April 2018 ~ Newsletter
What’s Vintage, Classic, Antique, and Retro?
Inspired by: Catrin Morris
   Everything you buy for the home — furniture, rugs, lighting, artwork — can be plotted on an historical timeline and affixed with labels like "contemporary", "antique”, “classic”,  "vintage" or "retro". An item's age is a key determinant of its value, considered alongside its condition, quality, and relative rarity.
    But not everything for sale has a certified date of origin. Instead, we have to rely on the often dubious claims put forth by a seller. A quick scan of Craigslist or eBay reveals that terms like "antique" and "vintage" are bandied about interchangeably and often illogically... ( Read More )
Tax Donation Value Guide
So it is tax time and you have donated your gently used items to The Salvation Army in 2017, but how much can I claim?

The Salvation Army does not value your items but we do have a guide to help you and your tax preparer figure out the value of your donations. (Value Guide)
Thought of the Month:
Whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.
Colossians 3:23

Paul defined the Lord's work as "Whatever you do." Because we are servants of God, everything we do is considered part of that service. God makes no distinction between what is spiritual and what is secular... All of us who know the Lord - homemaker, banker, mechanics, assembly line work, construction work - are involved in God's work... It takes just a much dependency on the Holy Spirit to do any of these jobs well as it does to preach a sermon or sing in a choir. In some cases, it takes much more.
~Charles F. Staney
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May 5 ~ Cinco de Mayo Sale ~ All Location
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