April 2018 Newsletter
Easter Blessings!  We rejoice again at the miracle of the Resurrection and the hope of abundant life both now and in the life hereafter.

Here at CEDEPCA, we have celebrated the events of Holy Week in our homes and congregations and now are renewed to begin the work of the spring and summer season of classes, workshops, and Intercultural Encounter groups.

We pray this newsletter brings you hope as you read about Karla and her participation in the Tamar Project.  Look further to see news of our new staff members to the Biblical and Theological Program. Finally, learn how to get your donation matched and CEDEPCA's All Star Award!!

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P.S. - Look and see who visited with us this winter!

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The Tamar Project... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Women's Logo Stacked
Karla Pop (circled above), age 13, never imagined how much impact an encounter facilitated by the Women's Ministry team of CEDEPCA would have on her. When Karla participated in an encounter entitled Tamar: Stop Sexual Violence Against Adolescent Women and Girls, her eyes were opened. Karla, of Q'éqchi' ethnicity, received a wealth of information. Now she shares this important information in the spaces where she is an active participant in Cobán Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.

Karla admits that she is no longer the same person she was before attending the encounter. She came away with new knowledge, new information, and most importantly, new ways of looking at life. This heightened awareness helps her better care for herself and for others. She draws on new tools to "break silence," to denounce sexual violence, and to know where she can go for help. Karla shares the content of the materials with her friends and other girls her age. She tells them that no man should hurt or offend her, not even if he's joking. Now Karla knows an important part of how to prevent sexual violence towards adolescent women and girls. Read more...

We want to thank you to Norwegian Church Aid who supported this project.  If you wish to receive more information, or if you wish to support this project with adolescent girls, please email Delia Leal ( dleal@cedepca.org ) and/or Betty Carrera ( bcarrera@cedepca.org )

   ~ ~ ~ News from the Biblical and Theological Program ~ ~ ~ 

The Biblical and Theological Program of CEDEPCA, is pleased to announce new staff members:  Arnoldo Aguilar, overall  Coordinator of the Program, and Carolina Gonzales,  Coordinator of the Pastoral Biblical Institute.

Welcome Arnoldo and Carolina!!

  Learn more about Arnoldo and Carolina!  

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