April - May 2016 eNewsletter


Starting at midnight on May 3rd, our community will come together once again for the BIG Day of Giving - a 24 hour giving challenge to support  local nonprofits that make the Sacramento region the place we call home.
In its third year, the BIG Day of Giving has raised nearly $9 million for nonprofits serving our region. Join our community on May 3rd for a celebration of philanthropy and put your money where your heart is! 

Pride in our region and last year's experience lead us to believe that, together, we can
reach the following goals on the BIG Day of Giving 2016:
* Raise $6 million in online donations
* From 30,000 donors
* For 570 local nonprofits
* With 100% board giving for participating organizations
Take a peek at the amazing roster of participating nonprofits! You can view the list by visiting theleaderboard, or browse by category through the "discover nonprofits" link in the toolbar above. 

How to Give during BIG Day of Giving on May 3rd.  Click the link for more information.
For new members, Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Club, Inc. is a licensed members of the American Kennel Club. Each year we hold a back-to-back specialty.  A "specialty" is known as a dog show exhibiting just one kind/breed of dog...in our case it's Great Pyrenees.  The back-to-back means that there are two shows back to back. 

On Friday, May 20th, we host one show beginning in the morning around 8:30am and the second show begins after lunch at 2:00pm.  Lunch is provided, compliments of the Club for anyone in attendance.

At the close of the 2nd show which is usually around 4-4:30pm we have our "Parade of Rescue Dogs".  If you have adopted a rescue dog from us or any other organizations, you can enter your dog in this event.  Your dog does not have to be a purebred Great Pyrenees as we have adopted may GP crosses and love them all.  An entry form is provided and it is a free event just for you.  You fill out the form telling us a little about your dog and email it to (petpyrs@surewest.net) including a photo of your dog(s) and your dog(s) will appear in a catalog that is available to attendees and spectators. Each dog with their owner will enter the show ring and make their way around the ring while the biography is read aloud.  Each participant will end their journey up a red carpet to the judges where a rosette ribbon is presented with the dog(s) name on it and SPGPC Rescue gives you an award in honor of your heroic gesture by adopting a rescued dog and giving them a 2nd chance at life and love.  

Following the Parade of Rescue Dogs, there is a banquet that we hope you will stay and attend.  A place for your dog will be provided but, you must RSVP so that we will know how many places for dogs we will need. Please contact me at petpyrs@surewest.net.  There is a cost for the banquet and there is a form for that or you can just RSVP to me as well, that you will be attending.

Then after the banquet there is a live auction that usually is a pretty lively occasion.  There is much laughter and bantering and competing for some unique Great Pyrenees items up for bid.

There are many hotels in the area that are dog friendly because of the shows that are going on that weekend and that information along with directions to the show site are provided.  It is our hope that you will join us. We would love to show you off!  Click the link for information and forms.
President's Message

I apologize for taking so long to get the newsletter out.  It's been extremely busy, but another new year is upon us and now that taxes are over with (OUCH!), we can just continue to move forward.  

If you've been getting the constant contact notifications you know that the club has been busy.  We've done our fun match and held our Spay'ghetti & No Meatballs fund raiser also this month and now we are setting our sights on to the Specialty held at the Solano County Fairgrounds in Vallejo on Friday, May 20th.  That's just a month away!

Aside from other events coming like the grooming clinic June 12th and other annual activities, rescue has been swamped. We've had an overwhelming number of dogs come in, new projects and news things designed to move the club forward and hopefully automate some of the technology tasks that seem to take an incredible amount of time.  For instance, take a look at our new website www.spgpc.com  It continues to be a work in progress as we tweak it to make it better. We're able to take applications for membership and dog adoptions on line and raise funds, whether a one time thing or a recurring event. 

The Great Pyrenees Club of America's National Dog Show is going on right now and John & Audra Payne and Mitzie Vincentz are there and we are rooting for Etienne to do well. They are representing us this year as we could not attend.

I look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming events.  

Rescue Can Be A Rough Business
At Emergency receiving medical care after jumping out of a car window to the pavement!
Femoral bone break.

This is Elsa soon to be renamed Poppy!  

A very sweet lady found Poppy by the side of the road in a rural setting.  The dog was probably dumped because her paw pads were badly worn and she was thin and tired and full of mats, fleas and ticks.  Most people would have kept right on going but, not Monique.  She stopped for this girl, put her in her car and took her home.  She then took her to her Vet and then the groomer and found our rescue and gave me a call.  I agreed to take in the dog and Monique was going to bring her to me on that Friday.  

On the way here from Yuba City the dog started to fuss so Monique put the window of the car down slightly.  Poppy then bailed out of the open window and landed in the street as the car had been traveling at lucky a
low rate of speed.  However, she hit the ground hard and broke her left hind leg femoral bone as you can see in the x-ray above.  She tore out several toenails and mangled her other hind foot and had a laceration on her front leg that involved the vein so she was losing a lot of blood, everywhere!

When Monique pulled into the driveway with the bleeding dog, I transferred to my van and Jim held her as we rushed to emergency.  She is pictured on the floor of the emergency clinic where we took x-rays of her chest as well as her leg to make sure she didn't have any internal bleeding.  She was battered and bruised but the leg was the biggest issue we needed to address.  She spent Friday and most of the day Saturday at emergency where they gave her pain meds, and fluids and when she was deemed stable, I went and got her and brought her home.  We took care of her through the weekend in a triage area I set up for her in the house and on Monday she went into orthopedic surgery for a 2 1/2 hr long surgery.  She has plates, and screws holding her leg together and her healing has been going very nicely.  The bottom picture is Larry Webber already bonding with her and she is convalescing with them after having lost their Sugar to cancer.  It's been a huge help to me and a nice distraction for them and company once again for their other dog Bubba.  As she's getting better it's been a little harder keeping her quiet so that leg will heal properly.  Georgia and Larry fuss over her and love her dearly.  Lucky Girl!  It's likely that she will become the newest member of their family.

The cost of the emergency care, surgery and all medical services related to this dogs were very high.  We did a go fund me page for her and have received two-thirds of the cost to repair her.  One of her contributors was Monique who felts so bad that this dog has this accident under her watch.  And many, many THANKS to everyone who's heart was huge and reached out to help this dog with their contributions.  Dogs will be dogs!

On April 9th at the Country Waffle in Citrus Heights, Frank, the owner sponsored a spaghetti dinner for us as a fundraiser for rescue.  

Frank had rescued by purchasing two pups from a ranch breeder without knowing they had parvo.  Three days later they were in emergency care at the veterinarian's and they were quoting them over $10K to save both dogs.  Frank was devastated and gave permission to euthanize because he wasn't given any other options. Someone at the vet's office called me to tell me they had two youngsters (we named Buffy and Blair) that tested positive for parvo and they were going to euthanize them.  They asked me if I would take them and after talking to Dr. Wooden, I agreed.  The dogs were delivered to Dr. Wooden and while it was more serious for Buffy we did manage to save them.  Blair has been adopted and Buffy is still available but, may have a home soon.  

Frank was so grateful he offered to do our Spay'ghetti dinner for us and we quickly agreed that was a great idea.  

We sold tickets for dinner in advance and Patty and Stew Hintz sold them at the door and then cashed out the winners from the Silent Auction.  Tamra Cox helped with the Silent Auction Baskets. Sara Boyd made 13 baskets for the silent auction and I made 8 baskets. Mitzie Vincentz made Pyr cookie. Patrick Henry brought brownies and sold 50/50 raffle tickets and had over 125 people come to the dinner.  Rescue made $2,200.00 and it's because of Frank's generosity and the generosity of Sara and others including all of the patrons that we raised some money to pay a portion of our vet bills.  We still have a long way to go, but every little bit helps.  We had a great time and a great turn over.  Mark your calendars for April of next year when we will do it again.

Club Calendar of Events 2016


May 2016

  • 3rd ~ BIG DAY OF GIVING ~ National Non-Profit Day
  • 20th ~ Sierra Pacific GP Club Specialties Show (through the 22nd) Vallejo, CA
June 2016
  • 12th ~ Grooming Clinic ~ Pet Food Express ~ Fountain Square, Roseville, CA 1:00pm
September 2016
  • 24th ~ Tiburon Trip, S.F.  Pier at Fisherman's Wharf
October 2016
  • 22nd ~ Halloween Party ~ Location to be announced
December 2016
  • 3rd ~ Auburn Light Parade ~ Auburn, CA
  • 11th ~ Club Christmas Party TBA

If you haven't had a chance to renew your membership, now would be a good time.  The final touches are being updated on the membership catalog and will soon be going out to all of the members.  Please renew today so that you won't be left off.  THANKS.
Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Club
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Please mail this form with your check payable to SPGPC.
If you have no changes in your name, address, phone number or email and you wish to pay on line you can do so by going to http:spgpc.com and click the donate button.  In the memo portion of the PayPal transaction please reference paying $xx.xx for dues and $xx.xx for donation, if that is applicable.
Please indicate your membership preference below: (if you adopted your dog during 2015, your dues are paid through 2016).
[   ]  Individual Membership $20
[   ]  Family Membership $30
[   ]  I do not wish to renew
[   ]  I wish to support the Rescue with an additional donation
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Please Fill In:

Address: __________________________________

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    Dog(s) Name:____________________________
April 2, 2016 Fun Match

Hi gh in Trial Obedience Winner.
Best in Match Puppy 

Best in Match Rare Breed Puppy

The fun match was held on April 2nd, 2016 at Rusch Park in Citrus Heights.  The weather was perfect and we had a really nice day.

John Payne judged the Canine Good Citizens Test.  We had obedience and rally in the morning and conformation in the afternoon.  We had a dogie diva contest, raffles, food concessions and Dr. Wooden did our low cost shot clinic for us.  

We had approx 75 dogs participate and this was our 19th year doing the fun match.  Many thanks to all of our Volunteers, and Judges.  Great Job!
Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Club, Inc | | petpyrs@surewest.net | www.spgpc.com
8700 Golden Spur Drive
Granite Bay, CA 95746
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8700 Golden Spur Drive
Granite Bay, CA 95746
Tax ID #94-3305590
Rescue Dogs Available for Adoption.
Rescue Dogs of the Month
Holly is now 2 1/2 yrs old and is adoptable to the right home.  She has been in rescue since Dec 31, 2013.
Buffy suffered from Parvo at the same time her 
brother Blair did.  Blair was adopted and Buffy
now 18 months old is waiting for her forever home.
Needs to be the only dog.
Hank is approx 6 yrs old and must be in an adult household as an only dog.  He was abused and must be in a relaxed environment.
Chunk is a 2 yr old and suffers with bladder stones.
We are trying diet to resolve the issue but, he 
will probably need surgery.  He is a Maremma Sheepdog
which is the kissing cousins to a Great Pyrenees.  He
is reticent of new people but, needs a home void of 
little kids and chaos.

Avery (left) and Logan (right) are 8 month old brother and sister and a bonded pair that will be adopted together.  Logan has an injury to a hind leg knee that may require surgery.  Both are dirty and will be bathed prior to their vet appointment.
Yogi (right) & BooBoo (left) came in from a kill shelter
as a bonded pair.  They must be adopted together.
They are both very sweet and the big guy puts up
with all of the marching orders the little one gives him.
Kids are OK, but no cats. BooBoo is 2 yrs - Yogi is 5 yrs.
Rowdy Girl is the other sibling to Mariah (see below).  She is 18 months old and came into rescue when her owner died.  They are young and strong and need experienced dog people.
Mariah is 18 months old and is the sibling to Rowdy Girl.  These are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.  We took them into rescue after their owner died.
Wyatt "Bud" came in from the Monterey Shelter.
Not sure why this guy is still here, because he's
a great dog, but he's about 2 yrs old and waiting.

This is Rocket Man.  He's 2 yrs old and been a working dog with no other socialization beyond his immediate family.  He warms up but, is very aloof and he is a sweet guy...just give him time.

This is Lilley.  She's about 5 yrs old.  No dogs, cats, but OK and sweet with kids and people.  A little easier maintenance with a shorter coat she's a mix.

Lucy is 2 yrs old and is heartworm positive.  She is spayed and begins her heartworm treatment in 2 weeks.  She is a lovely girl and would make a wonderful family pet.
Others waiting for space in rescue.

Currently, we have several nice dogs in rescue.  We also have 6 dogs in our overflow rescue in Auburn (not pictured abouve) and 4 more owner turn in waiting to come in when space is available.

In the meantime the shelters continue to call us and with SoCal GP rescue no longer taking dogs in, it has certainly put a strain on rescue.

We have taken 11 dogs in, in one week.  Someone opened the flood gates!  If you are able and can foster a dog, we would appreciate your help from time to time. Please let me know if you are willing to do that. petpyrs@surewest.net

Also many thanks to Pat Sullivan for doing a great job as adoption coordinator and to Weinyun, Tamra, Lauren, Matt and other volunteers who are so constant with their help in the rescue.
Rescue Kennel Workday April 23 & 24, 2016
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HELP!!! Saturday and Sunday we had a great crew to work on putting up the new awnings over the rescue kennel runs. We are thankful to John Payne who purchased the awning covers and to everyone who helped us raise money for the structure supports and steel. The crew consisted of Stew & Patty Hintz, Weinyun & Randy, Jim Tobin, Chuck Doria, his sons, Isaiah and Nathaniel and Jim Cardin. Previously we used heavy duty tarps to cover the kennel runs to keep the sun and rain off 2/3'rds of the kennel to keep the dogs as protected as we could. Now, with the new awnings the kennel will be covered completely and there won't be running up and down ladders two or three times a year to replace the tarps, nor will there be the flapping in the wind that would sometimes freak out the dogs. Jim Tobin and Stew Hintz are installing the metal covering and it is a work in progress today.
2106 Club Officers & Board of Directors

President: Pam Tobin (916) 275-0875 petpyrs@surewest.net 

Vice President:  Patrick Henry (209)245-3724 psrisingstarpyrs@yahoo.com 

Secretary: Lisa Wade (916)396-4163 lisamwade@gmail.com 

Treasurer: Paul Henderson (650) 270-7703  hendersonp02@yahoo.com 

Mitzie Vincentz (916) 452-1594 pyrs2me@comcast.net 

John Payne (916)484-7038 pyrrx@comcast.net 

Stew Hintz (916) 652-8856 surfpup100@gmail.com

Pat Sullivan (916) 791-3221 

Tamra Cox (916) 343-7604 


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