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April 2017 Newsletter

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Board Members

Patrick Freeman
Board Chair, Pittsboro

Brandon Gurley
Vice Chair, Charlotte

Garry Grabow
Treasurer, Apex

Charles Allen
Secretary, Fayetteville

Ron Price
Member, Raleigh

Scott Hicks
Member, Wendell

Jeff Edwards
Member, Creedmoor


Eric Wilson
Public Member, Raleigh

Legal Counsel
Rana M. Badwan

Board Administrator
Barbara Geiger

Assistant to the Board Administrator
Lisa Deubler 

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Enforcement Statistics

Total Number of Complaints in 2017 to date: 8

Minimum Standards
3 Complaints
3 Cases in Process

Unlicensed Practice
4 Complaints
3 Cases in Process
1 Cases Closed

1 Complaint
1 Case Closed

Dr. Ronald Sneed Wins Irrigation Foundation's 2016 Excellence in Education Award 
FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA (Oct. 13, 2016) - The Irrigation Foundation has announced that Ronald E. Sneed, PhD, PE, CAIS, CIC, CID, CLIA, is the winner of the Foundation's 2016 Excellence in Education award. 

The Irrigation Foundation Excellence in Education Award recognizes a person who is actively teaching or has retired from teaching irrigation, water management and/or water conservation in affiliation with a two- or four-year institution. This person helps supply the irrigation industry with educated professionals who provide efficient irrigation solutions that protect water and the environment. Sneed was recognized during the general session at the 2016 Irrigation Show and Education Conference, Dec. 5 - 9, in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Sneed, professor emeritus at North Carolina State University, has been involved in the irrigation industry for 56 years, 32 of which he spent in the department of biological and agricultural engineering, where he was first employed in October 1960 as an extension irrigation specialist. 

In 1981, Sneed was honored by the Irrigation Association with the Man of the Year Award. About that same time, he was appointed to the initial IA Certification Board, where he served for over 20 years. He was one of the early instructors for the IA, and, along with several other individuals, developed the course Principles of Irrigation. The manual for this course is now in its third edition. 

He has been an instructor for IA courses across the eastern United States and internationally. He is one of the authors of "Irrigation, Fifth Edition" and co-author of four chapters in "Irrigation, Sixth Edition." He has written several modules for the IA education program. He serves on the IA Education Committee, has been a long term member of the IA Technical Conference Program Committee and for many years served on the IA Standards Committee. 

He is an active member of the Irrigation Association and served six years on the board of the Irrigation Foundation. 
Dr. Sneed also chaired the North Carolina Irrigation Contractors' Licensing Board. 

He helped start the North Carolina Irrigation Society Inc. and in 1992, the society established the Ronald E. Sneed North Carolina Irrigation Society Inc. Scholarship Endowment, which provides an annual scholarship to a BAE student. He also helped form what is now the Carolinas Irrigation Association. In January 2011, that group established the Dr. Ronald Sneed Excellence in Irrigation Award, which is awarded to someone in the Carolinas for their dedication to irrigation. The first award was given to Sneed. 

In 2009, Sneed was honored with the ASABE Heermann Sprinkler Irrigation Award, which recognizes contributions to the improvement of efficient and effective sprinkler irrigation. 

A number of Sneed's former students have found employment in the irrigation, water management and water conservation fields. Others are employed by the Natural Resources Conservation Service and by state and federal environmental agencies. Sneed said that teaching both college students and adults has been his life. 

Through the annual Irrigation Association and Irrigation Foundation awards program, the industry recognizes individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the irrigation industry. These peer nominations are reviewed by the IA Awards and Honors Committee, then finalists are submitted to the full Board of Directors for approval. 

This year's award is sponsored by  Ewing Irrigation Products, Inc. To learn more about the award, nominate an educator or see a full list of previous winners, visit the  Foundation's website

About the Irrigation Foundation
The Irrigation Foundation strives for a future where the irrigation industry is thriving with an ample supply of educated, highly skilled professionals who employ technology and best practices to provide efficient irrigation solutions that protect water resources and the environment. For more information, visit

Dr. Garry Grabow receives award at Carolinas Irrigation Association Waterpalooza

Dr. Garry Grabow P.E., NC State University, Interim Department Head of  Biological and Agricultural Engineering, was the recipient of the Dr. Ronald Sneed Friend of the Irrigation Industry Award. This award is named after Dr.  Ronald Sneed and is given for an individual's dedication to irrigation. The award was presented at the  Carolinas Irrigation Association (CIA)Water Palooza held Oct 27th, 2016, at the NC State JC Arboretum.

Are you a good student?

Sitting in a classroom for hours on end can be hard on your patience, your business AND your behind, but is your responsibility as a NC Irrigation Contractor that you get the most out of the education provided.  Continuing education providers invest a lot of time and hard work to create a class that has new information, and that will help you to earn the required credits necessary to renew your license each year.  Leaving the room to make or take phone calls is disrupting to the class, and disrespectful to the teacher.  So the next time you are sitting in a classroom, shut off your cell phone and put the "do not disturb" sign up.

Lets Talk License Renewal and Audit

I'm sure by now, many of you are breathing a sigh of relief that you have completed the 2017 renewal process. And I'm sure you don't want to think about it again until the end of the year.  But that's what got many of you into trouble last why wait??

Continuing education credits can be recorded in your individual account as soon as you earn them.  Your proof of attendance forms can be uploaded immediately, preparing you in the event you are chosen for the continuing education audit. Once you have earned the required number of continuing education credits
(6 irrigation and 4 business) you may pay for your license renewal. 

Once the individual qualifier connected to a corporate license has renewed their individual license, the corporate license can then be renewed. 

Ten - twenty percent of licensees are randomly chosen each year to participate in the continuing education audit. Individuals may be chosen a few years in a row.  Staff does not make the decision regarding recipients of the audit, unless there have been previous issues. In this case an audit may be recommended by the Board. 

What is a continuing education audit??
The purpose of the audit is to confirm that the licensee has completed the required number of continuing education credits, and is reporting classes that they have attended.  If an individual has not been truthful, or does not complete the requirements set down by NC Gen. Stat. ยง89G, the individual may have their license revoked.

Paper renewals and the continuing education reporting form will still be accepted and are available on the Board website FOR 2018 license renewal. If you are renewing by paper, DO  NOT SUBMIT PROOF OF ATTENDANCE FORMS.  You are required to complete the continuing education reporting form.

Continuing Education Reminders:
  • As of March 1, 2016 the policy allowing employees to earn continuing education credits for licensed employers was eliminated. 
  • As of January 1, 2017 the continuing education requirement changed to six (6) irrigation and four (4) business for a total of ten (10) credits.
  • The deadline for completing your continuing education requirements and paying your renewal fees is December 31.  If you do not meet these requirements your license may be revoked.

Rule of the month:

(a) When an irrigation contractor determines that a design provided by others does not meet the minimum standards set forth by the rules of this Chapter or local requirements, the irrigation contractor shall notify the designer in writing of such violations of minimum standards and shall not complete the job until all such minimum standards are met. (b) All irrigation system components shall be installed in accordance with manufacturer's specifications, local code requirements, and the requirements of the rules of this Section.

2017 Calendar
April 26                          Continuing Education Advisory Council Mtg

May 10                            Board Meeting
May 31                            Continuing Education Advisory Council Mtg

June 14                           Administrative Hearing
June 28                           Continuing Education Advisory Council Mtg

July 26                            Continuing Education Advisory Council Mtg

August 9                         Board Meeting
August 30                       Continuing Education Advisory Council Mtg

September 13                 Administrative Hearing
September 27                 Continuing Education Advisory Council Mtg

October 25                      Continuing Education Advisory Council Mtg

November 8                    Board Meeting
November 23-24             Office Closed-Thanksgiving
November 29                  Continuing Education Advisory Council Mtg

December 13                  Administrative Hearing
December 20                  Continuing Education Advisory Council Mtg
December 25-27             Office Closed-Christmas
December 31                  2018 RENEWALS DUE