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 Working Together, Building Together 
Carlos Bell, President
I had the privilege of serving on the ACPE Organizational Design Work Group (ODWG) tasked with a commitment to strengthening the association as a robust spiritual educational community. At the core of each step was to listen to the voice of the membership. The ODWG was in active listening mode from day one to create a model that examined the challenges of associational growth and strategic planning to deepen the impact of ACPE. We were Working Together, Building Together!

Amy Greene
Amy Greene
We are only a month away from gathering in Minneapolis and the registration numbers are very exciting - over 450 registrants which is usually the total number of attendees. We will have a lot to discuss and do. We (the RIT) have been working hard, building the transition plan and working to thoughtfully lay the groundwork for the new organizational structure. We apologize if the details aren't coming out fast and often enough for some of you to feel comfortable. Pausing to write news updates, when we all have day jobs we must continue to do, is sometimes harder than you might think.

Kathleen Gallivan
We hope you will remember that we are not making independent decisions - we are
implementing decisions made over a period of years by the Board which were informed by the wok of the Organizational Design Work Group (2014-16) and the concurrent task forces on Certification and Professional Development (2014-current). 

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John Roch
John Roch, 
Communications Manager
Since last year's conference in Denver the Board of Directors with assistance from Jackson Spalding, an Atlanta-based marketing communications agency, has researched and reviewed ACPE's brand and key messaging. Before ACPE could seriously consider changing the association's name, it was important to evaluate who ACPE is and what differentiates it from others.

In addition to their research of the CPE market, Jackson Spalding conducted an excavation with a focus group composed of diverse ACPE members and staff to finalize its key messaging and brand essence.

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Funding for Innovative CPE Projects
grants awarded
The 2017 Innovative Program Award grant cycle is now open! Applicants are invited to submit proposals for innovative CPE projects that do not exceed $10,000.  This year $29,000 is available in funding.

Grants may be awarded at three levels:
  • One grant may be awarded in the range of $7,501-$10,000
  • One grant may be awarded in the range of $5,001-$7,500
  • Other grants may be awarded in amounts up to $5,000 to the extent of funds available.
If no grants are awarded at the $10,000 or $7,500 maximum levels, funds reserved for these grants may be reallocated to provide support for projects at up to $5,000.

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Annual Conference Pre-Registration Ends April 14th
ACPE's 2017 Annual Conference & 50th Anniversary Celebration in Minneapolis, MN promises to be an amazing occasion! Don't miss this historic event where we reflect on our past and envision our future!

In addition to registering & attending, consider two more ways you can support our conference and bring in "50" in style.

Recommended Bylaws Change
Under our new bylaws adopted last year, Section 15.01, Amendment. The Bylaws of the Association may be altered, amended, or repealed by an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members voting, provided, appropriate notice of the general nature of the proposed change in the Bylaws shall have been given in the notice of the meeting. Meetings may be in person or virtual/electronic via the use of written or electronic ballot.

A Note From Trace's Desk
Trace Haythorn,
Executive Director/CEO
A quick thanks to all members who took the time to reach out to national office staff after the collapse of I-85 last week. We were finalizing the Monday Briefing when word came through, which meant staff were trying to figure out how they were going to get home. We're very grateful for the work of first responders. It is amazing that no one was injured. Marc Medwed and Terry Izaguirre are the two staff members facing the most difficult commutes. When all is said and done, we hope this will spur a new commitment to public transportation in Atlanta, creativity within our national team to make sure we support those who will be spending much more time in their vehicles, and a greater public awareness about the need to invest in our national infrastructure. Thanks again to all of you who have been so kind - we are honored to serve with such a compassionate organization!
Tax Season is Time for Gift Planning!
You can make a significant gift to ACPE that costs you nothing now, and will keep on giving for years to come. Your gift can also memorialize a loved one. Here's how:

A gift in your will is one way you can secure your estate and create an impactful legacy with ACPE. A gift in your will has many advantages:

The Call to Care: Essays by Unitarian Universalist Chaplains
Karen Hutt

Congratulations are in order for ACPE Supervisor Karen Hutt who released a book entitled, "The Call to Care: Essays by Unitarian Universalist Chaplains."  Copies of the book are available on Amazon and the UUA Online Bookstore. Rev. Hutt serves as a CPE Supervisor at the Fairview CPE Center in Minneapolis, MN.  
Transforming Chaplaincy
Advancing Chaplaincy: Learning to Think and Act Strategically
A series of 4 hour-long webinars offered in Winter-Spring 2017
Hosted by ACPE Academy; Co-sponsor by Transforming Chaplaincy
The aim of this series is to help leaders and emerging leaders in professional chaplaincy and chaplaincy education develop and strengthen their ability to think strategically about advancing chaplaincy both at the level of the profession and at the level of their institution.

Upcoming Religious Holy Days

Spirituality and Health Summer Institute 

Catholic Theological Union Summer Institute

The 2017 Summer Institute on Theology and Disability, June 5-8, Azusa, California

Integrative Chaplain Certificate Course

Contemplative Fellowships for Health Care Professionals

Creating Caring Communities Through Bikkur Holium

Chaplain Distance Learning
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