May 2014                                                                                                           Volume 2 | Issue 2

Patient Centered Teaching.
                       Patient Centered Research.
                                                Patient Centered Care.
From the Desk of Dr. Sinnott...
The department of internal medicine invites you to explore the many highlights and accomplishments of our faculty, staff, fellows and residents who have fulfilled our research, educational and clinical missions. I am delighted to be a part of the accomplishments that have taken place during my first year as chair. It's especially important to thank Dr. Allan Goldman for his dedication, leadership and service as our former Chairman and Chairman Emeritus.
This year brought about many positive and exciting new changes. In this issue you will read about residency match results and how we are improving their educational experience, internal medicine board pass rates, sustainable international efforts with our Patel Scholars and the International Health Services Collaborative, recognition of our faculty and residents by inclusion in Alpha Omega Alpha, and the unique achievements in research efforts by the Division of Evidence Based Medicine. Additionally we celebrate the appointment of one of our own Dr. Bryan Bognar to a key leadership position as Vice Dean of the MCOM Office of Educational Affairs.


In discussing key leadership positions, we warmly welcome our new Dean for the Morsani College of Medicine and Senior VP, CEO of USF Health Dr. Charles Lockwood, who begins his new chapter of his career with USF Health this week. Dr. Lockwood brings valuable experience and an extraordinarily positive attitude to his new position.


Using an innovative approach we are crowd sourcing our department's history and gaining consensus, as well as conducting an annual survey to assess satisfaction and whether we are meeting our goals. The faculty will refine and update our strategic plan to ensure all have input in the paths that will lead us to fulfilling our vision for the future.


As a department we look forward to continued growth with a laser-like focus on being patient-centered in all we do. We invite you to review our newsletter and thank you for your support of our Department of Internal Medicine.






John T Sinnott MD FACP
Department of Internal Medicine
Inside This Issue...

Best Doctors 2014

Update on the Physician Assistant program

Lasting Legacy: Saba Center & Retirements   



bestdocThe Best Doctors list for 2014 was published in March. Congratulations to the 40 faculty members in our Department who were listed, many of which have been on the "list" multiple times! Those physicians are:
Drs. Bryan Bognar, John Toney, Elizabeth Warner, Joel Richter, Allan Goldman, Charles Edwards, Sandra Gompf, Hae-Kyoung Park, and Todd Wills

Drs. John Sinnott, Kevin O'Brien, Jose Lezama, John Carter, Patrick Brady, Jay Mamel, Richard Lockey and Dennis Ledford
Alexander Reiss MD
Internal Medicine/Hospital Medicine
Allan Goldman MDCritical Care/Pulmonary

Pulmonary Med/Gen Pulm Med
Pulmonary Med/Lung Cancer
Beata Casanas DOInfectious Disease/Gen Inf Dis
Bryan Bognar MDInternal Medicine/General
Charles Edwards MDInternal Medicine/Hospital Medicine
Charurut Somboonwit MDInfectious Disease/Gen Inf Dis
Claudia Beghe-Balducci MDGeriatric Medicine/Gen Geriatric
Cuc Mai MD
Daniel Poetter MD
Internal Medicine/Hospital Medicine
Internal Medicine/Hospital Medicine
Daniel Schwartz MDPulmonary Med/Gen Pulm Med

Sleep Medicine/General Sleep Medicine
David Solomon MDCritical Care/Pulmonary

Pulmonary Med/Chronic Obstructive...

Pulmonary Med/Gen Pulm Med
Deborah Humphrey DOInternal Medicine/Hospital Medicine
Denise Edwards MDInternal Medicine/General
Dennis Ledford MDAllergy & Immunology

Rheumatology/General Rheumatology
Elizabeth Warner MDInternal Medicine/General
Erika Abel MDInternal Medicine/Hospital Medicine
Frank Walsh MDCritical Care/Pulmonary

Pulmonary Med/Gen Pulm Med
Hae-Kyoung Park MD
General Geriatric Medicine
Haim Pinkas MDGastroenterology/Endoscopy

Gastroenterology/Gen Gastro
Hugo Narvarte MDInternal Medicine/General
Jay Mamel MDGastroenterology/Gen Gastro
Joanne Valeriano-Marcet MDRheumatology/General Rheumatology

Joel Richter MDGastroenterology/Esophageal
John Carter MDRheumatology/General Rheumatology
John Sinnott MD
Jonathan Taylor Stewart MD
Infectious Disease/Gen Inf Dis
Geriatric Medicine
John Toney MDInfectious Disease/Gen Inf Dis

Infectious Disease/Sexually Transmitted Dis
Jose Lezama MDInternal Medicine/Hospital Medicine
Jose Montero MDInfectious Disease/Gen Inf Dis
June Leland MDGeneral Geriatric Medicine
Kevin O'Brien MDInternal Medicine/General
Mark Glaum MDAllergy & Immunology
Mark Rumbak MDCritical Care/Pulmonary

Pulmonary Med/Gen Pulm Med

Pulmonary Med/Interstitial Lung Disease
Patrick Brady MDGastroenterology/Endoscopy

Gastroenterology/Gen Gastro
Richard Lockey MDAllergy & Immunology
Richard Oehler MDInfectious Disease/Gen Inf Dis
Roger Fox MDAllergy & Immunology
Sandra Gompf MDInfectious Disease/Gen Inf Dis
Todd Wills MDInfectious Disease/Gen Inf Dis
W. McDowell Anderson MD
Critical Care/Pulmonary

Pulmonary Med/Chronic Obstructive...
Pulmonary Med/Gen Pulm Med

Pulmonary Med/Interstitial Lung Disease

Sleep Medicine/General Sleep Medicine

Drs. Cuc Mai, Daniel Poetter, Daniel Schwartz, Denise Edwards, David Solomon, Jose Montero, Frank Walsh, Alex Weiss, and Mark Rumbak
Drs. Roger Fox, Joanne Valeriano, Mark Glaum, Hugo Narvarte, Erika Abel, Richard Oheler, Deborah Humphrey, Haim Pinkas, Mac Anderson, and Beata Casanas

In March our Department of Internal Medicine had a faculty member, fellow, and two mentored medical students inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society:

       Mark Rumbak MD, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
       Nancy Rihana MD, Infectious Disease Fellow
       Michael Cameron,  MS3 International Medicine Scholarly Concentration student
       Sherry Zhao, MS4 International Medicine Scholarly Concentration student

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2014 Morsani Department of Medicine Annual Student and Faculty Awards:
Daniel Restrepo                 Roy H Behnke MD Award for Excellence in Internal Medicine    
Jess D. DeLaune                Laennec Award
Kevin O'Brien MD             Outstanding Pre-Clinical Teaching Award ,MS3
Robert Ledford MD           John T Sinnott MD Outstanding Clinical Teaching Award & the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award MS4
 The 2014 Morsani College of Medicine Dean's Recognition of Teaching Excellence Awards recipients include:
David Ecker MD                 Assistant Professor, Division of Hospital Medicine
Kellee Oller MD                 Assistant Professor, Division of General Internal Medicine
Daniel Poetter MD             Assistant Professor, Division of Hospital Medicine
Drs. Ecker and Oller with their Teaching Excellence Awards
Dr. Kevin O'Brien, Dr. Robert Ledford and Mrs. Ledford at the MCOM Annual Awards



Our faculty and inductees at the AOA Medical Honor Society induction ceremony

Father Dennis Ledford MD, professor in our Division of Allergy & Immunology celebrates his son Robert Ledford MD's awards, who is an Assistant Professor in our Hospitalist Division

In the News

Richard Lockey MD, Division Director of Allergy and Immunology talks with Melissa Beckman of NBC NewsChannel 8 about seasonal allergies, and how to deal with them.


Joel Richter MD, Division Director of Digestive Diseases & Nutrition, interviewed on Bay News 9 about effectiveness of colonoscopies for detecting colon cancer.



Richard Lockey MD  and Dennis Ledford MD of the Division of Allergy and Immunology published a new book Asthma:Comorbidities, Coexisting Conditions, and Differential Diagnosis.
Stephanie Taylor MD, Director of Clinical Research, Division of Hospital Medicine, Robert Ledford MD, and Erika Abel MD published an article titled  "We need to talk: an observational study of the impact of electronic medical record implementation on hospital communication" in the British Medical Journal Quality and SafetyTaylor SP, Ledford R, Palmer V, Abel E. We need to talk: an observational study of the impact of electronic medical record implementation on hospital communication. BMJ Qual Saf. 2014 Feb 6.


Shyam Mohapatra PhD, MBA, FAAAAI  Director, Division of Translational Medicine, Subhra Mohapatra PhD, Associate Professor in the Department of Molecular Medicine, and researchers Mahasweta Das and Raminder Bedi published the article "Magnetic micelles for DNA delivery to rat brains after mild traumatic bra
in injury." Das M, Wang C, Bedi R, Mohapatra SS, Mohapatra S. Magnetic micelles for DNA delivery to rat brains after mild traumatic brain injury. Nanomedicine. 2014 Jan 29.


Shyam Mohapatra PhD, Subhra Mohapatra PhD, Raminder Bedi, Sandhya Boyapalle, Terianne Wong, Viviana Sampayo and Huy Nguyen also published "Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Infection in Elderly Mice Results in Altered Antiviral Gene Expression and Enhanced Pathology"Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Infection in Elderly Mice Results in Altered Antiviral Gene Expression and Enhanced Pathology. PLoS One. 2014 Feb 18;9(2) 


Stephen B. Liggett MD, Vice Dean for Research, Professor, Internal Medicine and Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology presented "Pharmacogenomics of Beta-Blockers: From Molecular Biology to Clinical Trials" at the University of Iowa Cardiology Grand Rounds Conference on March 5, 2014.


Narasaiah Kolliputi PhD, Associate Professor, Richard Lockey MD,  and named researchers published the following articles:


Role of Epigenetics in Pulmonary Hypertension. Saco TV, Parthasarathy PT, Cho Y, Lockey RF, Kolliputi N. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2014 Apr 9. [Epub ahead of print]


Dysregulation of CLOCK gene expression in hyperoxia-induced lung injury. Lagishetty V, Parthasarathy PT, Phillips O, Fukumoto J, Cho Y, Fukumoto I, Bao H, Cox R, Galam L, Lockey RF, Kolliputi N. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2014 Apr 2. [Epub ahead of print]

An Old Molecule with a New Role: Microtubules in Inflammasome Regulation. Parthasarathy PT, Cho Y, Lockey R, Kolliputi N. Cell Biochem Biophys. 2014 Mar 18.  [Epub ahead of print] No abstract available.


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John Carter MD, Division Director of Rheumatology, is PI on three AstraZeneca Industry Sponsored Clinical Trials. He was recently awarded a 4th grant in the amount of $59,100 for his project "A retrospective Analysis of the Synovial-Based Inflammation During Inter-Critical Gout Using Quantative MRI Analysis" for March - December 2014. The purpose of the clinical trial is to study pat

ients with Gout and analyze MRI images using more advanced quantitative assessment tools in order to detect a significant reduction in the sa

me synovial-based sub-clinical inflammation.


Our faculty in the Division of Nephrology accepted 2 gold medals, 3 silver medals, and associating certificates on behalf of USF by the Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial (SPRINT) a the SPRINT Olympics Investigators' conference in Atlanta, GA at the end of March. Dr. Ramon Lopez is PI for the NIH clinical trial for our site, and Drs. Jacques Durr, Elias Doumit and Christopher McFarren are co-investigators.




Carl Schulman MD PhD MSPH FACS
Associate Professor of Surgery
Eunice Bernard Endowed Chair in Burns
Director, William Lehman Injury Research Center
University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine
At the end of February Dr. Carl Schulman presented on Distance Medicine at our internal medicine grand rounds. Dr. Schulman is a 1995 graduate of the Morsani College of Medicine. He retains his idealistic view of medicine and is optimistic as always about the future.
Dr. Schulman leads operating room tele-mentoring for UM and utilizes remote telesurgical mentoring in many locations throughout the word, including Iraq. He has a team of 20 specialists in various countries on call to log in at any time to consult during complex surgeries.
Not only can physicians give guidance for procedures in real time, but physicians, fellows and residents from various countries log in weekly to review cases as a group and provide feedback on ways to improve surgeries. He also shares how the technology enable teams to provide consultation and supply team coordination hours following the earthquake in Haiti.
During his presentation Dr. Schulman logged into a robot at the ICU at UM to demonstrate how the robot is maneuvered, and greeted his ICU team. 
Dr. Schulman logs into his robot in Miami and takes us on tour of the ICU


Top surgeon guiding doctors halfway across the world on how to perform a complicated surgery in real time
Vice Admiral Matthew L Nathan MD
US Navy
USF Internal Medicine Resident 1984


On April 11th we had the privilege of welcoming back Vice Admiral Matthew L Nathan MD, the 37th Surgeon General of the United States Navy and chief of the Navy's Bureau of Medicine and Surgery as he presented our Internal Medicine Grand Rounds lecture on Advances and Capabilities in Military Medicine: from Trauma Care to Humanitarian Assistance. He then gave the commencement speech to our graduating medical students and during the commencement President Genshaft presented him with an Honorary Medical Degree on behalf of the Board of Trustees and Faculty Morsani College of Medicine. As our graduation speaker  Admiral Nathan spoke to the nobility of medicine - his presentation echoing thoughts of Gautama Buddha, Gandhi and other great thinkers. He received a standing ovation for this uniquely moving presentation.


As Surgeon General he is responsible to the Chief of Naval Operations and the Commandant of the Marine Corps for the provision, training, and quality of care for operational forces afloat, deployed, and in support of combat casualty care operations; including the Marine Corps, Naval aviation, Naval Surface, Submarine Undersea and support to the special operations forces.


He oversees command of 3 medical centers, 18 hospitals, and over 40 ambulatory clinics throughout the US, Europe, and Asia providing all aspects of care to families and retired beneficiaries. These include over 35 residency, fellow and training programs. In addition he is responsible for research commands located in Southeast Asia, Egypt, and South America.  

Vice Admiral Nathan completed his residency in internal medicine here at USF in 1984.
Dr. Sinnott hosted a dinner in his honor, and surprised Vice Admiral Nathan by inviting some of his classmates. 
Vice Admiral Nathan had an unexpected reunion when his old team reassembled to share memories of the good ole days. Drs John Sinnott, Clinton Holder, John Toney, James Fisher and Joseph Boulay paid their respects. Admiral Nathan had warm memories of USF which are probably best recalled by those in attendance.  
Internal Medicine Grand Rounds Presentation. His presentation can be viewed by clicking here.

newhireUSF Department of Internal Medicine Leads the Way in Expanding the Faculty and Growing the Practice Plan  


This past year the DOIM has worked aggresively to strengthen our capacity to provide the best in patient centered teaching and research. We've added more than 50 faculty members to the Department this year, including the faculty in our Division of Evidence Based Medicine and 26 courtesy faculty with the Leigh High Valley Network (not listed below).



Allergy & Immunology
Thomas Casale MDProfessorFaculty
Neetu TalrejaAssistant ProfessorVoluntary
Emergency Medicine
Tearikirangi BenioniAssistant ProfessorVoluntary
Ramy NasrAssistant ProfessorVoluntary
Tamas PeredyAssistant ProfessorVoluntary
Sophie Hussey PhDPost Doc ScholarResearcher
John Malone MDProfessorFaculty
General Internal Medicine
Mitchel SeleznickAssoc ProfessorVoluntary
John AllenAssistant ProfessorJoint Faculty
Jaclyn ColeAssistant ProfessorJoint Faculty
Kamila DellAssistant ProfessorJoint Faculty
Rachel FranksAssistant ProfessorJoint Faculty
Erini SeragAssistant ProfessorJoint Faculty
Thomas TowersAssistant ProfessorJoint Faculty
Michelle TulangAssistant ProfessorJoint Faculty
Bilal AhmedProfessorVoluntary
Damian Laber MDProfessorFaculty
Nathan Visweshwar MDAssistant ProfessorFaculty
Hospital Medicine
Anna Fountain MD
Assistant Professor
Cairine McNamee MDAssistant Professor
Melissa Newman DOAssistant Professor
Anh Nguyen DOAssistant Professor
Elimarys Perez-Colon MDAssistant Professor
Jose Rodriguez-Castillo MDAssistant Professor
Infectious Diseases
Jamie Morano MDAssistant Professor
Andrew CannonsAssistant ProfessorVoluntary
Marian MenezesAssistant ProfessorVoluntary
Falgunee ParekhAssistant ProfessorVoluntary
Palliative Medicine
Sheetal DhariaAssistant ProfessorJoint Faculty
Julio Gonzalez PaoliAssistant ProfessorVoluntary
Yih Chang Chen Lin MDAssistant ProfessorFaculty
Translational Medicine
He LiResearch AssociateResearcher
Joseph GutmannAssistant ProfessorCourtesy
Alejandro RamirezAssistant ProfessorCourtesy
VA - Medical Services
Erin SheidlerAssistant ProfessorCourtesy
Residency Program
Jose Lezama MDProfessorAdjunct Faculty
Dr. Thomas Casale
Dr. Damian Laber
Dr. Nathan Visweshwar
Dr. Yih Chang Lin
Dr. Andrew Cannons


Drs. Anna Fountain, Anh Phu Nguyen, Melissa Newman, Elimarys Perez Colon, Jose Rodriguez-Castillo, and Cairine McNamee

Warm Welcome to the Newest Administrators and Support Staff


Gloria Roby is an Administrative Specialist for the Chairman's Office. For the past 30 years she worked with the State of Connecticut specializing in HR, labor relations, communications and operations, as well as the School of Continuing Education at Eastern Connecticut State University handling finances and operational support. Prior to those positions she prepared software documentation with the Air Force at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs and the US Army in West Germany maintaining security data base files. She recently moved to Florida and hopes to build upon her career with DOIM. 



Linman Li MBA is the Director of Asia Programs for USF Medicine International. She will be assisting with international efforts for the Division of Infectious Disease and the Department of Internal Medicine, establishing new collaborations, assisting with obtaining training grants and contracts for the region. She received her MBA from USF and a BA in Finance from Chongqing Technology and Business University, China. Please feel encouraged to contact Linman should you have an interest in collaborating in China and other Asian countries.  


Cristienn Joudaane MBA MS recently joined USF Health as the Director of Panama Initiatives & International Programs. She has a MBA with a focus in International Business and Management from USF and a MS in Medical Sciences from the University of Science, Art and Technology. Cristienn has held lead roles in developing and launching successful international business strategies in Morocco, Spain and Ecuador and previously served as an intern economic and political intelligence analyst for Pakistan with the US Defense Intelligence Agency.   



Taylor Sawyer is a Clinical Research Coordinator with over a years' experience working in patient care.  She's responsible for performing study participant assessments, and managing pharmaceutical research studies at the USF HIV Research Unit located at the Florida Department of Health - Hillsborough County. The Unit is directly affiliated with the USF Health Division of Infectious Disease and International Medicine and conducts clinical research relevant to the HIV community that we serve. 

Brian Holloway BA is a Clinical Research Coordinator responsible for performing study participant assessments, managing research studies and maintaining clinical study databases at the USF HIV Research Unit located at the Florida Department of Health - Hillsborough County. The Unit is directly affiliated with the USF Health Division of Infectious Disease and International Medicine and conducts clinical research relevant to the HIV community that we serve. Brian received his Bachelors of Arts in Biological Science from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. 






gradInternal Medicine Resident & Fellow Graduation Ceremony: May 29th 

Thurs. May 29th 4:00pm-6:00pm - Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club
Dress: Business Casual

Formal Invitations have been sent.

This year's graduation will include a graduation address from Charles Lockwood MD - Dean, Morsani College of Medicine and SR VP of USF Health, and a charge to the graduates by Kiran C Patel MD, founder of the USF Patel College of Global Sustainability.

We ask that all our residents and fellows planning to attend please RSVP with total number of people attending to .

Fellowship Coordinators and residents: be sure to send Julie the listing of 'where you are going' after graduation so we can include this in our program.


GRGrand Rounds Lecture Schedule


Thursday, May 8

Global Initiatives of Smoking Cessation

By: Suthat Rungruanghiranya MD

SWU University , Thailand

Visiting Speaker

USF Medicine International


Thursday, May 15

Scleroderma- Its Effects Aren't Just Skin Deep- A General Review

By: Ashley Sterrett MD

Assistant Professor

Division of Rheumatology


Thursday, May 22

To be Announced

By: Aliya Baluch MD, MSc

Assistant Professor

Division of Infectious Diseases and International Medicine


Thursday, May 29

Dengue Fever and Its Neurological Complications for 1 Hour

By: Atul Patel MD

Visiting Speaker

Division of Evidence Based Medicine

*All DoIM Grand Rounds lectures are held from noon - 1:00pm in MDL 1003, lunch is provided. They are televised at TGH B107 and FOB 1304.
Podcasts of all Internal Medicine Grand Rounds can be viewed on our homepage or by clicking here.

intranetIM Shares: We've Add More Resources to Sharepoint

All core faculty and staff now have access to our new intranet in Sharepoint. This is a one-stop shop for useful resources to include:

  • Contact list of faculty and staff
  • Promotion and Tenure sample packets and info
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Faculty and staff bios
  • Organizational charts of our divisions
  • Maps/directions to our facilities
Our newest items added:
  • Links to useful web sites such as MCOM Promotion and Tenure Info, USF Office of Clinical Research, USF Sponsored Research, MCOM Standing Committees site, and the Research Directory
  • Fellows and Alumni contact list
  • Policies and procedures for
    • Human Resources  (exit procedures, PTO policy, annual evaluations, attendance/leave, benefits, etc).
    • Faculty Affairs (courtesy, joint, etc. positions)
You can access our sharepoint by clicking here and logging in with your netid and password. If accessing this off the USF network, you will have to put "hscnet\" in front of your username to log on. Once logged in all of our documents can easily be reached on the left hand side. Web links will be on the right.
FacStafFaculty & Staff Campaign: Let's get 100% participation!


Congratulations! We jumped from 32% participation to 55% in one month. What a remarkable achievement!


A big round of applause to our divisions/centers that reached 100% participation this past month.


Below is our current standings. If you have not yet given to the Faculty & Staff Campaign, it is a simple way to be actively engaged and involved with USF by giving to any area you choose, whether its research, general operating, or a special fund.


It does not matter how much you give or which account/initiative you give to - you can give a one time gift or do a recurring payroll deduction IN ANY AMOUNT - just as long as every one of us participates.


We have until the end of June to get everybody in the department to contribute to an initiative of special importance to yourself, your division or the department!


To support one of the Department's funds, click here.                         To give to a fund outside of our department and divisions, click here.



Results are as of April 28th and could be higher due to giving after the date.
surveyHow Are We Doing? All are invited to asses the state of our Department!


 Last year Dr. Sinnott surveyed the faculty and staff in the Department to get an accurate assessment of our department's operations, strengths and areas for improvement. It served as a quantitative baseline for our progress over time.


This year we invite all faculty & staff as well as friends of the Department to complete the survey assessing how we've done in the past year. Your input in this survey will:

  • help us identify strengths and areas for improvement
  • enable leaders of the department to better understand collective perspectives from various stakeholders
  • catalyze constructive discussions about how we can be more effective
  • demonstrate that we are committed to continuous improvement

If you have any issues with this survey, please contact Kristy Andre:, 813-974-4067.


Patient-Centered Teaching: Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders
TeachingAs We Welcome Our Incoming Residents, We Reflect on Redesigning Education

Cuc Mai MD Program Director IM Residency

 This year our residents had a 96% Board pass rate, the highest in 5 years! This is quite impressive given that the national board pass rate is 86%. Drs. Sinnott, Mai, Lezama and O'Brien met to develop ways to further enhance our residency education.


To ensure quality education that produces thought leaders capable of excelling in today's world of complex medicine, we are examining resident education and assessing methods that will help our residents learn how to deliver high quality, patient centered care. 


1)  As faculty, we are committed to research.  We encourage faculty to integrate residents into the production of scholarly works.  Our state hosts many national and regional professional societies.  All are wonderful opportunities for our residents to share the scholarly products from USF Health.


2)  We need to prioritize education for our residents.  Noon conference attendance for the residents is mandatory.  Please ensure that residents can attend conference to learn from our wonderful faculty.


3)  We are maximizing use of different technologies and will be creating an electronic curricula for all subspecialties.


4)  We want to prioritize ambulatory medicine and hope to transition to the X+Y ambulatory model in 2015-2016 for the internal medicine residents. 


5)  We will be starting a voluntary longitudinal learning program for all residents that will help them target their educational objectives on a monthly basis. This will include a SMART plan to develop measurable educational/development goals for residents to include a mentoring component.


6)  Finally, we want to cultivate social bonds.  We welcome all faculty and residents to attend social events sponsored by the residency program.  Our next events will be graduation at the beginning of June and the new intern welcome party at the end of June.  Stay tuned for further details.




In April we wished our graduating medical students luck in their careers and shared with them the thrill of Match Day - the moment they learn where they will be going to complete their residency.  Pictures from the event provided by USF Health Communications can be viewed here.


Dr. Jose Lezama, Vice Chairman of VA Affairs for the Department, gave the charge to the class to our graduating medical students. His imparted words of wisdom can be read here. 


We warmly welcome our newest Internal Medicine Residents.  

Click here to meet them. 


Rita Raturi, Jackie Young and Sahab Mustafa excited to learn they matched into the Internal Medicine residency program


Congratulations to all our graduating medical students and the residents joining the Department of Internal Medicine!  


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PAP Update on our Physician Assistant Program!  


The formal application for the USF MCOM PA Program, housed in Internal Medicine, has undergone the final review and submitted in at the beginning of April. This is the second major milestone in our Provisional Application process. The Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) will consider our application and visit our campus in person on June 30 - July 1, 2014. The Commission will meet in September, 2014 and if we are accredited, can start accepting student applications for the charter class beginning May 2015.  

Dave Kotun EdD, PA-C,  DFAAPA
PA Program



Patient-Centered Research: Innovative Ideas
researchOne Year Reflection: Improving Medical Research and Quality Care
It has been a year since the Division of Evidence Based Medicine became a part of the Internal Medicine family. Here, we spotlight some accomplishments of this crtical research based division. 
The seven faculty members of this division are nationally and internationally known for their expertise in research methodology, particularly in the field of Evidence Based Medicine, research synthesis and decision-making. Their services related to this field include: 
  • decision-analysis
  • clinical reasoning
  • systematic reviews/meta-analysis and comparative effectiveness research
  • ethics and design of clinical trials
  • practice guidelines
  • outcomes research, and
  • determining the impact of clinical trials and the role of uncertainty in medicine.   


In one year, this team has contributed to 35-40% of the research output for the department. The faculty are characterized not only by their high productivity, but also for their high quality research. During the last year alone, their papers were published in multiple high impact journals such as Nature, NEJM, JAMA, and Lancet at the same time - a unique achievement for any institution.


Their work on predicting and proving the optimal treatment discovery rate based on linking the theory of human experimentation with theory of rational choice has been described as "the law of clinical discoveries" and over the years has received attention of clinical scientists globally. This work is considered "classic" and was selected as the first representative of the 21st century in the James Lind Library- the most authoritative source on the evolution of treatment testing and advances in health care. This work has been developed over the last decade and has been published in major medical journals such as Lancet, JAMA, BMJ and most recently in Nature.


Their methodological work in EBM has resulted in two Thomas C Chalmers Awards by the Cochrane Collaboration. This represents the most prestigious award in the field of EBM. They have developed two new theories of decision-making in medicine (acceptable regret and dual-processing model). Their paper on the dual processing medical decision-making model was selected by The International Medical Informatics Association as "one of the best articles from the literature in medical informatics published in 2012."


Their contribution to EBM has led to improvement in patient outcomes and resource conservation. An excellent example was their development of the guidelines on the use of RBC transfusion. First published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, their work is widely cited to guide RBC transfusion.


Their work was also recognized by USF. The Outstanding Research Achievement Award was given to the Director of EBM, Dr. Djulbegovic (who in 2007 was also awarded H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute Publication Award). Dr. Djulbegovic is a prolific author. He and his team produce high impact publications- at least 245 to date. Finally, Dr. Djulbegovic has been consistently selected in 1% of the top US doctors by the US News & World Report since 2009. Dr. Djulbegovic has been funded continuously by federal grants since 2000 with 4 NIH R01 grants.


Great work EBM! We are lucky to have you in our Department!


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Patient-Centered Care: Putting Compassion into Practice
careIM SUSTAINABLE: Expanding collaborations in China!

In October Drs Pallavi and Kiran Patel helped develop and fund the Department of Internal Medicine's new international initiative, IM Sustainable.  Through this program we work with resources within the Department as well as the International Health Service Collaborative (IHSC) and the Patel College of Global Sustainability to resolve medical issues utilizing a cross-disciplinary global community approach.


Since the program's inception we have sent Aly Strauss MS4 and Jamie Morano MD to Gansu and Beijing, China, a team of Jaymin Patel MS4 and Cristina Garcia MS4, Dr Brijesh Patel PGY2, an Dr. Eknath Naik to Goa, India. Also with the Patel's support we sent 6 USF Health students from the Colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy,and Public Health and three IM residents: Drs. Kiran Kondaveeti, Andrew Kuykendall, and Brijesh Patel, to Panama.  Additionally we sent Dr. Javier Cuevas and Vignesh Doraiswami MS4 to Haiti.


The Patels are enhancing medical education while ensuring that  international health projects are effective and sustainable.


Last month we highlighted the work our Patel Scholars did in Goa, India. This month, we are highlighting our efforts in China.


A video of highlights from their trip produced by Aly Strauss MD can be viewed by clicking here.



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Aly Strauss MSIV

Visiting Chinese hospitals as a medical student and systems engineering student was the perfect culmination to my past five years at USF. We had the unique opportunity of personal hospital tours throughout Gansu province, each followed by a presentation about the hospital and discussion of infectious disease issues and quality improvement initiatives. We also toured the Gansu Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and had the chance to converse with their CDC leaders about HIV, Tuberculosis, and other areas of concern for China. Although there were many similarities between the problems faced by our healthcare systems, I found the similarities and differences fascinating. I was especially interested in the difficulties and adaptations from the strain of such a large population on limited resources.


My favorite part of the trip was visiting the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Gansu and observing the practices by people directly taught from lineages thousands of years old. I came away from this with such an appreciation for the foundations of an entirely different method of healing. Overall, the trip moved me on many levels, and I am so thankful for USF supporting initiatives like these for their students and Internal Medicine Residents.


Jamie Morano MD MPH

With the assistance of the IM Sustainable Patel Scholars program and the USF Department of Internal Medicine, we were given the unique opportunity to make connections with key leaders in the medicine and public health fields in Gansu Province and to set the groundwork for a long relationship of mutually productive scientific research and epidemiological endeavors. 


Further, we were delighted to have the opportunity to introduce Aly Strauss, MD, MS to top leadership of the Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and to participate in key scientific writing seminars that feature the most cutting edge literature on HIV, tuberculosis, and hepatitis in China today.   This experience has shaped our trainees perception of the possibilities within health care delivery systems and has inspired her to continue to innovate here at USF.



Drs. Morano and Strauss in front of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Gansu
Drs. Morano and Strauss in front of Gansu Provincial Hospital

Dr. Morano, Dr. Strauss and fellow doctors with an infusion machine.
In Wuwei, Gansu
IM Well Wishes for Retirement

On March 26th we formally recognized the legacy of Dr. Hussain Saba by renaming our Hemophilia clinic at the Morsani Center for Advanced Medical Learning to the Hussain Saba Center for Diseases of the Blood. In a room full of Dr. Saba's family, friends and colleagues, Drs. Sinnott and Damian Laber presented him with plaques commemorating the renaming. The center was renamed to recognize Dr. Saba's lifetime commitment to diseases of the hemtopoetic system.



Thank you Dr. Saba for all you have done for the Department of Internal Medicine and the field of hematology/oncology! 


Drs. Vinod Bhat, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dr. B Ramjee, Director for International Collaborations at Manipal University in India, visited USF this month and met with Senior Leadership to explore collaborations with the University of South Florida and USF Health.

Left: Dr. Cathy Lynch and Mayor Buckhorn at AOA induction banquet                
Middle: AOA Guest Speaker Philip Farrell MD from University of Wisconsin and Dr. Patricia Emmanuel, Chair of Pediatrics   
Right: Drs.Doug Holt and Beata Casanas from our Division of Infectious Disease and the Hillsborough County Health Department with Mayor Buckhorn

   Dr. Mark Rumbak being inducted into AOA.               Our inductees with supporters.                           Dr. Nancy Rihana being inducted into AOA.

To build cohesion and camaraderie our admin support staff have been embarking on engaging networking activities. Recently Jeannie Waterman with the Division of Rheumatology,  Barbara Pearce with Division of Ethics & Humanities, and Debra Powell with Nephrology made glass art pendants!

Sandy and Charlie Touchton celebrate renaming of program and meet Dr. Mohamed Hussein.           Dr. Sinnott presents a plaque honoring Dr. Saba

Dr. Sinnott congratulating some of our medical students who matched to the Internal Medicine Residency program.

Left: Dr. Sinnott prepares two MS1s for their summer trip to China and teaches them how to write a prescription
Right: Dr. Sinnott surprises the administrative support for the Divisions with small tokens of appreciation for Administrative Professionals Day!
Dr. Sinnott takes MS3 Michael Cameron on a thrill of a lifetime - his first sky diving experience in Key West - to thank him for all his volunteer work with the IM Cares program and assistance with international delegates.
Center: Michael Cameron; Left and Right: Dr. Sinnott 

Dr. Sinnott visiting the Rector of Assumption University with the Dean of SWU Medical School in Thailand. Assumption will be part of the new ASEAN, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, international medical school. Interestingly all courses will be taught in English.

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