We have been extremely busy since the last you heard from us. We followed the opening of the office in Oklahoma City with the opening of a branch location in Colorado Springs, also.  Two employees, Branden Lutz and Ryan Phillips, are on-site in Colorado Springs to serve our residential and commercial clients there. We also expanded the Southeast District with a branch location opening in Atlanta, Georgia in December.
Jenkins Restoration's Richmond Branch sponsored an event, along with other vendors in the Richmond area, for the Richmond City Fire Department. This event, entitled 'Learn & Burn', is one that the Richmond City Fire Department provides for their firefighters. No matter the tenure of the firefighter, they are trained, and retrained, by the department. Pictured below from left to right are Mike Anderson with the Richmond City Fire Department, Richmond Branch Manager George Scott and Emergency Services Coordinator Tracy Riddle. Also in attendance was Peter Street, Emergency Services Technician with Jenkins Restorations.

Jenkins Restorations is known to help others by 'Restoring Property and Lives with a Servant's Heart.' In line with our motto, each year an employee is chosen to receive the Servant's Heart Award, recognizing those who most fittingly demonstrate our mission statement. Many employees do this each day, and many times we are blessed to receive word of it. This past year, two employees were given the Servant's Heart Award.


"The greatest among you will be your servant." Matthew 23:11

Left to right: Large Loss Project Manager Brian Catts and Emergency Services Coordinator Pip Patterson were the recipients of the Servant's Heart award.
Janine Jenkins, daughter of Russell Jenkins, Jr. (a Jenkins Restorations founding father) and Claudine Jenkins, was a part of Jenkins Restorations as she spent many countless days with both her father and mother, in many properties assisting with measuring for correct dimensions, holding a ladder or providing great cheer to her parents or perhaps the building owner, tenant, etc. Jenkins Restorations wanted to memorialize Janine after her passing in July 2014 and show the light she shined on the founding of this business. When developing the new Corporate office space, the lodge was created to be a sacred place; a place of worship, of respite, of nourishment, of rejuvenation and camaraderie. What an exceptional way for us to honor Janine in all that she was and still is to so many. We are proud to present the dedication of the devotional room, break room, lunch room, lodge... as the Claudia "Janine" Jenkins Café.

Honorary Corner:

Brandon Powell


Brandon has been with Jenkins Restorations since June 2014, working currently in the Sterling, Virginia, office. He works as a Project Manager in the Core Claims Department.


Brandon served in the United States Marine Corps from 2000-2004. As a combat engineer, his duty stations included Camp Schwab Okinawa Japan and Camp Lejeune NC. He also deployed to numerous locations, including the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Barbados, Kuwait and Iraq, prior to receiving an honorable discharge. He was awarded several service medals, ribbons, certificates and letters of appreciation. He has also been an active member of his community's volunteer Fire Department


Brandon is a dedicated single father to two young boys, Brendan (aged 10) and Daniel (aged 5), both of whom he enjoys spending all of his free time with. 


Brandon Powell following the

assault on the Diyala River, which allowed US Forces to occupy Baghdad for the first time in April 2003.

Our Mission:

Restoring Property

and Lives with

a Servant's Heart


Our Values:

Honesty, Trustworthiness,

Servant Attitude, Teamwork, Excellence, Expertise,

Genuine Care for Others, and

a Commitment to Family.



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