April 2018 E-News
Our Environment
"Reading about nature is fine, but if a person walks in the woods and listens carefully, he or she can learn more than what is in books, for they speak with the voice of God."
-George Washington Carver-
I want to say two things at the start of this short article.  1) Our earth is in trouble, and 2) This isn’t an article about the earth.  

Through family and friends, I am connected to people in Haiti, Puerto Rico and Florida. So when I recently read the headline that said “It’s Going to be Another Busy, Above Average Hurricane Season,” I cringed. Climate change is hitting home for many people, literally. Especially those most vulnerable. 

Lumunos is a faith based relational organization that helps people pay attention to their priorities. We encourage people to tend their relationships, and we consider our connection to the earth to be one of those relationships. For the good of all of us, it is a relationship worth nurturing. But we don’t know exactly what that means for you.

 As with all important relationships, we try to create ways for you to step back and think about your ‘call’ in that relationship. We know that juggling the many priorities and roles we have is a challenge, so our mission is to offer opportunities for discernment.

Our print newsletter this year will be exploring these tensions in more depth. Look for that to be arriving soon. And if you’d like to explore your relationship to the earth in a Lumunos way, please join us for our next Zoom call on April 25. 

BTW, we have now kicked off our Spring Appeal. Our goal in the next three months is to raise $30,000 to help us add more retreats around the country. If you are able to give your gift early this year, it will help us reach our goal. Thank you, and look for signs of spring and resurrection!
Reflection Question:
Is your relationship to the earth a priority for you?
Stumbling onto Solid Ground
With Earth Day just around the corner and the re-emergence of all things green, Spring is always a season of hope and beauty. There’s the anticipation of grass growing, trees filling out, flowers popping, and spending more time outside. At Lumunos world headquarters, that means being able to get out for walks along Lake Champlain, going for hikes in the Green Mountains, and getting back on my bike. Mother Nature wakes up, and I again get to watch her do magical things.

But, in recent years, a flip side has emerged for me. Spring can amplify my sadness about how humanity has been foolhardy in the way we have treated our shared home. For several decades, scientists have been telling us that the climate and the oceans are sending unequivocal signals of poor planetary health. The pitch and intensity of those signals is rising. Every day the evidence is mounting that the threat of climate change to the well-being of the poor, our kids, the elderly, the chronically ill, and indeed all people and animals is very real, is already here, and is accelerating. Despite decades of data and debate, one wonders - are humans wise enough to reverse course?

Somewhere along the line, I realized that the best antidote for my anxiety about the environment was to become an “activist.” I can’t pin down when that happened. It was more like an extremely slow-motion Charlie Chaplinesque tumble. But, now the feeling is rooted and deep – a sense of responsibility akin to being a parent. Trying to do something has become like breathing. It’s not a choice and it’s become deeply spiritual. I guess that’s one sign that this is a calling?

A push emerged from a place I didn’t know was there. I’m very grateful that my stumbling turned into a journey that’s teaching me how to intentionally carry pain and hope, to just keep moving as best I can, to learn to focus on the work and not the goal line - and to know that I am connected to a global caring community that has no intention of giving up or giving in.

So, April has become a complicated time of year for me - and that’s slowly becoming okay.

Dan Q
based on the words of St. Francis
"Be an Active Citizen for the Environment"
Barbara Buffaloe
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Spring Appeal: Help our retreat mission bloom

 In-person gatherings and retreats allow participants the time and space needed to really slow down and connect without distraction. We’re excited to tell you that this year we are adding a retreat for educators working in low income and under-resourced school districts. Our goal this spring is to raise $30,000 . Right now we've raised about $7500. We need your help in funding the growth of our retreat mission. 
Denver Women's Retreat

Considering the way God's call spirals through our lives, we will engage with the story of Lydia in Acts 16:11-40. Expect to share, journal, play and pray your way through the weekend.

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April 2018 Zoom Call

Me and We: Nurturing our planet and ourselves. Join us for a conversation on faith, calling & the natural world.

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