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Ron's trip to the Eagle Glacier Cabin

A recent weekend trip to the Eagle Glacier Cabin gave me the chance to test out a few new products and further evaluate a few others that I've been using for awhile.

  In the first photo the pack I'm using is the Deuter ACT Lite 75. It's an entry level 75 liter pack that I had just short of 50 pounds in. (David Job photo credit J) One good thing about the pack is its in the five pound range so it doesn't add to your load too much, the downside is it doesn't have a lot of padding and neither do I, so I did find it made the hip bones by my spine a bit sore on the trip in. On the trip out my load was a bit less and I was conscious about packing things carefully, so they didn't create any pressure points. But that pack is in the manager's sale now and its going to be replaced with a heavier Mystery Ranch pack with more padding and structure.

After I made it to the cabin and got my bucket of water I headed across the lake(s) to check out the glacier. It was the last day of the cold windy weather before the snows came, but there was open water at the inlets and outlets, I was glad I remembered to bring my ice awls and string them through my jacket in case they were needed. In the canyon leading to the glacier the water wasn't showing but I knew it was somewhere below, the colors of the newly exposed rock in the canyon are awesome.

Back at the cabin just before dark I strung up the Goal Zero mini quad light string that has four lights you power with a rechargeable power supply. The string was long enough to stretch from the kitchen area over to the table and made it nice to not have to wear my headlamp all the time and provided way more light than candles. The lights have two power settings and low was sufficient for cooking and general use, the high setting provided nice reading light. 

Five gallon buckets are one of the handiest things you can have on an outdoor adventure, but they're over the top for most backpacking trips. Enter the Sea to Summit 10 liter folding bucket that comes with its own pouch, which I thought might not really be needed but comes in handy when you're trying to pack the bucket away. I was able to go to the lake outlet and scoop up enough water for two nights and it was good to have something I could let the silt laden glacial water sit in before filtering.

A new favorite from GSI is my ultra light java drip that clips on the rim of your cup and holds your coffee in position for the pour from your Jetboil. It folds up and weighs nothing, fits in a sandwich bag. Love having hot coffee on the trail. Speaking of Jetboil, I relearned pulling the neoprene cozy down when you need a super accurate pour into the java drip so water doesn't drool down the side of the cup.

I'm a little hesitant mentioning my excitement about TSL snowshoes because we are not selling them, yet, probably next winter. I have never worn a snowshoe that can climb like these things, part of it has to do with their binding/crampon combo and the other to do with their amazingly flexible plastic deck. The flexible deck allows for a more natural stride, and contours to side-hills when climbing, a-friggin-amazing. We have a couple pair at the store if you want to check them out or maybe rent for the day.

 Written by Ron Flint
From Box to Floor
  We are happy to announce the arrival of our new Spring styles! Drop by the store to see what new items we have on hand. 

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get our products from box to floor?  It all starts in our receiving department (Erik). He takes the items out of the boxes, enters them into the computer, puts price tags on them and puts them in a cart.  The cart is then taken up front where floor staff attach size donuts and security
tags, hang them up (if needed) and place them on display. Some items come with a lot of packaging to keep them fresh and clean, some packaging is as simple as a twine tie.     

We are very conscious of the carbon footprint used up by the packaging, so we go to great lengths to reduce, repurpose and recycle what we can.

As you can see we get huge boxes full of many different items. Bulk shipping like this, helps reduce the boxes and wrapping that comes with individual on-line orders. All of the boxes are either reused or recycled (Thank you to Rock Dog for hauling them all away to the recycling center).
If you have ever ordered something on-line from us, you probably noticed that the item showed up in a reused shoe box. They make great packing boxes!

We save the plastic wrappers from items to use as stuffing for our
packs and purses, so you have an idea of what they look like when full. We also have a very drafty area in the back room that we are currently saving clean plastic bags for, with plans to use them as insulation. We save the boxes that our socks come in for Christmas, so customers can grab what they need for wrapping gifts. If you ever need boxes for moving, mailing or gift wrapping, let us know ahead of time, so we can save some for you.

We like to think, we are doing our part in keeping Juneau's landfill manageable. 
NEW for Spring
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