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Saving Money on a Kitchen Remodel
The kitchen is quite possibly the most important room of your home. It's the focal point for you and your family and represents a high percentage of the property's value in general. One of the greatest factors for increasing the value of your home is a newly-remodeled kitchen.  Make budget-conscious decisions about your remodel to get the most for your money.
Upgrade the Appliances
There might be no escaping the high upfront costs of replacing your worn out kitchen appliances. That doesn't mean you can't save money on those items in the long run. Look for US EPA rated products. An energy-efficient refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave will cut down on your long-term energy costs. You can also save money by installing the new appliances in the same location as the old appliances.
Countertops and Floors
These are some of the big ticket items. You want to get the countertops and floors done right, so don't try to do it yourself. Hire a trusted, reliable contractor to get the job done in a timely fashion. Search online for deals. If your heart is set on granite, quartz or other premium countertops, then do your research an find a sale. The same goes for flooring. If you favor the high end choices, know that saving a dollar or two per square foot can really add up. Also, don't limit yourself - there are less expensive options that look fantastic - you'll be surprised at the options. Consider tile and laminate for the countertops, or vinyl for the floors. 
You can shave some money off your remodeling budget by going with pre-fabricated cabinetry and still have a custom look. Standard cabinets have pre-cut sizes, colors and trims. It might take you a bit longer to find the right match for the rest of your decor, but it can save you money while changing the whole look of your kitchen.

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Old Countertops:
Refinishing With Tile
If you want to DIY new countertops over old laminate consider refinishing with tile. 

Removing Wallpaper
Vinyl or Paper
When do you have to remove everything and when can you just paint over it - Jim's got the answer.

Going Ductless:
When & Why a Ductless AC system makes sense

Al called Jim about his metal building that will be used for a living space and Jim describes why a ductless AC system may be his best option.

The Garcia Project
Houston Texas
On June 30, 2013, Houston Police Officer Ramiro Garcia was traveling home with his family after attending a wedding. When the rear tire had a blowout the vehicle crashed and Officer Garcia was ejected from the car. His injuries have left him bound to a wheelchair. He now lives with his parents and requires care around the clock.  Jim Dutton has visited the Garcia's home and knows that the Texas Home Improvement Team can make  a significant and lasting impact on the lives of the family.
This May Texas Home Improvement will be teaming up with our sponsors and many area businesses to do a complete overhaul on the Garcia's home. Our objective is to create a wheelchair friendly environment and simplify the care process for Officer Garcia's parents.
Follow our progress on THIPro.com, facebook, twitter, and of course by listening to the show each week.
Support the project:
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April 30th 2:00-4:00pm KTRH 740AM.
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Get The Best Performance From Your Lawn Mower

A tune-up this spring will have you lawn looking better and your mower lasting longer.  Our friends at Ace Hardware have a video that will take you through step by step.

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