From the Desk of the Community Lay Director:  

This is very hard for me, but I promise no April fool’s jokes in this newsletter. But if I see you on the first day of April, watch out!

Life is so good in this portion of Georgia. Are we not blessed for living where we do, enjoying God’s blessings every day?
This month I would like to talk about the importance of my prayer life, and how important it is to my well-being. I am saying prayers all during the day. In everything I do I try to keep my prayers in the forefront of my day.

Prayers for my community are very important to me. I am praying for direction, direction for our board, and being obedient to what God wants us to do in our community. I know there are some concerns about our walks. I am asking all of you to pray for God’s direction. The quality of the walks are our main concern.

We are excited to announce the May Gathering has been moved to Saturday, May 6th and turned into a community picnic.

We have rented Pavilion #1 at Blythe Island Regional Park, from 8 am till 1 pm. Save the date and spread the word. Anyone that you are asking to turn in an application is welcome to join us. More details will be forthcoming as we get closer to the date.

We are working on more ways to communicate with our community. We are going to set up local church contacts at every church represented in our community. We are going to pass down information to these contacts and into the churches to get the word out to more folks and to reach the people who have not been getting the information from our e-mails and Facebook announcements.  

We are always looking for more ways to improve our community, so if you have ides or suggestions, please get them to one of our board members.  

I hope to see all of you at our April gathering.


Mike Martin

We are encouraging all of you as Sponsors to invite and bring your pilgrim applicant(s) to our next Emmaus Gathering on  Friday, April 7th at 7 pm  at College Place UMC in Brunswick.

This will be a great opportunity to give your pilgrims a small insight into Emmaus and what they can participate in when they have gone on their walk.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

We hope to see you and your pilgrim applicant at the April Gathering.

Anne Wojcik
Calling all Pastors!

Darrell Joiner, our Community Spiritual Director needs to know if you have attended a walk. If so, he needs your information.

Also, if you haven't filled out a Clergy Willing Servant Form in awhile, please do so again to update your information.

Click on the BUTTON below to access the form. Fill it out and send it to  Darrell. Click HERE for Darrell's email address.                              .
Upcoming Events
Community Gatherings       

April 7 at 7:00-- College Place UMC in Brunswick

May Gathering-- SATURDAY, MAY 6  
8 AM- 1 PM
GAMES for the whole family!
Pavilion #1   Blythe Island Regional Park
Bring a side dish or dessert.
Your board reps will provide the rest!

If you would like to offer your church to host a Gathering in the future, or would be interested in sharing a Fourth Day testimony, please contact David DuBois for more information regarding what is required of a host church.
Reflections from the Heart
New Life
Trisa Chancey
Table of Mary

I have a shell garden. It is filled with shells collected over many years of trips to the beach. Even a shell garden can get weeds growing in it. At least once a year, I sit outside and pull weeds and rearrange the shells.

This year I decided to clean the shells as well. I picked up all the shells, one at a time, and placed them in a bucket and then filled the bucket with water. I thought the next day it would be an easy matter to pick the shells up out of the water, shake them off, and put them back in the garden. But it didn’t work out that way.

When I went out in the morning to pick up the bucket of shells, they appeared clean enough. I tipped some of the water out of the bucket so it wouldn’t be so heavy and carried the bucket back to the garden plot. As I removed shells from the bucket, I realized they were still gritty. The dirt I had hoped soaking would remove was still there. As I swished the shells in the water, I also ran my thumb and fingers over them to get the dirt off. As I worked, the water that had looked so clean when it was undisturbed became cloudy.

I thought of how I can look clean on the surface, but when I get disturbed, who I really am becomes evident. I thought of the work God has done in my life. How he tenderly picks me up and cleans me with his loving hands. I thought of the work God is doing in the lives of those I care about. His work that I can see evidence of, and his work that I can’t. I thought about the safety that can be found by living God’s way. Living God’s way doesn’t make life easy or comfortable. But it fills life with hope.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. I have many fond childhood memories of Christmases and Easters celebrated at my grandparent’s house. Both holidays are filled with meaning. Christmas celebrates when God sent us the gift of His Son. Easter is a more solemn occasion. Through Lent we observe Jesus as he makes his way to the cross. We see him betrayed, beaten, ridiculed, and killed. It is heart-wrenching to see the price he paid to free us from the death-grip of our sins. But then comes the sweet release of Easter!

The grave could not hold him! 

The grave cannot hold us!

Thank God for the new life we find as we follow him.


Sponsorship Training

Cindy Jones
      GIWTE Board     
Sponsorship Training Rep

"Training” sounds boring. So, let's say “Opportunities  to find pilgrims” instead. 

I know you have all been on the walk, but what IS the “Walk to Emmaus”? And how DO we explain it to possible pilgrims?

Speaking of pilgrims, who do I invite? Everyone I know? Those who have questioned me about it?  Co-workers?  

What am I allowed to tell those I invite? Can I tell them about all the food? Candlelight? The communion services? The talks?   

What is my responsibility as a sponsor? Is inviting people all I have to do? Who do I give their names to? Is it hard to be a sponsor?

Do any of these questions sound familiar?  You may have some of these questions and many more.

Sponsorship training is an opportunity to have these and other questions answered.

It also gives you the chance to ask questions about Emmaus. I don't promise I'll have ALL the answers, but I can find out the answers to any questions you may have and get back to you.

Right now, the plan is to have Sponsorship Training before our Gathering at College Place UMC on April 7th at 6:00 pm. 

We will then try to have training at every other Gathering. 

Also, if you are unable to attend a scheduled training, and know of others in your area interested in the training session, let me know, and we can try to work something out for me to come to a church, or somewhere nearby, to have a Sponsorship Training Session. 

Good sponsorship is the most important job in Emmaus.

Hope to see many of you April 7th at 6:00!

Church Reps Needed

To help assure that all GIWTE community members are receiving information about our community, the Board is seeking a volunteer from each church in our community to facilitate information distribution from emails and FB notices among your church's Emmaus group.

Please contact Lori Durham if you are interested in volunteering to help spread news throughout the churches in our community.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In this section of the newsletter, I'm asking you to consider writing a short piece (about 300 words) about how you have experienced life in God's Hands.

I'll print stories from Community members each month. It's my hope that this discourse will allow us to get to know each other better and to rejoice in the many ways God has blessed us and kept us safe as we have trusted Him on our 4th day adventures.

To submit your story, please email me by clicking  HERE .

Thank you!
In God's Hands

Lori Durham
Table of Martha

In August 1988, I flew down to Georgia from Kentucky to begin teaching at McIntosh County Academy.

I literally had $50 in my pocket, which a friend gave me at the airport in Lexington once she found out I didn't have any money of my own.

I arrived at the Brunswick airport, knowing no one in Georgia. I had no place of my own to live, and I had no car to get around in.

But God provided for my needs.

I lived with a member of the school board until I could afford to rent my own place, and I was close enough to the school to walk to it. 

But, had I realized then, at age 28, all the challenges I would face because of this move, I probably would have headed home to Cincinnati to live like my parents wanted.

Although I felt called by God to come here, I was stuck in a failing marriage and had a 4 year-old son. I had hoped this move would save the marriage, but instead, it ended in divorce.

I  believed I was where God wanted me, but I was struggling to keep my faith with each new personal challenge.

Yet it was through that job as a teacher God led me and my son to our new beginning.

One day in 1990, a colleague's voice bellowed down the hall I was standing in asking if anyone wanted to teach a business communications class at a college starting up at  Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base. Without hesitation, I answered the call.

And that is how God led me to John Durham, a civilian working on the military base.

John and I have often marveled at God's orchestration of our meeting. John had just recently decided to finish his 4-year degree, and my class was one of his required courses. Two civilians met and fell in love on a military base! There is no doubt in my mind that God's hand was in our relationship from the start.

Almost 30 years later, I know with certainty God never, ever has let go of my hand as I have walked my path in Georgia. 

Golden Isles Walk to Emmaus Board Meeting

GIE Board Meeting April 15, 9 AM   Brunswick FUMC, Miller Building.

E mmaus community members are always welcome at Golden Isles Emmaus Board Meetings, which are normally held the third Saturday of each month at the Miller Building behind Brunswick First United Methodist Church. 
 Golden Isles Walk to Emmaus |