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April 2016
Fish and Game Commission Visits SCWR
By Executive Director Doris Duncan,  Sharon Ponsford and Kelly Hendricks

Left to Right: DFG Commission Staff Mary Brittain, Erin Chappell, Caren Woodson; Commission President Eric Sklar, 
Commissioner Anthony Williams, SCWR volunteer Sharon Ponsford, Project Coyote representative Fauna Tomlinson,  SCWR Executive Director Doris Duncan, SCWR volunteer Keli Hendricks.

SCWR had the honor to host two Commissioners from the California Fish & Game Commission recently. Commission President Eric Sklar, Commissioner Anthony Williams, as well as Commission staff members Mary Brittain, Erin Chappell, and Caren Woodson were here to take a tour of our facility and specifically to see our Predator Prevention and Educational Barnyard Program (PEEP).

They were also among our very first visitors to tour our PEEP Program which is finally close to being ready for the general public! This educational barnyard will provide a working example for hobby farmers, pond owners and even pet owners who want to learn how to predator proof yards, barns, pastures and coops to help protect their animals, without harming wildlife.

Commissioner Anthony Williams, SCWR Executive Director Doris Duncan, Caren Woodson, DFG Commission Staff
You may wonder why this visit is so significant for us as a wildlife rehabilitation organization. SCWR operates under permits issued from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.  The DFG Commission is responsible for making regulations that the DFW is charged with implementing and enforcing. In layman's terms, the DFG Commission makes the rules for wildlife, hunting, and fishing in California. SCWR strives to help wildlife and humans share the environment. The DFG commission can create or repeal laws with the same goal in mind. These days, most Californians want to see wildlife alive, not dead. 
PEEP will provide valuable education to our future generations.
We were happy to have the opportunity to inform the Commissioners and staff of our various programs and the value we place on wildlife conservation and community education.  Their time is very valuable, so we thank them for fitting us into their busy schedule.  We were impressed with their level of professionalism during their visit and hope that what they learned here will help them make informed decisions when they vote on change.

Owl Away!

Saw-whet Owl with a broken wing
Have you ever seen such a tiny owl? He's the size of a mango. This little Saw-whet owl came in two months ago with a broken wing. After wearing wraps, doing conditioning flights with staff, and practicing sustained flight on its own, this owl was finally ready to return home! 

Below, the finder is about to release the owl and the owl is looking up inside the box. 

Skunk By Skunk

What would you do if you saw a dead skunk hit near your house and found a baby skunk in your yard? Two neighbors called and brought us the baby skunk, only to find another skunk the next day. They brought that one in, too. Then they caught a third skunk who escaped through the handles in the box, and was finally caught and brought in. We were able to reunite the sibling skunks! Two of the three survived their ordeal and are well on their way to becoming wild adult skunks.


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