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April 2015




During the weekend of April 17 UCCTU Treasurer Roy Gingrich and I had the opportunity to attend the Regional TU meeting in Asheville.  Above is a picture of attendees from all chapters in Georgia.  It was good to see Georgia Council Chairman Carl Riggs in one of his first outings since his heart attack.  We wish Carl continued progress in his recovery.


The conference was a great opportunity to share best practices with other chapter leaders and to learn from experts about chapter leadership development, strategic planning, and communications.  It was an excellent conference that generated many practical ideas that I hope to implement at UCCTU.  I came away from the meeting feeling that the regional and national leadership of TU is in good hands.


At this month's meeting we will have a speaker from DNR who is an expert in stream habitat improvement structures.  I hope you will join us for an interesting discussion, and bring a friend or youngster!



Jim Harvey
Upper Chattahoochee Chapter #436 - Trout Unlimited

April Speaker
Anthony Rabern DNR



Anthony is a DNR Officer and will be speaking to the chapter about stream rebuilding projects, results, and plans for this upcoming summer and years ahead. He is currently in Rabun, Georgia. 

Faces in The Stream: Mike Medin



I first had the pleasure of meeting Mike when he camped next to me on the UCCTU Fall Trip in Brevard, NC.  After kindly lending me a fuel cannister to finish cooking breakfast, we fished the Davidson River together and enjoyed a pleasant weekend full of friends, flies and fish. Mike recently volunteered to represent the Chapter at a Bass Pro Shops event, and he has been active in a number of UCCTU events.  Below is Mike's story, in his own words. Continue Reading Here


2015 Rizzio Clinic- Canceled

Rizzio Clinic 2010

The 2015 Rizzio Clinic is canceled due to lack of participants. We are encouraging members to bring their kids to the Fishing Days events and any other chapter activities.


Guide's Angle- Caddisfly Adults
Chris Scalley


Last month we discussed the emergence of caddisflies and how trout "key in" on the larvae and pupae stages of their life cycle. Most caddisflies in the South that hatch in the spring time are done emerging by mid May and the adults are able to live from 4to6weeks out of the water. Caddisfly are a distant cousin to the common butterfly and they are capable of drinking nector  from flowers just long enough to sustain themselves to mate and eventually lay eggs. Continue Reading Here
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Youth over 10 years old will have a chance to win a box of hand tied flies from Jim Harvey at this month's meeting.

Contact Fulton County's Georgia DNR Officer Mark Puig if you see any poaching or violations while your fishing next time.
Ranger Hotline: 800-241-4113
Cell: 404-997-3214
Email:  Mark.Puig@DNR.STATE.GA.US

Check out the new Chapter Website at  ucctu.tu.org and leave comments in the Shout Out box. 
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River Through Atlanta with a huge Chattahoochee Brown Trout

Chris Smith with his first Tarpon in Ft. Myers with Captain Bo Johnson

TU at Earth Day at High Meadows

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