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HealthCare Assistance with Member Support,  LLC, (HCAMS) provides services to individuals with substance abuse and other behavioral health problems that are affecting their work, health and/or personal lives. Our services include assessment, intervention, treatment referrals and placement, case management, and recovery advocacy.
Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse
Ever worry that your coworker's nightly beer may have morphed into a larger issue? Knowing the signs can help get them on the road to recovery before things get worse.
  • chronic lateness/ absenteeism
  • carelessness
  • taking needless risks
  • disregarding consequences of actions
  • frequent mistakes
  • won't take responsiblity for mistakes
  • inability to get along with coworkers and supervisors
  •  anger management issues
  • excessively long breaks
  • frequent accidents
Ignoring a problem won't make it go away. If you or someone you know is exhibiting these signs call 
1-888-828-7826 today!
Know Your Insurance
Insurance Can Be A Complicated Business 
But Many People Are Covered For More Than They Realize!

Did you know?
The Affordable Care Act considers mental health services and addiction treatment as one of the ten essential elements of  health care. 
Under the 2008 Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, your insurance provider can't put stricter limits on mental health and substance abuse service than limits placed on medical and surgical services.
So, with many insurance plans, you can get treatment for dependency and other behavioral health issues at little to no out of pocket cost.
Learn more  about plan differences

Have you ever experienced denied or delayed claims from your helath insurance company for Behavioral Health or Drug and Alcohol Addiction assistance? Click Here to learn more about what we can do for you!
New Team Member Spotlight:
HCAMS welcomed Angela Harris to the team on March 20. She studied theology and philosophy and brings witih her extensive experience in providing excellent service and strong comunication skills. We are thrilled to have her working with us to further serve our clients.  
"We Provide Job Protective Services By Utilizing New Jersey State   Public Law 2011,Chapter 69, To  Temporarily Suspend All Disciplinary Action, Until A Medical Legal Defense Is Constructed  Of Mitigating Facts Under  The Americans With Disabilities Act."  

This Month in Member Support
        On Saturday, March 18, HCAMS visited with CWA  1040; Leroy Baylor was on hand to represent the union. Janet Gerhard, Director of Public Affairs, gave  an overview of Employee Assistance Program  services, highlighting how HCAMS utilizes federal  and state laws to protect members'  jobs. 

            CWA 1040 is recognized nationally for its 
accomplishments in organizing, journalism, community support programs, education, training, and health and safety. Leroy Baylor is a highly effective Union Representative. The meeting was a wonderful time of learning and sharing how we can all support each other.