Ahhh.....spring, it has finally sprung! The polar vortex has melted in to the rear view mirror and been replaced by torrential rains. We are well into Q2 and there is much to talk about. A few highlights:
Oklahoma is now more than an old time musical to us with the opening of a branch in Oklahoma City. We have 2 employees slated for this branch.  Nathan Curby will move from San Antonio. Josh Fisher, a current resident, has completed his training in Sterling and begun working in the market. In addition to what's happening in OKC, we've got more folks heading west to help. Jesse Wheatley has left Baltimore to go to Dallas/Fort Worth, and Deron Wells is leaving Rockville, bound for San Antonio.  As Regional Vice President Jeremy Jenkins said, "We've received project opportunities from carrier clients with our continued growth to support both the residential and commercial sectors in these markets. Jenkins has expanded geographically to provide its restoration services in 4 locations in the Southwest this past year."
The Management Group had a two day meeting where we spent time discussing how we do our jobs. We introduced some new control measures and discussed our approach to topics like recruiting, training and estimating. We also heard from Dr. Maggio, a clinical psychologist and national consultant in the field of disaster mental health and Critical Incident Stress Management. His expertise has been employed during 9/11, Katrina and recently at the Columbia Mall shooting. He serves with organizations as diverse as the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's Rapid Response Team to the World Bank in Washington, DC. Dr. Maggio's understanding of people impacted by trauma and the needs of those who are assisting in recovery spoke directly to the task you face each day when handling insurance claims. We hope to incorporate his expertise into more training for all.  (See group photo below.)

At the spring meeting there was focus on our Mission, Vision and Values, and functioning daily with a servant's heart. I recently attended a conference in Colorado where the speaker said "you will know you're living out your values when they inflict pain." With the 8 values of honesty, trustworthiness, servant attitude, teamwork, excellence, expertise, genuine care for others and commitment to family, I often feel pain when making decisions. These can be tough to live by, but so important to adhere to. I would like each of us at Jenkins to hold each other accountable to maintain our structure.
We have implemented a new GPS tracking system to help us become safer drivers.  Nextraq, that "beloved" system, has done it's job. Weekly reports have heralded the decline of "incidents per 100" as we've seen the average go from over 3 down to well less than 1 event per 100 miles. Our employees have done a great job, and probably driving their personal vehicles better because of this!
We have been busy.  Really busy! We've done more work in Mitigation and Core Claims in 2014 than ever before. We continue to operate at an exceptionally fast and spirited pace.   Our team brings dedication and passion to their work every day and this is greatly appreciated!  Thank you!
(above, from left to right) PLRB National Conference attendees were Branch Manager from Richmond, VA, George Scott and Deron Wells, Emergency Services Coordinator.  Also attending were James Thomas, VA Beach Commercial Business Development and our Southwest District Director Ryan Exstrom.

The Restoration Industry Association Conference (RIA) was held in Orlando, FL in April. Jenkins Restorations attendees included Director of Emergency Services and Mitigation Steve Lowry and Regional Vice President Jeremy Jenkins.  Breakout sessions covered topics surrounding customer service/ratings from JD Power and Associates, contents restoration, meth lab clean-ups, pre-planning for large scale disaster clean-up and immediate response following storms.  The continuing education opportunities supported by real world restoration experiences always make this conference beneficial for our organization.

Honorary Corner:
Tracy Riddle

Tracy has been with Jenkins Restorations since September 2012, working currently out of the Richmond, Virginia, office. He works as an Emergency Services Coordinator. 


Tracy served in the United States Marine Corps from 1995-1999. During that time, he served as a network administrator and in Intelligence for the Marine Air Group. He was honorably discharged from active duty as a Corporal. Since that time, he has served in the Marine Corps Reserve for 1 year and worked and volunteered as an EMT in the community.


Tracy has 2 children, Jacob (14 years old) and Rileigh (4 Years old).  

Tracy Riddle
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