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April 20-24, 2020
Our Senior Center Heroes!!
"You are Loved"
Senior Center Members and Employees!!!
Monday April 20, 2020
Learn how to make a fish Zentangle with Carmel.
Tuesday April 21, 2020
Join us Live on Facebook for a special how to. This weeks topic ZOOM. If you have any questions please email us at
Wednesday April 22, 2020
Workout Wednesday with Carl and Kathy
Thursday April 23, 2020
Mayhem Mary in the Kitchen.
Learn how to make a Mexican casserole with Doritoes.
Mexican Chicken Casserole
4 Large Cooked Chicken breasts or 1 Rotisserie Chicken Cut Up
1 Box Cheesy Mexican Rice prepared
1 Can Rotel Tomatoes
1 Can Cream of Chicken Soup
1 Can Cream of Celery Soup
1 Pkg Cheddar Cheese
1Bag of Doritos
1 Cup of Chicken Broth/Water

                 Mix chicken, rice, rotel tomatoes, ½ bag of doritos, the 2 cans of
                 soup mixed with the broth/water all together in a large bowl.  Pour
                 into a 13x9 casserole dish. Cook for 30 mins at 350 and then enjoy!

Friday April 24, 2020
Virtual Tour of Ford’s Theatre
Any US History fans out there? If so this is an interesting tour covering the events that happened in April 1865, when President Lincoln was assassinated.

The tour covers both Ford’s Theatre and the Peterson House where he was taken after John Wilkes Booth shot him.

Upgrade your Health at HOME with Living Well!!!
Living Well Alabama Modified in Response to COVID-19
The Area Agency on Aging will begin to offer the Living Well Alabama health education program, also known as the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP), in a home study format combined with telephone conference calls once a week for 6 weeks.
Participants will be mailed a CDSMP Tool Kit, which includes a book entitled Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions, a Relaxation CD, an Exercise CD, and a guidebook designed to assist individuals to use the materials more effectively for their particular needs. The guidebook includes a self-test, tip sheets, and an exercise guide.
Participants will engage in self-study, exercise, and relaxation, as well as applying the principles they will learn from the book. All of this will be done on their own, at home. However, the participants will also connect weekly with other participants via a telephone conference call, which will last about one hour. This group call will be facilitated by a certified trained CDSMP Leader, who will guide the group activities and interaction. The groups will consist of 4 to 6 participants.
The program, Tool Kit, and conference calls are all free to participants. They will need to have a willing spirit, the ability to study and use the materials on their own, and a phone so they can attend the weekly calls for support and comradery. They can use a landline or a cell phone, and will need to have a quiet, undistracted, private environment for the duration of the one-hour weekly phone meetings.
During this time of closings and restrictions, we at the Area Agency on Aging are eager to begin offering this new format. It will allow us to continue to provide this powerful program, which has been tested and proven to be effective in improving the lives of people with chronic health conditions. In addition, we believe that the social support provided by weekly telephone contact will be helpful to those who may be feeling isolated, depressed, and/or afraid by the threat of COVID-19 and the current necessity to avoid contact with others. 
We hope this will be a light to those with chronic health conditions seeking ways to be healthier, live better, and have meaningful contact and support from others in the safety of their own home. "
E-mail us at a picture of yourself holding a paper with a message you would like to send your Senior Center friends and staff.
We will make a video of them all and post on Facebook #MOBtownseniorsflattenthecurveofCOVID19
Your task is to create a blue crab using whatever medium you would like! Paint it, draw it, quilt it! Be creative!
E-mail your creation(s) to  

Deadline to submit April 29, 2020
E-mail us at short clip of you dancing to your favorite song for us to post showing the world that coronavirus cannot stop the Mobile Seniors from having FUN!!!  

Incase You Missed Any of the Virtual Activities See Below.
Zentangles Part II with Carmel.
Chair-Cising with Jessica!!
Cooking with Jessica
This is a quick, easy, and delicious recipe for Spinach salad with strawberries and blueberries. The dressing is what tops it off! Tune in to learn how to add this spring salad to your menu!
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Working-out with Kathy and Carl
Cooking With Mary
Virtual Tour of Machu Picchu in Peru.
Visit Machu Picchu .