Issue No. 93  April 2017
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Jill Greenberg shoots The Handmaid's Tale, produced by Tristan Tran Productions

Photographer Jill Greenberg was in Toronto to shoot the upcoming TV show The Handmaid's Tale, based on the book by Margaret Atwood. Greenberg's images have been used for promos, as well as the cover of a new edition of the book.
The Handmaid's Tale airs in the US on Hulu, starting April 26th and in Canada on Bravo, starting April 30th. 

S1 Supplied: Camera, Camera Support, Lighting, Grip, Special FX, Production Rentals, Expendables, Van Services
Group SJR creates a Series of Ads for Ford Canada

Marketing firm Group SJR spent a few days shooting a series of ads for Ford Canada, focusing on new technologies available in their vehicles. 

S1 Supplied: Camera Support, Lighting, Grip, Production Rentals, Production Winnebago
Steve Wilkie Shoots Ad Campaign for CTV News Toronto

Steve Wilkie shot another set of dynamic print ads for the team from CTV News Toronto. Steve captured them all over Toronto, including the St. Lawrence Market and a subway station.  

S1 Supplied: Capture Service, Lighting, Grip, Electrical, Crew, Van Services

Javier Lovera Shoots a spread for Fashion Magazine

Fashion photographer/director Javier Lovera shot the techy editorial "Dress Code" for Fashion Magazine. Click on the link below to check out a 360 degree behind the scenes video.

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip, Van Services
Tunnicliff Productions Shoots Ad for Zaahn Mattress

The crew from Tunnicliff Productions shot this amusing 'life of a couple' spot for Zaahn Mattress. Check it out at the link below. 

S1 Supplied: Video Van Package, Production Rentals
Sean Cope Pictures Shoots Interviews with Local Airbnb Hosts

The team from Sean Cope Pictures, based in California, came to Toronto to shoot interviews with some local Airbnb Hosts for Airbnb Citizen. You may have seen the videos popping up in your social media feeds.

S1 Supplied: Video Van Package, Lighting, Production Rentals
Applied Arts -  Why Copyright Matters

"In photography programs at school, teachers are always reminding students of how important it is to retain their copyright and control the use of their images.  But in the real world, license agreements are a battle. Young photographers want and need their first contracts, and they might be more inclined to make things easy to attract new clients when it comes to image usage-by not regulating it at all.
What are the ramifications of that? More than 200 photographers, advertising and fashion professionals, members of  CAPIC  and students gathered at Dawson College in Montreal to find out at a copyright and licensing debate I helped to organize this past February."
Pricing and Negotiating

Craig Oppenheimer, of Wonderful Machine, goes over an example estimate for a job involving shooting portraits of an athlete alongside a video production.
The job was awarded to the photographer

PDN Photo of the Day - Edward Burtynsky's "Industrial Abstract"

Long before drone photography was commonplace, Edward Burtynsky  was working to solve the problem of "trying to get my Hasselblad up in a helicopter without me," as a he told an interviewer in 2011 . A new show on view at  Von Lintel Gallery  in Los Angeles until April 22 presents some of the results of Burtynsky's aerial work, made from drones, helicopters and planes.

Francis Ford Coppola Director's Short Film Competition

Enter your 3- to 10-minute short film in the  Francis Coppala Director's Short Film Competition  for a chance to win a $5,000 cash prize and have your film screened at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery lounge at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. And it's free to enter!

This Audi Ad Was Shot Using 1/43 Scale Models and a Homemade Desert

Most car commercials involve big budgets, test drivers, and excursions to exotic far-away lands-unless, of course, you hire miniature photography master Felix Hernandez . For his latest assignment with Audi Middle East, Felix created his own personal desert and roadway right in the comfort of his own studio. 

MASV Rush - A Super Fast Pay-as-you-go File Transfer System have launched a pay-as-you-go massive file transfer service optimized for the professional video production industry. Called  MASV Rush , the browser-based application fills a market gap by offering an affordable solution that transfers massive RAW video files without the need for 'old world' software, subscriptions or contracts.

11 File Friendly Digital Asset Managers

The folks over at PDN have put together this list of software programs that can help tame large and unruly digital libraries. 

Western Digital launches its first portable SSD

Western Digital announced its first portable SSD, adding solid state storage technology to its My Passport line of portable storage devices. The new My Passport SSD comes with a USB Type-C port and with transfer speeds of up to 515 MB/s is WD's fastest current My Passport model. 
It is available with capacities ranging from 256GB to 1TB and its small dimensions make it very portable. It has also been drop tested from a height of 2m / 6.5ft and Western Digital claims it can withstand 1500G of force.
StarTech USB3 Active Extension - 33'

Need a long, stable tether cable? Look no further! These USB3 powered or unpowered cables keep a strong connection between the camera and computer when shooting.

TetherTools USB3 TetherBoost Core Controller w/Battery

The TetherTools USB3 TetherBoost Core Controller with battery extends the range of your USB3 connection for longer shooting distances, and helps to maintain a strong stable connection. Can be used with any of our TetherTools USB3 cables and Active Extensions.

More HD-SDI Cable - 50'


More MSE Backdrop Ear - Round

Great for dropping a solid to make a wall, these backdrop ears are much more secure then a single Big Ben/Goal Post.

More 2K Grip Heads

When you need something sweet, we have lots of lollipops! A staple item for many sets.

More Big Ben Clamps

For backdrop pipes, grids and whatever else you might need, we have lots of Goal Posts at the ready.

See It Now: Winners of the Saatchi Selfie Open Competition

A group of artists recently juried an open-call selfie competition organized by the Saatchi Gallery in London to coincide with an exhibition called "From Selfie to Self-Expression."
The gallery bills the exhibition as the first ever devoted entirely to the selfie - and it does indeed look at the subject broadly, with works by everyone from Vincent Van Gogh to photographers Cindy Sherman and Juno Calypso.

How Adobe Will Improve the Selfie (with AI)

Adobe Research just released a teaser video showcasing some of the AI-driven advancements it wants to bring to bear on the selfie. "By combining perspective effect editing, automatic, software-only photo masking, and photo style transfer technology, we're able to transform a typical selfie into a flattering portrait with a pleasing depth-of-field effect that can also replicate the style of another portrait photo," Adobe notes. So, when the robot apocalypse comes, at least you'll look good.

Samsung Unveils High Dynamic Range 4K LED Cinema Display

Samsung's latest unveiling in cinema technology has clearly been designed for the new age of viewing experience. The 34-foot LED screen design follows the latest trend of High Dynamic Range, a hot topic that many manufacturers have been chasing after in recent times. Of course, it also features Cinema 4K resolution of 4,096 x 2,160, one of the features which make it DCI-compliant.