April 2017 - - Baltimore and Spring ANA show report & newps  
April 21, 2017
Show Reports and Newps
The ANA National Money Show (which we call the Spring ANA show) was held in Orlando, which was very convenient for me, as is fairly close to home.  At the Orlando show, attendance was decent and my table assistant Len Augsburger and I were able to sell a lot of coins including just about all of the wholesale items.  We were also able to get some high quality newps.

I didn't take a table at Baltimore for the reasons outlined in my previous newsletter.  This wasn't a new experience, because before I became a full-time dealer in 2006, I always scoured the floor at Baltimore to buy and sell coins.  I did learn a few things which will make me more efficient at future shows where I do not have a table.  I did sell quite a few coins, mostly to current clients, and I also acquired a few decent coins.

Now, on to the newps!  We acquired a low-grade but affordable 1797 half dollar.  As you know, the 1796 - 97 Small Eagle half dollar is the rarest silver coin in the standard U. S. type set.  We also obtained a wonderful 1829 half dime in PCGS MS-65 that is somewhat prooflike on both sides, decent 1809 and 1814 Small Date dimes, a wonderful 1822 25/50 quarter in PCGS G-6, an 1859-S quarter in PCGS XF-40, a stunning 1902 quarter in PCGS PR-66 CAC that should be Cameo, and an 1876 Large/Small date half dollar in EF-40. 

We still have one of the rarest regularly issued Federal coins, an 1853-O No Arrows or Rays half dollar in PCGS VF-35.  There are 4 known, and this coin is the finest by 27 grading points.  Let me repeat:  THERE ARE 4 KNOWN of this coin, and once we sell it who knows how long it will be until it is available again?  Contact us at (863)314-6872 or (717)579-8238 (cell), or email us at
richuhrichcoins@comcast.net and let us know the coin(s) you want.   
1797 half_ ANACS G det.
1822 25_50 quarter PCGS G-6
1859-S quarter PCGS XF-40
1902 quarter PCGS PR-66 CAC_ should be CAMEO

1853-O NA half_ PCGS VF-35_ finest of 4 known
Bust Half Dimes 1829 LM-2 R-1 PCGS MS-65 3,500
Bust Dimes 1809 PCGS G-6 1,075
Bust Dimes 1814 Small Date PCGS VF-20 595
Bust Dimes 1830 JR-3 Good, obv. and rev. cuds 125
Bust Quarters 1822 25/50 B-2 PCGS G-6, choice! 6,750
Seated Quarters 1859-S PCGS XF-40 4,600
Seated Quarters 1874 EF-40, scr. 110
Other Quarters 1902 PCGS PR66 CAC, s/b Cameo 2,500
Bust Halves 1797 O-101 ANACS Good det., scr., dmg. 29,000
Seated Halves 1860 VF-30 185
Seated Halves 1867 PCGS XF-40 385
Seated Halves 1876 Large/Small Date WB-106 EF-40 2,000
I recently received a package from PCGS . . .
And what happened to it is not PCGS's fault. 

Somehow the USPS nearly destroyed the box and sheared off the top corner of the PCGS box.  However, all of the coins were in the PCGS box, and fortunately, none of the coins were large coins, so the coins were not damaged while the slabs were severely damaged.  I didn't want to risk having the USPS return the package to PCGS, and I wanted to get pictures in case the coins were damaged, so I returned the coins to PCGS for reholdering.  I want to thank PCGS for their fine customer service to me in this situation.  The good news is that, surprisingly, none of the coins were damaged! 
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Our next show is the Summer FUN show in Orlando, Thursday, July 6 thru Saturday, July 8 at the Orange County Convention Center, Hall WE1.  Pl ease stop by and see us!   
                                                                          - - Rich Uhrich
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