To See Females in Sport Win by Becoming All that God Created Them to Be
Clothing of Honor and Wisdom
Proverbs 31:25-26

"Strength and honor are her clothing;
She shall rejoice in time to come.
She opens her mouth with wisdom,
And on her tongue is the law of kindness."
There's a lot of talk out there on the Proverbs 31 woman. Some people love it, others don't, and some are just weary about it. That's reality. The main message Winning Women is out to convey is about seeking God to know Him more and in turn be more like Him, becoming all He created us to be. It's not about having a life that looks exactly like this "Proverbs 31 woman." No one is perfect. We all have different roles we're called to. 

Just because you may not have kids nor are married doesn't make you any less capable of being the woman God's created you to be. We cannot play the comparison game here.

What must be looked at is our heart attitude behind the roles we play. All of our roles can look different on the outside, but when the foundation is about being a woman who fears the Lord (vs. 30), or in other words a woman who seeks after God to know and love Him more, the evidences show on the outside.

The two verses above are two verses that share with us these evidences. She is strong in mind and heart, seeing herself as worthy and respectable, because she knows Christ made and sees her that way. When she simply believes and lives in this truth, it shows naturally.

Same goes for the evidence of her words of wisdom and kindness that build others up. This type of "clothing" is what matters most. And her physical clothing will represent that as a result. Strength, humility, honor, dignity, respect. It is all Christ's work within her.
Winning Women Spotlight

Jasmine is the assistant coach and recruiting coordinator for the IPFW (Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne) Mastadons Women's Volleyball team. After playing at Tennessee with the Lady Vols, she went on to coach high school and club volleyball and also serve as assistant coach at IPFW, Marian College in Indianapolis, and Youngstown State in Ohio before landing back at IPFW in 2014. She has been an incredible person to get to know. While she feels a tug towards working in ministry more one day, she takes her current position to continue learning more and more about her Lord and Savior, digging deeper into who He is, and bringing what she learns to her job as she interacts with young female athletes regularly. 
Kingdom Coaches
A Community of Christian Female College Basketball Coaches

Kingdom Coaches is a community of believers in the coaching profession united to bring about the manifested Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven while wholeheartedly working daily as for the Lord and not for men. We are a group of coaches supporting coaches to live and love at the Kingdom level.

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When Girls Became Lions

When Girls Became Lions: A Novel  captures the impact Title IX legislation had on one mid-western town and celebrates women's friendships against the backdrop of sport history. It is a story for everyone-from soccer dads and college coaches to professional athletes, high school competitors and the many women and men who support all of them.

This is an easy and great read! Click the picture to learn more about this story and its' authors.

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May 13-15, 2016
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Speaker: Eva Whittington Self
Worship Leader: Honey Swihart

The Manly Minute:
Reconciling the male and female relationship
How can we, as females in sports, better come alongside you in your role that brings glory to God and works for the good of His kingdom on earth?

From a Football Athlete:
I have come to realize there are many things fighting for my focus and attention on and off the field. In a day and age where many young men struggle with pornography and addiction in an over-sexualized culture, we (as men) need all the help we can get when it comes to learning to honor our sisters in all purity. Whether it is by dressing modestly to help us make covenants with our eyes not to lust (Job 31:1) or by showing us that Christ-like character is what true godly women are looking for in genuine friendships, these things can help us develop into the men God has designed us to be. Continue to pray that we will rise up and go against the grain of today's culture and relearn what it means to be a man by the power of God's word.

This hits important points for men and women today, married or not. For women, the question is how are we presenting ourselves to the men around us in the words and behaviors of our lives? What motives are behind our actions? Are we communicating the humility, love and respect of Christ? Or are we communicating that we're either insecure and looking for love and acceptance or wanting what we think is best out of our own selfish desires?

It ultimately comes down to the convictions of our hearts. What do we really desire and what are we truly after? To get what we want for ourselves or to find ourselves in Christ and live for Him and for the betterment of others in their own success and life in Christ?

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