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April 18, 2023
Fantasy Press Book Archive and The New York Book Fair

As a book dealer I often get to be the temporary custodian of a piece of history.  In the archive that I am presenting, the inscriptions in the books give some historical insight into the relationships that existed between the authors and publisher.   Science fiction fans gave rise to a number of small publishing firms after World War II and Lloyd Arthur Eshbach's Fantasy Press was one of the best, especially in the quality of product.  This remarkable archive is nearly a complete set of the copy number one of the limited editions produced by the Press. Please visit our website for the full descriptions and all the images available. A downloadable PDF catalog is available and we will have a representation of this archive at the New York Book Fair. With that in mind, we hope you get the chance to attend. I do have a few passes left so if you need one please contact me. Fair hours are:

Preview night, Thursday the 27th: 5p-8p
Friday the 28th: 12n-8p
Saturday the 29th: 12n-7p
Sunday the 30th: 12n-5p

We will be offering a number of newly cataloged items.  As always, new items are posted first to our web site.

[FANTASY PRESS]. Smith, Edward E.; Williamson, Jack; Taine, John; Eshbach, Lloyd Arthur; van Vogt, A.
Reading, PA, Fantasy Press, 1947-1961. Octavo, 43 titles, cloth, and leather backed cloth (The History of Civilization). First editions, first bindings. Fantasy Press publisher/editor/author Lloyd Arthur Eshbach's personal copies. A.... (#30699)
Price: $85,000.00  


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