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April 2015 Newsletter
Message From The President

I want to thank Bryan Mixer for an excellent meeting March 19th on covering the topic of Ethics. This was a fun game type program that he developed and was a very informative. The "refresher" on these topics is always a good thing.


We were reminded of some of the challenges we are faced with on a daily basis and the importance of keeping our standards of practice in line.


A point that was brought up is that it is not illegal, in most cases, when companies do not follow these standards that ASPE has developed, but is an "Ethical" benchmark that we all need to strive to maintain. In the end we will be respected for holding to these standards.


I also want to thank Brock Likens for taking over the management of the monthly newsletter and the responsibilities that go with that. Our goal is to send this out on the first Thursday of the month with a link to the next monthly meeting invite. The monthly meeting invite would go out a few days after the newsletter.


We are still working through some "bounces" on the emails so if you are not receiving these in your inbox check your spam folders and allow these to come in.

We hope to see you all at the next upcoming meeting on April 16. Enjoy the warmer weather!!



Dave Westfall,CPE

Upcoming Chapter Meeting

April 16,2015

1341 Butterfield Road
Downers Grove, IL

5:30PM - Registration
               & Networking
6:30PM - Dinner
7:00PM - Presentation

$40 Cash at Door
2015 ASPE Annual Meeting & Estimator's Summit
June 24-28, 2015
Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa
San Diego, CA
Mel Cowen
Central Plains Governor
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Northwestern University has announced that it will file for a permit to build its new Lakefront Athletics and Recreation Complex on the Evanston campus.


In a statement, the university said that a permit request will be made with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. To construct the building, Northwestern will work with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and other agencies.


In addition, Northwestern said that renovation of the soccer/lacrosse and field hockey fields and construction of an outdoor football practice field will begin this spring.


The complex will include a new fieldhouse that will provide a large, indoor multipurpose facility. The new fieldhouse will be named Ryan Fieldhouse in honor of the leadership generosity of alumni Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan. The field located inside the fieldhouse will be named Wilson Field in honor of support from alumni Stephen R. and Susan K. Wilson.


Moreover, the construction of a new outdoor football practice field and renovation of the soccer/lacrosse and field hockey fields will provide improved facilities for varsity sports, club sports and intramurals.


Ryan Fieldhouse will be located adjacent to the existing Henry Crown Sports Pavilion/Norris Aquatics Center and Combe Tennis Center. The new facility will replace an existing structure, which houses three basketball courts and a running track and a nearby outdoor parking lot.


Renovation of the soccer/lacrosse and field hockey fields and construction of the outdoor football practice field will begin this spring and is expected to be completed by spring 2016. Chicago Construction News


Governor's Address

With spring here, I hope this finds everyone busy and successful with your estimating efforts.


I would like to thank all who attended the Spring Regional Meeting in Chicago. I personally felt that we covered a lot of ground. A special thanks to Chapter 7 Chicago for hosting the meeting. I would also like to thank Central Indiana Chapter 59 for volunteering for host the fall Regional Meeting. We will establish that date in the very near future so all can plan on attending.


We were fortunate to have Doyle Phillips, FCPE the National President of ASPE and Mike Alsgaard, 3rd National Vice President attend the regional meeting. They both had an opportunity to speak and add value to what we came away with.


At the regional meeting questions across all aspects of the Association were discussed. These questions ranged from changes to the Convention and why the name was changed, break out costs for just attending the Business meeting on Saturday, modifications to the chapter awards, membership, meeting attendance and training of new chapter officers.


I will be sending out a summary of the Central Plains Regional meeting, Governors meeting that was held on March 19th as well as a summary of the Board of Trustee's meeting that was held on March 20th. These summaries will be out within the next couple of weeks.


Membership is at a critical point in the life of ASPE. Membership is always important with all Associations. Discuss and promote ASPE with your fellow estimators and all of the Subcontractors that you have a working relationship with. Anyone that is involved in pricing projects and developing estimates, will benefit from being a member of ASPE.   As discussed at the Regional Meeting it is the responsibility of the Chapters to drive the membership.


Call or email me anytime you have any comments, suggestions or questions. I am available to help make your ASPE membership meaningful and important to you.


Thank You,

Mel Cowen, CPE


New Member Benefit Program
As one member and fellow CPE shared on  LinkedIn, "My whole professional outlook has changed. The support you get from other CPE's is profound".

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