April 2015

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It's Easter Month, and we hope everyone has a wonderful time with friends and family! We can't wait for Spring to finally show up, too!

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Mocavero Chardonnay
mocavero chardonnay
Mocavero Chardonnay


Mocavero Chardonnay is similar in flavor profile to a Vino Verde or Albarino. A light body complimented by balanced acidity and fruit this wine is fresh and crisp. Unlike a typical chardonnay, the flavors are subdued by bright acidity, green apple and citrus allowing this wine to be very refreshing. The clean finish makes it a great alternative when looking for a white wine. Goes well with light starters, salads, seafood and fish, excellent as an aperitif.










Featured Recipe Pairing - Pesto 



Pesto is one of Italy's great treasures. It has a minimal number of ingredients that come together beautifully. Traditionally it is served with pasta but it can enhance any number of dishes from pizza to chicken. Classically, pesto is made with basil, garlic, pinenuts, olive oil, and pecorino and romano cheese. There are many different takes on it today and feel free to substitute or add ingredients. A South Texas version might use pecans instead of pinenuts and have a spicy pepper or two thrown in for good measure. You could go California and use pistachios or cashews and spinach. Let your imagination be
your guide, but try this traditional version first. 


Click here for the complete recipe.

Martin Ulisse Montepulciano


Similar to a pinot noir, this Southern Italian beauty is fermented in 100% stainless steel for a medium body that drinks easily with a pleasant finish. Mild plum, spice, and dark cherries finish with soft tannins and white pepper. Exceptionally smooth across the palate, this off-dry wine is fruity yet not sweet and is a great happy hour or patio wine that is also incredibly versatile with food.  







Featured Recipe Pairing - Montepulciano and Blackberry Granita


Blackberry Granita

As spring approaches and the temperatures rise, I thought it would be fun to do a granita. This is basically an adult snowcone.  By combining Martin Ulisse Montepulciano with fresh blackberries and then freezing it, you have a refreshing treat for a hot afternoon or a great palate cleanser, if you are doing a multicourse meal.  Granita is made by shaving the ice with a fork as it freezes to keep it from turning into a solid block of ice. This version has enough wine in it that it typically won't freeze solid anyway.  My wife after tasting it wants me to serve it with chocolate for dessert.  This is a very versatile and unbelievably easy dish to make.  I hope you enjoy it.  


Click here for the complete recipe.

Video Spotlight

Host Lynn Martin Russell showcases The Melting Post-Northwest Austin with manager Holly.

The Melting Pot - Northwest Austin
Spotlight: The Meltin Pot - Austin
Spotlight: The Meltin Pot - Austin

Cooking Spotlight

Join our own Chef Doan Shockley as he shows you how to make a refreshing Montepulciano & Blackberry Granita.
Wine Recipe: Montepulciano & Blackberry Granita
Wine Recipe: Montepulciano & Blackberry Granita

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Amazingly, there are people around the world who hate wine and there's even a name for it, it is called "oenophobia".
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Mocavero Chardonnay - Martin Ulisse Imports
Mocavero Chardonnay - Martin Ulisse Imports
Martin Ulisse Imports - Montepulciano
Martin Ulisse Imports - Montepulciano

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