April   2018
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Partner Spotlight: 

The Stanly County Health Department's Dental Clinic  serves children ages 0-18 years of age. Services provided include exams, cleanings, fillings, extractions, and dental health education.  The operating room program, at Carolinas Healthcare System, allows special needs children, children with gross decay and/or children who are unable to cooperate for in office treatment. 

With donations from the Duke Endowment, the Dental Sealant Program for second and third grade children in Stanly County was initiated in 2016. The Stanly Co. Dental Clinic annually performs dental screenings at all Stanly County Headstart and Pre-K facilities.

The Clinic has collaborated with UNC's School of Dentistry on a research project to implement Silver Diamine Fluoride use in the Stanly County Dental Clinic.  As well as collaborated with public school nurses to ensure children identified with dental needs are served.  

The Clinic's staff also train Monarch Mental Health Care staff to provide oral hygiene to clients living in their adult facilities in collaboration with the NC Oral Health Section. Stanly Co. staff provide on-going dental education and outreach in the community.

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The NCOHC is a proud partner of The Oral Health (OH) 2020 Network, which is a national network of individuals and organizations that believe oral health is essential to overall health and well-being.

The OH 2020 Network defined a set of goals with specific and measurable targets to hit be the year 2020, and they are guiding the work of the oral health movement in our country.

Join the diverse OH 2020 Network of individuals and organizations at the local, state, and national level to ensure policy, financing, care, and community are aligned to promote oral health as an essential part of overall health and well-being.

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Oral Health Day at the Legislature - 6/5/2018
The NCOHC has a new Oral Health Day at the NC Legislature webpage for you to get registered, watch a video (English and Spanish) from last year's 1st advocacy day and learn more about the basics of advocacy.  In 2017 we had over 100 participants -- come join us again to learn more about the importance of oral health, how it is directly connected to overall health and let your representatives hear your powerful voices!
Another Successful NCOHC Convening!
The NCOHC's Early-Spring Convening, in Kernersville, NC at the beginning of March, was a wonderful day of learning and connecting!  We had a total of 75 participants, and gained 15 new members... bringing our NCOHC membership to 175!  Participants started the first half of the day with a deep-dive into " Reframing Oral Health: An Introduction to Evidence-Based Communications"  by our FrameWorks Institute presenter, Dr. Mackenzie Price.  For easy access: here is the link to the FrameWorks oral health memo, and here is the link for the accompanying communications toolkit.  

The second half of the day was spent in an engaging conversation with several of our community partners as well as two youth leaders from Youth Empowered Solutions (YES!).  The focus was on how we, as oral health equity advocates, can engage communities and grassroots organizations more authentically, while not tokenizing, and how we can best support their work and expertise.
New State Law Requires Opioid Prescribing Course

New to 2018, if a dental provider holds a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) license, there are new requirements for renewal.  They must take a course on prescribing opioids, and must be registered with the Controlled Substance Reporting System.  Information on these requirements can be found on the NC Dental Board of Examiner's "What's New" website.

Area L AHEC is hosting a " Pharmacy Law Update" on April 26, 2018 from  7:00 - 9:00 PM in Rocky Mount, NC.  For more information visit their event page .
School-Based Health Alliance New Resource:
School Oral Health Resource Library Website

The School Oral Health Resource Library is designed to help strengthen and expand school oral health services.  Its resources  are organized around eight components of school oral health: education; screening and risk assessment; preventive care; care coordination; cleaning, exams, and treatments; integrated services; data and program evaluation; and sustainability.
National Conference of State Legislators'
Children's Oral Health Policy Issues
February 2018
State policymakers seek creative ways to improve access to oral health care services in their states. Local governments and stakeholders also play important roles in improving children's oral health. The list below highlights a variety of approaches to improve children's oral health in five categories:
  • Oral Health Service in the Community
  • Oral Health Workforce
  • Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program Coverage (CHIP)
  • Reimbursement and Dental Health Professional Shortage Areas (Dental HPSAs)
  • Public Health Approaches
Visit NCSL's website for more details on these categories.
Dental Hygiene Education Exceeds the Degrees Granted: Pilot Study
February 2018
A recent study, published last month in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene, aimed to determine whether an  associate's degree appropriately matches the current level of dental hygiene education.    Despite expansion of the scope of practice and clinical responsibilities of dental hygienists since 1945, the degrees granted for dental hygiene remain the same.  The majority of dental hygienists complete 4 or even 5 years of college to receive an associate's degree while a few earn a baccalaureate degree.   The original article can be found here.
Oral Health Initiative Seeks to Reduce Disease Among Seniors
February 2018
NC Health News' featured an article on oral health and the great work of two of our public health dental hygienists in North Carolina.  Kudos to Wendy Schwade and Debbye Krueger for being oral health equity champions for our state!   Click HERE to read the full article.
New DHHS Resource/Checklist:  Finding the Right
Dental Home for Your Child or Youth with Special Needs
Children and youth with special health care or developmental needs should generally follow the same standards of care for children of all abilities.  However, additional support may be needed.  This checklist may help families have an ongoing positive relationship and experience with the dental care team for a life-long practice of health smiles!

This checklist was developed by NC-DHHS' Children and Youth Branch, Women's and Children's Health Section.