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In business since 1904, The Finishing Company located in Addison, Illinois, provides custom nickel and nickel chrome plating to its customers which span a variety of sectors including furniture, food service equipment and retail point of purchase. Fully automated via "dipsy" conveyorized lines which range from 1300-1500 feet in length, The Finishing Company prides itself on efficiency and throughput with total production time ranging from 60-90 minutes. 
Because of their focus on o pe rational  efficiency, The Finishing Company struggled with the lack of timely service and support provided by their previous chemistry supplier. Their bright nickel baths were not offering the quality and output they needed and leveling was an issue. As a result, their scrap numbers were climbing. Read more...
Pickle PAL makes a difference.
Pickle Pal and Pickle Pal Plus are p re-treatment products that inhibit the attack of acid on the steel substrate, resulting 
in bright, clean parts and maximum plating quality while extending the life of the pickle bath. They also prevent etching and eliminate smu t for mation on high-carbon, 
heat-treate d ste el.  Roy Metal Fini shing   President and 
CEO John  Pazdan  shares his success with the 
humble product:  " I appreciated Columbia Chemical recommending Pickle Pal Plus as a simple, pre-treatment fix for the challenge we faced with our alkaline zinc-nickel part. This product provided the solution for the adhesion and plating thickness problems we were experiencing, allowing us to deliver the superior quality plated part our customer counted on and helping us to maintain a highly valued account!"    Click here to read the story.
Fixing Adhesion Issues on High-Carbon Steel

Matt Schario, Director of Technical Services, was the featured plating expert in the February Issue of Products Finishing magazine!  Read his Q & A clinic here where he tackles the subject of how to alleviate adhesion issues when plating high-carbon, heat-treated fasteners. Providing an in-depth look at the acid pickling process as a primary area to focus on when addressing this common challenge resonated with PF readers as Matt received additional questions and positive feedback.

Are you having adhesion issues plating your high-carbon fasteners? See our product showcase above and ask your trusted Columbia Chemical product specialist if Pickle Pal or Pickle Pal Plus can help alleviate your problem!

Executive VP of Global Business Development Mark Schario along with Galdino Guzman visits with the team from STS Manufacturas.
Spotlight on Columbia Chemical SA de CV in Mexico
Building on the past three years of success, Columbia Chemical SA de CV continues its forward momentum and growth, a fact that was evident by the interest at their booth at the recent AMAS Technical Conference. General Director Raymundo González commented "Columbia's high quality products and competitive market pricing continue to have a strong following in Mexico. We enjoyed seeing everyone at AMAS and we appreciate the opportunity to work with valued customers like STS Manufacturas." 
STS Manufacturas, a customer of Columbia Chemical SA de CV whose coating and certification work focuses heavily on the industrial sector,  finds success with Columbia's COLLOY Ni-Z POSIT II  zinc nickel product, as well as a wide variety of the specialized zinc plating and passivates such as COLDIP TRI-V, COLDIP NI-Z TRI-BLUE 100, COLDIP  YELLOW CONVERTER and  COLSID K-250 WETTER.
While at the conference, Mark Schario delivered a technical presentation on Trivalent Chromium as a viable replacement for Hexavalent Chromium. Deeply engaged in the industry and w idely regarded as the world's foremost expert on Trivalent Chrome, Schario offered attendees an overview of the automotive/OEM requirements and their timeframe for the changeover as well as information on trivalent chromium performance characteristics compared to hexavalent chromium. Several attendees stopped by the booth to ask additional questions and learn about the superior performance and cost effectiveness of Columbia's TriCOL Décor and TriCOL Blackjack REACH compliant Trivalent Chromium Plating Processes.  
Congratulations to Raymundo González, Adrian De la Torre and the team for your hard work and success!
Three team members will offer tech presentations

Columbia Chemical is proud to present three technical education sessions that will be offered at this year's Sur/Fin conference in Cleveland, Ohio. In addition, we will exhibiting at Booth #333 where our team of product and technical sp ecialists will be on hand to troubleshoot your top challenges, showcase samples of our superior finishes and talk about the latest additions to our extensive product line. Contact us for our complimentary code.

Measurement of Nickel Leveling as an Aid in the Determination of the Health of a Nickel Bath
Presenter: Dr. Lawrence Seger, Research & Development Manager
Session 9: Automotive II - Decorative Technology Meeting OEM Demands
TUESDAY, June 5 with the session starting at 11:00 A.M.

Overview of the shift from hexavalent to trivalent chromium plating
Presenter - Mark Schario, Executive Vice President, Global Business Development
Session 9: Automotive II - Decorative Technology Meeting OEM Demands
TUESDAY, June 5 with the session starting at 11:30 A.M.
Improved Control of Trivalent Passivates for Zinc-Nickel 
Pre senter -  Christian Kissig, Research Chemist
Session 13: Automotive III - High Performance Zinc/Alloys and Passivation Systems
WEDNESDAY, June 6 with the session starting at 11:30 A.M.
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