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Jim's Painting Quick Tips

When to use latex vs. oil-based paints?
Oil-based paint wins for durability and is used for all the trim, doors, cabinets and similar areas. Latex paint, which is water-based, is used for sheetrock walls, ceilings and you can actually use it for the exterior of the home as well. Latex paint dries more quickly and is much easier to clean up. While latex is easier to work with, it is a softer paint, so keep that in mind when planning your next project.
Why the huge price differences in paints?
You can get some paints for as little as $5 a gallon and other paints are $40 or more a gallon. Here is a little known secret about paint...the cheaper the paint, the more clay that is mixed in as filler. Clay is extremely cheap. They mix it in to stretch out the quality ingredients, but what happens is that clay dries out, blows away and your paint just does not last. Spend the extra money and get that top of the line paint. Your paint will tend to last 5 to 10 times longer than the cheap paint, so unless you enjoy painting year after year - buy the good stuff.

What is the purpose of primer?
Primer soaks into the material and seals it creating a better painting surface for the paint. Sheetrock, for instance, has paper on the outside of it, and it will absorb the paint and changing the sheen if it hasn't been sealed with primer first. Don't be fooled into buying a "primer-paint-in-one" thinking you get to skip a step. It will only work if the walls are already painted with a similar color and in good condition. If you are going from a dark to light color hit it with a primer first or you will be doing several coats with your expensive paint.

Your Questions -
Jim's Answers

Toilet Problems:
Could be a blocked vent
Joyce is getting inconsistent performance from her commodes. Jim suggests it may be a venting issue and describes a test she can do to find out.

Bathroom Remodel:
Vapor vs. Moisture Barrier
When remodeling a bathroom be sure to make the right choices on materials. Jim breaks down a vapor vs. a moisture barrier.

Strength & Reinforcement

If you are pouring concrete for a new patio, driveway, etc. know what you need in terms of strength and reinforcement to make sure it will last.

Overhaul For A Hero:
The Patterson Project
Watch the Complete Series
Now Available on YouTube
Hear their story, watch the transformation, experience the joy of a new beginning.

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