Asian Pear Blossom Honey
Mother's Day & Earth Day.
Back to back celebratin' for Mom! This month we celebrate Mother Earth during Earth Day Week (the week of April 22nd); next month, we celebrate Mother's Day. Flowers to celebrate Spring's arrival are always the "go-to" gift this time of year,  but there are other ideas "from the earth" to share in honor of all Moms. 

Locally grown foods or plants are a great way to share your sentiments this time of year. To do your gift shopping from local farms makes the gesture complete.  Here's a mother of an idea: check out all the local farms in your area via your local chapter of Buy Fresh Buy Local and discover gift ideas as well as learn about Earth Day/ Mother's Day events.  And of course, do shop at our own farm online to share healthy, sweet snacks for all the Moms in your life.  

mothers day basket
Baskets for all your Moms.

Share a unique, green gift basket with your two Moms: Mother Earth & your Mom.  We have had many moms who've enjoyed receiving this gift for Mother's Day. 

It's also an inspiring gift to share with friends, teachers, or students in recognition of Earth Day Week.

And of course, this is a fun gift for yourself! Can't wait for Spring to arrive? Anxious to get out and work in your garden, but too many cold & bad weather days have interrupted your plans?  Get a start on Spring and treat yourself to our "green" gift basket....you can plant your bulbs & seeds in this compost-able planting pot (just add soil and water) all while working indoors. And yes, there are healthy snacks included in this basket...to be enjoyed while planting or watching your flowers flourish. 

Spring special offer - this gift basket is available for $24.95 ($10 off our regularly offered price); just shop online.

Muddy Days.

This blend of cold, warm, or wet weather has left us marching through much mud in our orchards. Slowing down our team here and there as they tirelessly make their way through the rows of trees.... But the work continues: removing cuttings from pruning, branch tie-down, etc. 

We overlook this messy inconvenience as we are suitably distracted by our favorite hint of Spring: the many buds swelling on the tips of pear trees' branches!

Gotta Love Granola!

Enjoy this homemade granola recipe from one of our dried Asian Pear enthusiasts - our orchard neighbor, and culinary blogger, Nikki Hassani, of Green Card Gardener.

Do check out all the sweet steps she's provided to ensure delicious crunchy, sweetness as well as super nutrition. This dried Asian Pear granola is delicious to have around the house for anytime snacking, plus ideal for those who often skip breakfast.   

Click here to read her recipe as well as view how to make this yourself (yummy photos by Ted Rosen). 

Jam-packed with oats, nuts, maple syrup & honey - this is fun to make!  

To order dried Asian Pears for this dish,  shop onlineWe recommend our 16 ounce size package  of our dried pears.