April 2017
The GNTs are underway. With the completion of Flights A and C this past weekend, I can now identify one special District 4 player who has reached the finals of every NAP and GNT flight (NAP A, B, & C; GNT Open, A, B, & C), winning quite a few of those flights. Know who it is? I'll reveal the name of this "Super Seven" player next month. In the meantime, let me know if you can add your name or the name of another D4 player you know to this illustrious list of special players.

District 4 Officers  
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Questions? Comments? Concerns?
Contact your District 4 board members.

Dan Boye 

Meyer Kotkin  
Bill Bauer 

Pat Civale

Joann Glasson 
President's Message
DBoye head shot

An important and driving initiative for the ACBL is Zero Tolerance. When I started playing 40 years ago opponents and partners would allow their tempers to get the better of them at the table. As a new player I failed to understand the importance of not criticizing partner for every error or misjudgment. My competitive nature prevented me from understanding that my partner and I had the same goal - to bid and play every hand to the best of our ability and in the end hope that our results rewarded our efforts. I also failed to realize that errors are part of the game and that "leaving that hand behind you and concentrating on the next hand" is what is important.

20 years ago I met my wife Sue and we started playing together. While I may have been considered to have been "the stronger player" in our partnership, it was Sue who taught me how to be a better player by being a better partner. Because Sue was the better teacher as a partner our results improved and our bridge successes became part of our success as life partners, as well. Do not practice ZT because the ACBL requires you to. Practicing ZT towards your partner will help make your partner and your partnership better. Being a better partner and opponent will allow you, your partner and your opponents to enjoy the experience of playing this great game. I owe a great deal of thanks for this lesson to Sue Boye - 2/12/55 - 3/17/17. 
From the District Director 
joann glasson
District 4 has been selected to receive $30,000 in 2017 from the ACBL Charity Foundation to be distributed to up to seven different 501(c)(3) charities. April Uhlenburg is the District Charity Chair and is responsible for the program that will distribute these funds. Her email address is auhlenburg@gmail.com . She has appointed a coordinator from each District that has expressed an interest to collect and prepare the grants. April and her committee will review all applications and choose the most deserving charities to receive the grant.

Unit Coordinators:
Unit 112 - Mary Miller
Unit 121 - Sue Wessner
Unit 133 - Julie Brooks
Unit 141 - Diane Carroll
Unit 168 - Pam Murray
Unit 190 - Jeff Rubens
Unit 217 - Jackie Humilovich

If you have a favorite charity that you want to apply for a grant, contact your unit coordinator.

The Spring NABC in Kansas City was a winner. Attached is my full report from Kansas City:
District 4 Schedule    

April 8 - 9

 Harrisburg Regional (split site)
May 1 - 7

Rochester Regional (split site)
May 1 - 7

June 26 - July 2
District 4 STaC
August 28 - September 3

Lancaster Regional
October 30 - November 5 
Grand National Teams

Participation in the GNTs has tripled this year and there's a great new playing location at the Valley Forge Bridge Club. Flights A and C competed on March 25 and 26, with Open and B Flights set to take the stage on April 8 and 9. Congratulations to the Dye team in Flight A and the Xue team in Flight C on their victories. The teams earned the right to compete in the National GNTs at the summer NABCs in Toronto.
Don't miss out. There are still spots open to compete in Open Flight and Flight B. PS: If you win, your team earns at least $1,000 plus cards fees to subsidize your trip to Toronto.) Contact Bob Glasson with questions and for information.
Flight A Winners
Everett Young, Doug Dye, Estelle Ronderos, Al Ronderos
Flight C Winners
James Xiong, Mark Xue, Michael Xiong, Jerry Jia
Flight A Runners Up
John Dickenson, Allison Brandt, Howard Kahlenberg, Mike Giesler
Flight C Runners Up
John Ferranti, Matt Sherman, Ellen Goldsmith, Alexis Peffer
News from Around the Units 
four corners
Unit 112: Central New York
DeWitt Hendricks 

Unit 112 Sectional
April 8-9

Unit 112 199er Sectional
April 21-22

Rochester Regional (split site)
May 1-7

Unit 112 Sectional
June 3-4

July 15-16

Unit 112 STaC
August 14-20

Unit 112 Sectional
September 9-10

Unit 112 Sectional
September 23-24

Saul and Roselyn Teukolsky: Triple
Crown Winners!
In Major League baseball they call it the Triple Crown: Highest batting average; most home runs, most runs batted in. The achiever of that lofty goal in either major league is sure to win the Most Valuable Player award.
Well, Unit 112 has its own Triple Crown Winners and Most Valuable Players...Saul and Roselyn Teukolsky of Ithaca and Pasadena. They won the pairs, team and overall competitions for 2016.
The couple, who are originally from South Africa, have been playing together for 40 years. They spend 6 months in the Ithaca area where Saul is an astrophysics professor at Cornell University and 6 months in Pasadena where he has a similar role at Caltech University.
The pair has achieved Diamond Life Master (nearly 6000 MPs). In addition to their success in Unit 112 playing at the Bridge Club of Ithaca they also play at the San Marino Bridge Club in Pasadena. Their most recent success was winning the Open Pairs at the Los Angeles Regional last month and in 2016.
While the couple usually play as a pair, Roselyn does have 3 other partners for occasional daytime and evening games, while Saul indulges his other passion: golf.
Saul and Roselyn met at the University of Witwatersrandin Johannesburg in 1966 where they were in the same math, chemistry, physics and applied math classes. "We were chess opponents first," says Roselyn, "and then later, bridge partners. I finally married the guy after chasing him to the USA in 1971 (where he had a scholarship for grad school at Caltech)."
Roselyn has had a separate career as a high school math and computer science teacher and is now trying her hand at mystery writing. Perhaps there is an intriguing story in the works revolving around the game of bridge.
Speaking of mystery...do they have any bridge tricks up their sleeves? "Yes, we have a 2D opening bid which shows a strong 8 or 9 trick hand in an unspecified suit," says Roselyn. "This is a terrific convention---helps to reach slams which are otherwise hard to bid."
What advice would they give to someone who is considering learning to play bridge? "Do it! It's the most fabulous, frustrating, challenging, annoying, wonderful thing one can do. ...when you get hooked on the game...play against players who are better than you. That's how you improve your game---in self-defense. I would also say, be nice to your partners. In the final analysis, it's not how good you are as a bridge player, but how nice you are as a person."
Unit 120: Northeastern Pennsylvania 
Fay Pacchioli

Unit 120 Sectional
June 2-4

Unit 120 Sectional
September 29-October 1

By all accounts, the 2017 Wilkes-Barre Regional was an unqualified success. Chaired by Walter Mitchell, the tournament drew more than 400 players from more than a dozen states and several foreign countries.   Partnership chair Bill Orth made sure everyone had a game, and Ellen Preece as hospitality chair treated players to exceptional pastries and assorted goodies. Congratulations to Ellen, Irv Lebowitz and Martha O'Connor, who earned their Life Master designations during the week.

The 642 tables in play far exceeded the 449 in 2015 and the 515 tables in 2013. Of the 380 players earning master points, 73 were Unit 120 members, led by Sara Eisner (31.89); Steve Tillman (29.66); Bill Orth (23.94); Walter Mitchell (21.45); Carole McCallum (19.50); Dave Meyer (19.01); Martha O'Connor (17.49); George Mansour (16.68); Judy Stillinger (14.85) Marlene Meyer (13.32); Bill Burns (10.63); JoAnn Mauger (10.63); Judy Null (10.15) and Bill Haynes (10.01). Those earning event tops: Judy Null/Beth Rosenthal (side game), Walter Mitchell (Mon/Tues KO), Steve Tillman/Sara Eisner (open pairs) and Doreese Torrey/Joe Distini (Gold Rush Pairs).  
When you see Ellen or Bill, please thank them for their great work all week, along with Beth Rosenthal, George Mansour, and George Marcy.   They pitched in during a phenomenal turnout on Wednesday with additional tables, bidding boxes and bridge mates. If you played in the tournament, Walter asks you to please give any team member your candid appraisal of your experience. We only do this once every two years, so your feedback is vital to the continued improvement of the Wilkes-Barre regional.  
Junior Master: Jian Chen
Club Master: Roseann Tedesco
Sectional Master: Christopher Stephens, Louisa Stephens, Robert Wojack
Regional Master: Barbara Shaffer
Life Master: Ellen Preece, Martha O'Connor, Joan Benedict
Bronze Life Master: Martha O'Connor, Mary Zabresky
Silver Life Master: Diane Berkowitz
We all hope to make the top 25 in the Unit. It takes a lot of perseverance.   You need to attend an abundance of games and you have to win. In the Open Masterpoint Race for 2016, 0-2000 point category in District 4, George Mansour came in second with 132.53 points. In the 0-500 point category, Peggy O'Keeffe came in 20th.
The Stars of Unit 120 in the Ace of Clubs and Mini McKenney for 2016 are: 
  ACE OF CLUBS                                                                                                                   MINI-MCKENNEY
Christopher Stephens                                                       0 - 5                                                     Christopher Stephens
Woody Wolston                                                              5 - 20                                                        Woody Wolston
Begona Kowet                                                                20 - 50                                                       Begona Kowet
Victoria Tarleton                                                            50 - 100                                                       Silicia DeBellis
Beverly Bright                                                              100 - 200                                                       Beverly Bright
Joe Distini                                                                    200 - 300                                                       Gretchen Jack
Ellen Preece                                                                  300 - 500                                                       Ellen Preece
Martha O'Connor                                                       500 - 1000                                                       Lynn Gonchar
Bill Haynes                                                                 1000 - 1500                                                       George Mansour
Stephen Tillman                                                         1500 - 2000                                                       Stephen Tillman
Judy Argento                                                              2500 - 3500                                                       Norman Dressler
Carol Drewniak                                                          3500 - 5000                                                       Carol Drewniak
Dave Meyer                                                                5000 - 7500                                                       Dave Meyer
Very sorry to report the passing in February of Anne Jakubowski. Anne was not a member of our unit as she lived part time in Florida but she was a snowbird who arrived at the Honesdale club every May for many, many years. She was a regular partner with Ann Gordon.
On a happy note, Peggy Watters is doing well. Forthose who would like to take part in her card shower, she is at Anderson Personal Care, Room 206, Wesley Village, 215 Roberts Road, Pittston, Pa. 18640. She is still playing bridge and loves cards. 
Unit 121: Berks Montgomery 
Brian C Snyder 

June 9
Unit 121 I/N Sectional
September 22
We held our St. Patrick's Day Unit Game on Thursday March 16 at Sacred Heart Villa. There were 9-1/2 tables in play. Sara Gainey and Doug Chaney won first overall.
A 65th birthday party and Upgraded Club Championship game was held for Albert Bingaman on Tuesday March 21. There were 14 tables in play. The winners were Sue Wessner and Albert Bingaman, North-South and Barry Gorski and Andie Sheaffer, East-West.
Congratulations to the following members for achieving their next Life Master rank:
Lee Ernst - Bronze Life Master
Rebecca Chick - Silver Life Master

Unit 133: Lehigh Valley 
Dave Kresge 
Unit 133 Sectional
April 28-30

There is no Unit 133 report this month. Check back in May for updates and information. 

Unit 141: Philadelphia 
Joan Warren
Bala Sectional
March 31-April 2

I/N (499ers) Bracketed Swiss Teams Sectional
April 24

Annual Meeting and Sonny Jaspan Game
May 20

Philadelphia Regional at Valley Forge
June 26-July 2 

The 2017 Annual Meeting and Sonny Jaspan Game is Saturday May 20 at Raffles. Brunch starts at 10:30, with the meeting and game following. 
Please contact Joan Warren about attending.

We have lots of members attaining new designation levels in March.  Congratulations to them all.

New Life Master Eileen Zakuto

Sapphire Life Master William Grosnick

Gold Life Master
Susan Kestenbaum
Robert Killen

Ruby Life Master 
Helen Miller
Sandra Sill

Silver Life Master 
Rebecca Chick
Donna Saffren

Bronze Life Master 
Suresh Jain
Robert Stile

Unit 168: Central Pennsylvania 
Jeanne Gehret  

May 13

May 26-28

August 6

Unit 168 Club News:
From Harrisburg:
  • Sunday, April 9: Monthly birthday game (lunch 12:30; game 1pm)
  • Tuesday, April 25: Club Appreciation game (12:15pm; HBC members play free)
  • Wednesday, April 26: Swiss Team game (dinner 5:45; game 6:30pm) (register for 4/26 Swiss by emailing harrisburgbc@gmail.com 
  • HARRISBURG REGIONAL: MAY 1st through 7th
In addition to usual daytime events, two unique evening programs will be featured with a start time of 7pm & goal of ending by 9:30 nightly. The evening entry fee will be $10 per person, per session and will pay FULL Regional GOLD points for all Strata!!. They are:
  • Stratified Open Swiss teams: Tuesday/Wednesday (0-750, 750-2000, Open). Three 6-board matches both nights (must play both evenings).
  • Evening Pairs: Thursday/Friday (0-750, 750-2000, Open). 18 boards each night (must play both evenings).
  • We mourn the loss of two long-time HBC members, Bruce Bayuk and Judy Groenenboom. Our sympathies and condolences go out to their families, friends and partners.
From Lancaster:
  • During the week of April 10th - ALL games will be Club Championships with extra points!
  • Plan ahead and join us for the Lancaster Sectional at Leola on Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-28. See the tournament flyer for additional information.
CONGRATULATIONS to the following Unit 168 members on their new master point rank achievements:
Club Master: Frances Dimeler, Pat Gage, Jimmie Groves, Nancy Hudock
Sectional Master: Walter Gaige, Gail Johnson,Elaine Mitchell
Regional Master: Lee Morrison
Ruby Life Master: Carl Huber
Gold Life Master: Carolyn Shirk
Unit 190: Delaware 
Ala Hamilton-Day 

Eight is Enough (Lewes and Wilmington)
April 29 

May 19-21

Unit 190 Sectional
September 15-17
Eight is Enough "
is coming to Wilmington and Lewes on April 29th.
Click on the link above for details.
JUNIOR MASTER   Pamela F. Dent and Mary Ann Downing
CLUB MASTER  Mark A. Nehra  
  Duke Lohr and Francis W. Rode
REGIONAL MASTER  Barbara Tasevoli
NABC MASTER   Richard W. Weissman    
BRONZE LIFE MASTER   Rischa S. Fishman 
SILVER LIFE MASTER   Kimmie Fulweiler

March 7, 2017
   1   2.95 Sally Humphrey, Hockessin DE
   2   2.95 Catherine Conaway, Kennett Square PA
   3   1.96 Roslyn Berkovitz, Dover DE
   4   1.96 Deborah Flayhart, Dover DE
   5   1.89 Walter Bernadzikowski, Milford DE
   6   1.89 Donald Pyne, Harrington DE
   7   1.47 Leslie Goldstein, Newark DE
   8   1.47 Dorothea Lavigne, West Chester PA
   9   1.34 Richard Weissmann, Lewes DE
   10   1.34 Mary Reilly, Lewes DE
   11   1.27 Janet Blanchfield, Hockessin DE
   12   1.27 Harry Heath Jr, Hockessin DE
Members who " Jazzed it Up " at the Kansas City NABC were Benito Garozzo, Richard Popper, Jonathan Baumel, Ala Hamilton-Day, Mark and Melody Henderson, and Jess and Lois Stuart.   The top-notch Wilkes-Barre Regional, held at the beautiful Woodlands Inn, and with hospitality galore, was a cause for celebration. Top DSBA winners were Rick Rowland, J. Bruce and Judith Gwaltney, Kurt Engleman, Thomas Tully, Jill Itzkovitz, Ala Hamilton-Day, Carol Hopson, Mark Nehra, and Donald Pyne.
February 24 - February 26

1 23.79 Peter Filandro, Wilmington DE  
2 23.79 Marie Filandro, Wilmington DE
3 13.03 Rick Rowland, Wilmington DE
4   8.36 Paul Amer, Newark DE
5   8.36 Kurt Engleman, Avondale PA
6   6.57 David Venetianer, Chadds Ford PA
7   6.09 Randall Berseth, Bear DE
8   5.95 Stephen Miller, Kennett Square PA
9   5.14 William Everitt IV, Hockessin DE

10   5.14 Carole Everitt, Hockessin DE

Did you play that hand correctly? Test your line of play and analysis, click on the links to resources to improve your game, check out the pictures of winners, and find out what you're missing by visiting Unit 190's website.
Check out Unit 190's website, now being handled by Webmaster Extraordinaire Mark Henderson, as well as last month's issue of The Dummy, to meet most, if not all, of your bridge needs.
Unit 217: Susquehanna  
Jim McKeown
Unit 217 Sectional
June 1-3

Unit 217 Sectional
October 6-8
There is no Unit 217 report this month. Check back in May for updates and information.  
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