Jane Dorweiler at or 414-839-3053.
FIRST CHURCH FAMILIES: YOUR YEAR IN PICTURES! RE Sunday on May 16 celebrates children and families through a joyful, inter-generational worship service. As part of this service, we are putting together a collage of photos of children and families, and we would love to include you! After a year apart, photos of you and your children will bring smiles to many faces in our community. We also invite you to share a testimonial (through words or artwork) about how your family has lived out your UU values this year. Email photos and testimonials to Lillian at
SUMMER SERVICE PROPOSALS WANTED. Do you have a compelling message for our spiritual community that would nourish, engage, and inspire? During the summer, church members have the opportunity to create a worship service and deliver your own sermon. Worship helps us reflect on the meaning of our lives and how to align our actions with our core values. Rev. Dena works one-on-one with you to develop your sermon. Reach out to Pulpit Guest Team members Kristine Hansen, Kari Gunderson, Maria Dorsey, Keith Anderson and Natalie Quinton with questions. Submit your summer service proposal by May 1, 2021 on the church website at
COVID CANDLE ON SUNDAYS. Because of the ways our lives are touched by loss and grief during the global pandemic, we have a simple ritual during Sunday worship called the “COVID Candle” when it is needed. During this unique time, when people cannot gather with their family and community to mourn, we offer to light the COVID Candle for any death of a loved one of one of our members. If you have had a loved one die from COVID-19, or any other cause of death, and would like the COVID Candle lit in their honor during Sunday worship, please contact one of the Ministers.
  • If you would like to talk to a Pastoral Care Associate, please contact PCA Coordinator Jeri Pearcy at or 414-416-6036. If you’d like to talk to the Ministers, please call our Pastoral Care Emergency line at 414-216-3113.
  • For practical help, grocery shopping and delivery, or contactless meal delivery, please contact Jane Dorweiler, Pastoral Care Provider Coordinator at or 414-839-3053.
  • For personal financial assistance, please contact Rev. Jennifer for the Ministers’ Discretionary Fund at
  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19, please contact Rev. Dena immediately at 414-216-3113, so she can support you and our community.

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