IN THIS ISSUE: Public information act rule suspensions, TWDB flood planning regions adopted, ergonomic tips while working at home, video etiquette, teleworking best practices, TWCA staff Spotify playlist, pandemic plan survey results, virtual happy hour hosted by M&S Committee, annual convention CLE credits now available, and an update on the Mid-Year Conference.
The Latest News
PUBLIC INFORMATION ACT REQUIREMENTS SUSPENSIONS: Bickerstaff Acosta Delgado Heath offer some Q&A on how suspensions of Public Information Act requirements impact TWCA members’ obligations under the Act. Read the full article here.
TWDB DESIGNATES FLOOD PLANNING REGIONS: The Texas Water Development Board adopted 15 regional flood planning areas, largely along major watershed boundaries. A map of the regions can be found here .
A Changing Work Environment
OUCH, MY BACK! CREATING AN ERGONOMIC HOME OFFICE: Coronavirus has led to a record-breaking number of staff working from home, many of whom have never worked at home before. Your sudden switch to teleworking probably didn’t lend itself to setting up proper ergonomic equipment for a home office.  The TWCA Risk Management Fund provides some key best practices you can keep in mind at home:

1. Keep your work in front of you, do not twist in your chair to perform work
2. Maintain good posture while you are sitting
3. Avoid reaching and keep arms close to your body
4. Take frequent breaks and stretch periodically

Check out more best practices, stretches, and guidelines for an ergonomic work setup here .
PHONE/VIDEO ETIQUETTE: Are you new to videoconferences (or have a coworker that is)? Remember these 10 tips for a successful video conference.
 Is your organization planning to create or revamp existing teleworking policies? Check out this guide from the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Conservation District to help you think through the various issues and considerations that your policy should entail.
COVID-19: TWCA has sent multiple updates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. We will be sending more frequent updates to ensure important information is getting to you in a timely way. See what we have sent out related to COVID-19 here.
Board & Membership News
Staff Spotify Playlist Picks. Most of us have Spotify or some kind of music streaming service playing as we work from home. This compilation of staff music picks might (or might not) surprise you. See what we picked .
In Case You Missed It: Results of Pandemic Plan Survey. Several members raised questions about the widespread use of telecommuting and personal protective equipment (PPE) among essential and non-essential employees. TWCA conducted a survey to learn more about the safety protocols being implemented by members across the state. See survey results .
M&S Committee Tries Out Virtual Happy Hour. The TWCA Membership & Services Committee had virtual happy hour test run this week. Stay tuned for the next one that will be open to the full membership in two weeks. We'll put it on the website calendar. Lance won the best virtual background award.
CLE Credits for Annual Convention Now Available! Remember when we had the TWCA Annual Convention? Yeah, it seems like it happened a year ago! We have received approval for six hours of CLE credits. View details here.
Upcoming Events & Updates
FIND TWCA COMMENTS/LEGAL BRIEFS: Check out our website . All of TWCA’s recent formal comments, amicus briefs, and position papers are on our website under the Policy and Legislation tab.

UPDATE ON MID-YEAR CONFERENCE: After overcoming our initial disappointment regarding the Woodlands Resort’s cancellation of the contract for TWCA’s Mid-Year conference, we are excited about the opportunity to provide a completely virtual conference to our members early this summer. Please keep your calendars blocked for June 17-19! This event will be available at a much lower price point to members ($150), and will tentatively be a three-day conference. For more information, visit our Mid-Year Conference page .
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