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Spring 2017 Newsletter

Presidents Address


Welcome to the spring edition of the AMTA Rhode Island chapter newsletter.

It continues to be an honor to serve and support our chapter. I'd like to share with you some of the recent activities within our chapter.  On March 19th we held our members/election meeting.

Our meeting was officially called to order, the board was introduced,  and a call for new business was presented. No new business was brought forward to be added to the existing agenda. A motion to accept the agenda, as is, was voted on by the eligible professional and graduate members. A quorum was established.

A president's address was given welcoming all guests and members with updates from the national office. This infornation will be posted on our website.
Committee reports were presented by Crisis Massage Co-chair Regina Cobb, House of Delegates / Membership Ellen Field, Kim Medeiros 3rd VP, Convention/Education committee chairs Debbie Kilty and Alda Cordeiro, Government Relations chair Joanne Lozy and 1st VP Pat Bachus.
You will find additional information on each of these reports throughout the newsletter.

Our Financial Administrator presented the 2017 fiscal year budget. The title of Financial Administrator is a new change for the year 2017. This position was formerly known as the Treasurer's position. The budget was approved by eligible voting members.

Under the approved agenda, new business information on the American Massage Therapy Association Rhode Island Chapter, member's survey was disseminated. This survey was sent out to all of our chapter members. The information has been collected and tallied. Thank you to our members who took the time to read and respond with helpful information. Your responses will help us to support, and continue to advance, our chapter. There is an article written by Debbie Kilty on behalf of our board later in this Edition.

Effective this year our board structure has changed to five members. As of this year's 2017 election, the third vice president position will be terminated. Vice presidents will now be called board members. As mentioned earlier, the treasurer's title is now Financial Administrator. This policy was established through many conversations, work groups, surveys and input from chapters across the country with the national office. It came from a need in other chapters that were not able to establish volunteers for board positions. We are very fortunate in the state of Rhode Island to have members who are willing to step forward to learn what is involved, perform the legal duties and carry on the work of board and volunteer positions diligently.

Our election was lively and productive. I would like to congratulate the following new board members:
Roy Kenji Omori, Financial Administrator 
Regina Cobb, Board Member
Board Members continuing to serve their term limits are:
Debbie Kilty Secretary 
Alda Cordeiro Board Member
Michaele Colizza President
Also to our new Delgate Representatives:
Kimberly Medeiros, Junior delegate
Michelle Souza, First Alternate Delegate
Jennifer Wilkicki, Second Alternate Delegate
There are new national policies and procedures stating that each state will only have two alternate delegates. My thanks to all who did run for Delegate and Alternate positions.

Now that we have our elected positions filled, each chairperson is required to reapply for their " appointed
positions".  I will ask this to be completed within the next two weeks.

During our meeting, we were fortunate to have the Rhode Island State Board of Licensed Massage Therapists Chair, John Balletto participate in our meeting. He came to discuss information about the RI Massage Therapy Board's duties and responsibilities. There was discussion on questions regarding the current law and scope of practice. John's presentation will be posted on our website soon.

After our lunch break, the official swearing-in of our board and our volunteers was performed. The final portion of our day  was our free CE class on Myofascial Release Massage of the neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. It was presented to us by Krissy Viccione. She is a licensed and certified Massage Therapist in the state of Rhode Island and has been for over 17 years. She is also a certified instructor for Howard Rontal. Our members had many enthusiastic comments at the end of this class. Our chapter is looking forward to future opportunities to work with Krissy.

On April 2nd our new Board of Directors and team members came together for the annual "Advance". This is a meeting that establishes our calendar for the year, sets Goals/Tasks for the team, and lays the ground work for team building, communication and networking.

Recently there has been chatter on public forums about "Why hasn't the AMTA RI chapter adopted online voting for the annual election of new board members"?
This topic has been discussed at several board meetings over the past two years. All of our meetings are open to our members and the public. The topic was originally introduced three years ago when I was elected. Online voting was presented at a members meeting. The pros and cons  happening across the nation in the preliminary states that had opted to try online voting were presented to the members who chose to attend that meeting.

With our chapter's members, we decided to give three to five years for development and information gathering from these states and any others that joined.

At the time of this original discussion, the cost was significant to an individual chapter. We decided to adopt a watch, wait and learn pattern. This year we are at the 3-year mark. It is time to reassess.  We are on schedule with our time line. During the past year, the national office has developed programming and financial support for chapters that would like to have online voting. Originally only about three to five states were participating. Now between 20 and 25 states are participating, most of which have signed on since the national office passed the financial support this year.

There is an official process that our state members will need to go through in order to make online voting possible. We will be sending out a survey with the current, most up to date, official information after the annual  state  president's  meeting  held in June by the national office .  

We truly need each and every member to respond to this survey when it is sent out!   Please. Voice. Your. Choice.

The survey will have FACTS about voting options and on-line voting that we implore you to read.  There are by laws, standing rules, policies and procedures that we as a chapter have to follow.

I look forward to this challenge.  I brought this to our members 3 years ago because I felt it was something that could benefit our chapter.  I still believe it would be of merit to look at the present status across the country and from the national office stand point.
I firmly believe, there are still pros and cons that we need to reassess at this point in order to establish what will be the best course of action for our individual chapter.

The last item I'd like to mention is my appreciation of our members who participated in responding to the national office request sent to every member in our nation to  participate in a major research study. Their hope is to learn how to best serve our AMTA members.

Please be on the lookout for upcoming "call for comments"  from your Delegate  Representatives pertaining to potential national bylaws changes.

I would like to ask our membership to reach out to two of our long time board and volunteer team members who have served us tirelessly. Their dedication, respect for our profession and fellow colleagues  has been truly commendable. They officially have retired from their multi-term of office elected posts.  Joan Tarter Van-Hees jonitvh@yahoo.com  and Pat Bachus grammie200@aol.com 
I thank you for all you have done.
I look forward to seeing you at future events.  I am grateful for your openess, sharing your well thought-out and heartfelt answers and support.  Our chapter has truly benefited from your contributions.

With gratitude and appreciation
Michaele Colizza
Chapter President 
Claudia Botthof
Greetings from the AMTA-RI library!


The library offers DVDs, Videos and books to rent for free for all AMTA-RI members. The library is conveniently located in West Warwick, RI across from the Christmas Tree shop at Unique Fitness & Massage Therapy. Call for an appointment before stopping by. 
The selections of DVDs, videos and books have a wide range of subjects from energy healing, to all kinds of different massage therapy modalities. There are also DVDs/books about Anatomy, Kinesiology and stretching. 
Once a month the library also offers a free video night for the members. Here are the next viewing dates and titles:
4/12 The ABC of Geriatric Massage
5/17 The Art of Hot stone Massage
6/14 Orthopedic Massage  

Please, call or email for reservations
Claudia Botthof, LMT

Please, feel free to contact me with any comments, questions or requests for video nights. 

Claudia Botthof
AMTA-RI librarian

Unique Fitness & Massage Therapy
 263 Quaker Lane
West Warwick, RI 02893
B: (401) 615-2355
Text: (401) 749-0176

Government Relations

Government Relations 
The Government Relations team is keeping it's eyes and ears open for anything that may impact our profession. Our National Government Relations office keeps us abreast of legislation that is happening at both the local level and across the country. If you are interested in keeping abreast of legislation regarding massage therapy locally and nationally you may do so on the American Massage Therapy Association web site. Follow this web address https://www.amtamassage.org/regulation/index.html to learn more. You are also welcome to contact the American Massage Therapy Association Rhode Island Chapter Government Relations team through me (Joanne Lozy) at JLozy123@gmail.com. 
Your Government Relations team wishes you a safe, healthy and prosperous year. 
Debbie Kilty, Frank Rapone, Michaele Colizza, Kim Cook, Angela Perry-Place, Pat Bachus, Cassie Rawcliffe and Joanne Lozy

                 Government Relations

You may have seen a lot of chatter this past month on Face Book about massage therapy businesses potentially having to display a poster regarding human trafficking. There has been a bit of confusion regarding a proposed bill by Senator Morgan S421. The Bill will require posters that contain the Hot Line number to report human trafficking be posted in truck stops, hospitals, strip club or other sexually-oriented businesses, or a business entity previously found to be a nuisance for prostitution. The Senator's press release on March 6, 2017 mentioned massage parlors as a targeted location as well. This press release caused a lot of worry that massage therapy establishments would have to display this poster. I spoke with Senator Morgan Thursday morning. The term "massage parlor" was not mentioned in her bill. She assured me that should her bill pass, massage therapy establishments would not be on the list of businesses required to display the poster.

During this process the National Government Relations Office was made aware of the situation happening in Rhode Island. They sent a letter to Senator Morgan. On 3/15/2017 the Engage system was enacted and an email was sent to all RI AMTA members to advise you of the actions taken.

Other new events in GR are the update of the website. I have worked with Kim Cook to update the Government Relations section of the site to include a list of all 39 municipalities. There is a link to the municipal website and where available links to the ordinances concerning massage therapy establishment. 

Finally I gave my official notice at the General Meeting that this will be my final year as the GR chair. I made this announcement because at the time there was no co-chair. The co-chair would be the next in line to take over the position. This is a very important position and should not go without a chair. Cassie Rawcliffe stepped up to take the position after the meeting. I will spend time with her over the next year to see that she has a good grasp of the position, and introduce her to the Government Relations people at the National Office.

As you may have witnessed over the last 5 years, government relations has been instrumental in many important events. Some of those events include: The creation of the Massage Therapy Board, the rewrite of the Massage Therapy Practice Act, the creation of a massage establishment ordinance for Cranston. We've spoken at a Department of Health hearing on the benefits of massage for pain management.

The GR Chair is the liaison between the members of our chapter and the National GR team. The National office helps and guides us. The Rhode Island Chapter does not and should not make decisions regarding political or legislative events without the guidance of the professionals at the National office. AMTA's name and reputation as well as our own professional appearance are at stake whenever comments or actions are made. We don't go it alone and therefore when a call to action is needed it may take a few days before an official response is seen on the website.

National has the resources to help us advocate for our profession on a local and state level. If you see or hear about a potential event that could affect our livelihood the correct action to take is to contact the AMTA RI Government Relations chair-person and the Chapter President via email or phone. Our numbers and email addresses are listed on the AMTA RI Chapter website. You may hear about an event or issue before we do. We do our best to keep up on current events through media and National legislative briefs. The National office reports to us through Legislative Briefing on the National Website, and via email. If you are interested in reading the Legislative Briefing, it is updated at the end of each month. 

The Government Relations team is always looking for people interested in 
joining the team. If you want to learn more please contact me at JLozy123@gmail. com or 401 497 2111.

Joanne Lozy LMT
Government Relations Chair

In This Issue
Board of Directors:
Michaele Colizza

Regina Cobb
Board Member

Alda Cordeiro
Board Member

Debbie Kilty

Roy Kenji Omori
Financial Administrator
Welcome New Members!
New members: 

Brenda Azar
Angloma Chapasko
Mary Ann Clavin
Kimberly Fernandes
Kristen Jones
Lynn Mills
Ni'cole Whalen
Jill Apicemo
Aria Boutet
Kanoy Candelmo
Dailys Castillo
Javier Colon
Shelby Engelbrecht
Adlyn Garcia
Mikalyla Guernon
Chastity Joy
Stephanie Leveronr
Melissa Mason 
Shelley McDonald
Laura Messier 
Joaquim Neves
Molly O'Brien
Christa Piquette
Louise Ruby Ritcher
Elizabeth Rodriguez 
Luz Rojas
Eva Santos
Azurine Sharpe
Corey Shaughnessy
Chayada Sisalai
Shaley Teeter 
Rossy Ventura 
Michaela Zachilli
Meagan Zarba 
Erica Cellini
Susan Vandral
Jacqueline Kidd 
Catherine Cabral 
Stacy Ellis 
Sarah St. Amand
Ducy Samos 
Scott Marcosa 
Jennifer Blanchette
Victoria Moutahit
Alanna Sousa Pullan
Gilda DeSano
David Conner 

Total RI Members: 523

Joanne Lozy
Awards Committee Chairperson
Gov. Relations Chairperson
Past President
Convention Planning Committee

Regina Cobb MSW, LCMT
Board Member
Crisis Massage Team Co-Coordinator

Roy Kenji Omori
Financial Administrator

Jennifer Wilkicki
Membership Chairperson
2nd Alternate Delegate
Volunteer Coordinator
Convention Planning Committee

Claudia Botthof

Deb Kilty

Kim Cook
Website Chair
Convention Planning Committee

Frank Rapone
Crisis Massage Team  Co-Coordinator

Alda Cordeiro
Board Member
Education Chairperson
RI Convention Planning Committee Co-Chair

Lou Ann Botsford
Sports Massage Chairperson

Angela Perry-Place
Twitter Administrator/Social Media Chair
RI Convention Planning Committee member

Kim Gregorzek-Medeiros
Jr. Delegate
RI Convention Planning Committee member
Membership Committee: Senior members contact

Ellen Field
Newsletter Editor
Sr. Delegate

Sean Duffy
2nd to Sports

Michelle Souza
1st Alternate Delegate

Marlo Lawrence
Membership Committee: New member contact

Upcoming Meeting Dates

All AMTA-RI Chapter Board Meetings are
open to the public.

The following is a list of dates and times of upcoming board meetings:

May 23, 2017
July 11, 2017
August 29, 2017

Times and dates are subject to change.
Please contact our Secretary

Deb Kilty
at 401-339-1041 or via email
at debbiekilty@yahoo.com
prior to any meeting for
confirmation on date, time and location.

Check in the next newsletter or on our website for future meeting dates.

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From education to award-winning publications to broad liability insurance, AMTA membership gives you the tools you need to grow and thrive in the massage therapy profession.

In fact, 100 percent of your membership dues are invested back into you in the form of benefits and advocacy for the profession.Professional Membership

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  The Canobie Lake Park bus trip is August 13th.  We leave at 8:30 AM and return at 9:00 PM. The bus ticket price is $35-$45 depending on when tickets are purchased. Admission to the park is not included in the bus fare. 
Contact Jen Wilkicki

AMTA RI Chapter Member Survey Results
Deb Kilty, Secretary, Co-Chair Convention Committee
I would like to thank all those members who took the time to respond to the AMTA RI Chapter Member Survey that was sent out earlier this year. 
To better serve the members of the AMTA Rhode Island Chapter, your Chapter Board of Directors requested your response to 10 survey questions. 

A 20% membership response was received, which by National AMTA standards, is awesome! Most chapters, and even National online voting for Board Members, only receive, at best, an 11% response overall. So, Rhode Island you rock!! 

The results of this survey were delivered at the annual General Member Election Meeting which was held Sunday, March 19, 2017 at the Radisson Airport Hotel in Warwick, RI. If you were unable to attend, here is the summary of those results: 
Questions 1-3 the value placed on Government Relations, Education and the Convention: Education ranked highest with an 88 out of 100 total point value and GR and Convention both ranked 79 out of 100 total point value. 

Education ranked highest for where members would like the chapter dues allocated. 64.77%. 

The most effective way of communicating with our members is email: 77.66% heard about the convention via email.
51.58% of members think the convention should only be 2 days long. 

Choices for Non-hands on classes ranked: 
#1. Contraindications & Medical 
#2. Anatomy 
#3. Research 

Highest requests for hands-on classes: 
Myofascial Release 21% 
Sports 13% 
CranioSacral 11% 
Reflexology 9% 
Lymphatic Drainage, Stretching & Pregnancy tied for 8% 
Thai/Thai for the table 6% 

65.26% of member respondents want certification courses 
And 44% of those want the additional classes offered at the next years' convention.

There were many suggestions for hands-on classes. These have all been noted and will be taken into consideration by the Convention Committee as well as the Education Committee for future workshops. 
All of the respondents to this survey were entered into a drawing to receive a $150 certificate to be put toward a full registration at the 2017 Rhode Island Massage Therapy Convention as well as a certificate from the Upledger Institute for a free CS1 seminar. The winner was Tammy Martin!! Congratulations Tammy!! And thank you for helping us help all of you by taking a few minutes out of your busy day to answer this survey!! 

If anyone has any questions, please contact Deb Kilty at debbiekilty@yahoo.com or 401-339-1041.

Madame President
Michaele Colizza
Significant Anniversary Members

2012 - 5 Years
Rachael Anderton
Catherine Baker
Britney Burke
Sarah Cintolo
Meralise Conley
Leah Hegedus - Jones
Morgan Huling
Cristi Jernigan
William Jones
Penny Joslin Melfi
Brain Lacouture
Lorien Lanouette Kathleen Moeller
Tammy Simas
Michelle Souza
Jeana Thomas
George Wood
Carolyn Wren

2007 - 10 Years
Kellie Ahi
Bernice DeMello William Fitshugh
Tonja Freitas
Edward Goll
Elizabeth Harrison
Andraly Horn
Kevin Johnson
Christine Kralicky
Carolyn Machado
Shana McDonough
Alex Tatevian

2002 - 15 Years
Eileen Benson
Michaele Colizza
Scott Collum 
Kimberly Gregorzek - Medeiros
Judith Harmon
Nina Keeley
Monique LaCroix
Janice Louth
Lori Murphy
Susan Mulvaney
Debbie Peacock
Carol Petisca
Leonor Lee Silva
Maureen Sweeney

1997 - 20 Years
Janice Connors - Bramble
Melody Henderson
Mary Krieger
Kristi Lynn Maresco
Michelle Neuner
Terri Quinn
Jennifer Ann Slick

1992 - 25 Years
Peggy Olson
Angela Eveline Paraskevakos
 Joanne Sousa - Rodgers

1987 - 30 Years
Kathrin Katchpole
Paulette Weise Thomas

Significant Anniversary Members
Congratulation to all our members that are celebrating significant anniversaries this year. We wish you continued health and longevity in the profession. Thank you for being an American Massage Therapy Association Rhode Island Chapter member and thank you for supporting the Rhode Island Chapter. Have a wonderful year. We look forward to seeing you at the 2017 Rhode Island Massage Therapy Convention, October 27-29. Mark your calendar and come celebrate your anniversary with us.

Regina Cobb
Board Member, Crisis Massage Team Co-Chair

Thank you for electing me as one of your board members!  
I would like to introduce myself to the RI Chapter members whom I may not have had a chance to meet as of today!  I am eager to get started in my new role as Board Member.  Here is a brief bio. I am the Program Director and Associate Professor of the Therapeutic Massage Program at the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI).  I'm also the Coordinator for the CCRI Center for Workforce and Continuing Education (CWCE) Hospital-based Oncology Massage Therapy Program that is offered twice a year at Roger Williams Medical Center, Providence, R.I. and Saint Anne's Hospital, Fall River, Mass.  I received my Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work from Simmons College and my Bachelor of Arts Degree in both Criminal Justice and Psychology from C.W. Post University, NY. 
I have practiced massage for over 18 years and have been an educator for over 16 years. As a student I joined AMTA in MA and I have been a member ever since. I was courted to help AMTA-RI Chapter in 2001, after the bombing of the World Trade Towers in NYC and the Station Night Club fire in Warwick. One of the past presidents of AMTA-RI Chapter, knowing my background work with the American Red Cross, asked if I could help the RI Chapter develop a course and lead a team of massage therapists in building support for our emergency responders in the community, which I did.  The group is now known as the Crisis Massage Team-RI.
I hold many certifications in the Massage Therapy profession; however it is the last two that have given me the motivation and background to move the Massage Therapy profession into  the next phase of our ever changing land-scape  - the medical world.   Over the past ten years our profession has been asked to step up our skills in working with the "baby-boomers." These clients are very much aware of the work that MT's provide and have been requesting our services more and more each year.  It is my hope that over the next few years together we can meet the needs of our aging population, veterans and individuals with disabilities. 
My goals for the days to come are as follows: 
·         Increase community awareness in regards to our profession (i.e. Massage Therapy for Pain- Call to Action report, 2016)
·         Work with our profession in helping all Massage Therapists obtain a NPI (National Provider Identification number)
·         Work at the Chapter level to bring research education to our private practices by using easy documentation tools for data collection and publication (Massage Therapy Foundation).  
·         Listen to the needs of our Chapter members and serve as an advocate for change in our profession.

Regina Cobb, MSW, BCMT, CMLD
Therapeutic Massage Program Director
Community College of Rhode Island
Rehabilitative Health Department
One John H. Chafee Boulevard
Newport, RI, 02840

Visit Our Hospital-based Oncology Training Program

Retiring Board Members: Joni Tarter Van-Hees and Pat Bachus.


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The Newly Elected!!!
Regina Cobb, Kim Gregorzek-Medeiros, Kenji Omori, Michelle Souza

Being sworn in by Michaele Colizza: 
 Debbie Kilty, Regina Cobb, Kim Gregorzek-Medeiros, Joanne Lozy, Kenji Omori, Michelle Souza, Marlo Lawrence, Alda Cordeiro, Ellie Field and Kim Cook.

Regina Cobb, Debbie Kilty, Michelle Souza, Alda Cordeiro, Kim Gregorzek-Medeiros, Joanne Lozy, Kenji Omori, Ellie Field, Kim Cook


 I have an electric "Stacy Built" table I would like to sell
for $754. It is all one piece, does not fold. I do not have photos to post, I am in West Kington (near URI) anyone is welcome to
come look at it, ride it up and down. It is so much better for you as a therapist and your body mechanics as well as changing
Please call:  Helen at 401-789-8910

For Rent: A large room within a suite (Massage/bodywork only space-quiet) available for a massage therapist in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, just 2 minutes off of Rt. 4. Room may be decorated and furnished as desired. Suite is decorated; has bathroom, kitchenette, waiting area. Candidates are: mature, self- motivated, clean, ethical and respectful to join this well established practice. Rent negotiable for proper candidate, all utilities will be included. Leave a message and I will get back to you to answer any questions, 401-294-3838.

Skin Care Studio seeking a female LMT to share in Providence RI, Located on the East Side. Studio is available to share 2-3 days a week. Perfect for someone who has a clientele and looking to build their business. Location has ample parking and has easy access from the highway. Further details available when you text or call 401-954-5367.   

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