APRIL 2016


With spring all around us, April was a month to remember the old and welcome the new. PowerCorpsPHL celebrated the accomplishments of Cohort 5 at Graduation and embraced new members during Cohort 6 Pre-Service Orientation. PowerCorpsPHL joined Mayor Kenney and fellow members of the Philadelphia National Service Task Force in celebration of the 4th Annual Mayor's Day of Recognition for National Service. Finally, we hosted Opportunity Nation for a site visit and discussion of our career pathway model for youth and young adults.

Cohort 5 Graduation and Cohort 6 Induction
Celebrating the transformation of corps members and alumni

The PowerCorpsPHL family gathered on April 12th for Cohort 5's Graduation Ceremony. The ceremony included several awards and notable speakers, including Managing Director Michael DiBerardinis and  Mayor Jim Kenney. The ceremony concluded with Cohort 6 reciting the AmeriCorps pledge as they were formally inducted as PowerCorpsPHL members. Thank you to all who attended; it was an inspiring evening infused with pride and positivity.
Mayor Jim Kenney with PowerCorpsPHL members and alumni
Tool Introduction and Safety
Cohort 6 Pre-Service Orientation
Laying the foundation for a successful cohort

Pre-Service Orientation (PSO) launched Cohort 6 on March 21st. Prospective members engaged in soft skills training they will use to enhance their professionalism and hard skills training to prepare them for AmeriCorps service with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and Philadelphia Water. They also participated in team formation and trust building activities, which are crucial to building the family dynamic that governs life at PowerCorpsPHL.
Mayor's Day of Recognition
Honoring citizens for their dedication to Philadelphia communities

The fourth annual Mayor's Day of Recognition for National Service was celebrated around the county April 5th. PowerCorpsPHL members and staff attended an appreciation ceremony hosted by Mayor Kenney and the Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteer Service. Mayor Kenney recognized a variety of outstanding AmeriCorps members and alumni, as well as Senior Corps and returned Peace Corps Volunteers. PowerCorpsPHL is proud to be part of Philadelphia's vibrant and impactful National Service community. 
Winners of Mayor's Award with Mayor Kenney
Assistant Crew Leader Eloi Caba explains the importance of Green Stormwater Infrastructure Maintenance to our visitors
Opportunity Nation Site Visit
Showcasing corps member service and alumni success

On April 19th, PowerCorpsPHL hosted  Opportunity Nation and founding partner, Philadelphia Youth Network, on a visit to two PowerCorpsPHL crews currently led by full time staff who are alumni of the program. Opportunity Nation works to  increase access to positive career pathways for young adults and was interested in learning more about our program model and alumni achievements. 
Discussion on Black Girls in Schools
A subject that hits close to home

PowerCorpsPHL Cohort 6 members attended a book talk by Monique W. Morris on her book, Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools hosted by the Education Law Center.  Following the talk, corps members facilitated small group discussions with audience members focused on Philadelphia schools.  For their participationmembers were gifted signed copies of the book!

Corps members with signed copies of Pushout
  • Cohort 5 member transition:
    • 86% of members successfully completed their term of service
    • 89% of members have successfully transitioned to employment, continued national service, and/or post-secondary education
      • 45% employed
      • 45% continued national service 
      • 15% enrolled in post-secondary education 
  • At Graduation, PowerCorpsPHL gave the Outstanding Employer Partner Award to Smith Memorial Playground for their commitment to hiring PowerCorpsPHL alumni in positions that provide ongoing opportunities for professional development and training.
About PowerCorpsPHL
PowerCorpsPHL is a City of Philadelphia AmeriCorps initiative, administered in partnership with EducationWorks, that engages disconnected young adults in transforming their lives through service. Launched in September 2013, PowerCorpsPHL  plays a key role in addressing Philadelphia's environmental stewardship, youth violence prevention and workforce development priorities.  Read more.
Hire Our Alumni!
PowerCorpsPHL members complete 900 hours of AmeriCorps service with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and the Philadelphia Water Department. If you are interested in hiring one of our alumni, contact Margy Wilcox, Assistant Director of Professional Development, at
to learn more about our employer services.
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