Sun. Snow. Sun. Snow. Sun.  It seems like Mother Nature is being fickle again this Spring, but hopefully after the predicted Friday snowfall, she will settle down.  

In the meantime, our Spring work list continues to grow in preparation for us to open and welcome back all of you!  We too are eagerly waiting and hoping it will be soon, but until then, we continue to meet and plan (using our social distancing) for the 2020 season.  

Many of you are probably using an app called Zoom for work and social interaction.  YC finds this ability amazing....we have a great team of idea builders on our's a different type of communication, but as she said "The season will be different but still good!"  It helps a lot to think positive!

It appears from the news that the social distancing (6' away) will continue for awhile.  That being said, we are sure you all have ideas of things you can do at FLB while still protecting yourself and your fellow campers. Have you any ideas that you would like to share with us?  Email us at and in the memo write Activity Ideas.  We will save them and take them into consideration.

We want to thank you for the great response we had to our request for you to complete your registrations and forward us your documents. Being able to process things ahead of time will make it much easier when it is time to open and keep our distance.  If you have any questions about what needs to be completed, you can find it at this link about  registration tips and reminders

Please, please, please......make sure as you fill in the spaces that your information is correct.  Unlike last year, we will NOT be scanning in the registration office.  If your information is incorrect, our staff will be sending you a new packet to start over.  It's frustrating and something that can be easily avoided.  Also, make sure your pictures and scans of your documents are clear so we don't have to ask you to resend them too.  

This fall and winter our major project was to improve the rain water drainage in different areas of the park. After two very wet seasons and the continued building in the Volo/Lakemoor area, we knew that something needed to be done.    There is less farm land to absorb the rain water so there is more water flow to the lake.  Just to give you some background....  It wasn't too many years ago that Del's yard was a large grassy area off Volo Village Road.  Rain water from the surrounding areas always had traveled via pipes, broken field tiles, and topography  through his yard on its way to the lake. The amount of water is now overwhelming. You can see it is no longer a grassy area surrounded by farmland. It's officially considered "wetlands" now. 

So what have the guys been working on?  First, they ran a new larger pipe from near the kid's tot lot, down the side of the main road in the F sites, across the Q sites, and to the lake.  That should help with the flooding in the large F section.  Second, with the excavator they dug an additional 
channel beginning in the creek (ne ar trailer sales), winding past the R and P sites to help the flow move faster into the channel.   
Lastly, they  put a new drain system along the main blacktop road coming in from Rt. 12.  This will help stop the rain water going over the road into the M sites.  It's difficult to describe but when you come out you will see signs of the work that was done, and a much more efficient drainage system in place.  This was not an easy job....we provided the guys with insulated boots and insulated waders...and our gratitude and thanks goes to Tony, Antonio, and Mario for the getting the project done.  It was a very muddy job....we're sure we should be thanking their wives too! 

We are apart for now, but will get through this together!  We hope you are staying safe & well. 

YC, Randy, Desiree, Christi & the Fish Lake Staff
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