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Marie-Claude Stockl
Greetings friends!  What a difference three months make. In my last letter, I was bemoaning the -17 weather, and now we are seeing signs of Spring, welcoming horses back from the Florida circuit to NY.

I draw a parallel between the Florida horses coming to NY and the new members joining E3A.  For background, 12 members signed up in April, and we are very happy to welcome you! Having such a healthy increase of new members month-to-month challenges us in a good way.  

This begs the question: what would the horse do?  Horses take care of their herd, and that's what we are going to do.  We will adjust to meet everyone's needs as best as we can.

Some things will change: expect more free networking calls and more resources for members.  Stay tuned, look for your monthly updates from E3A.

Some things are not changing: the integrity of our certification trainings.  While we will update curricula as more research on adult education becomes available, we continue to limit the size of the group in the arena to 14 for C2 and 12 for C3.  Our model is different from other certifications because our core belief is that hands on experience is key to experiential education. Our certification is not a spectator sport.  Spread the word!
Happy trails,


Marie-Claude Stockl

Upcoming Training - Certification & Enrichment
NEW! NM5 - Applying Appreciative Inquiry 
Adding Another Positive Spin to Equine Facilitated Learning
Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a philosophy for making positive change with generative strength-based results.  While its roots started with positive organizational change, today AI is alive in all facets of life including Appreciative Living, Coaching, Education and more. 
In this upcoming E3A networking session, you'll understand how Appreciative Inquiry can be
used within your Equine Experiential Education practice, as an overla y to the E3A 5- question model. It will cover why AI is different for facilitator s and participant outcomes, as well as how it differs from other approaches to change.
Join us on May 16
th , 7:00pm ET.
  here .
For a complete list of the 2018 Calendar of Events & Trainings, click here.
Interested in becoming certified in 2018?  
Act now and you could be certified in 2018 for as little as $2075*.  
Level 1 certification consists of a Teleclass (C1), plus 6 days (C2 and C3)
under the tutelage of two master trainers in the arena.  
We limit enrollment to small groups to give you lots of personal attention.

NM5: Community Network Meeting: Applying Appreciative Inquiry to Equine Experiential Learning
  • : Wednesday, May 16, 2018, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (EDT)
  • : Teleclass - Free for E3A members; $10 for non-members
  • Applying Appreciative Inquiry to Equine Experiential Learning
  • Hosted by: William Hancy and Janis Cooper
  • Register here
  • (three dates to choose from):
    • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (EDT)
  • Teleclass: Class open to members only. Non-members should join E3A, then register. $75 per person
  • Time:  7 PM ET; 6 PM CT, 5 PM MT, and 4 PM PT.
    1.5 hours duration teleclass.
  • Class open to members only. Non-members should join E3A, then register. 
  • Registration closes 3 days prior to the event. COST: $75 / Person
C2: Foundations of Equine Experiential Education Facilitation - UK-SW England
  • When: Tuesday, June 05, 2018, to Thursday, June 07, 2018
  • : 
  • - 6 
  • 3 day arena seminar from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM BT daily 
  • Registration closes 7 days prior to the event.  Class open to members only.  Non-members should join E3A, then register here.
  • When: Saturday, June 09, 2018, to Monday, June 11, 2018
  • : Cherry Orchard Farm 19 Lower South Wraxall, Wiltshire BA 15 2RU, UK
  • - 7 
  • 3 day arena seminar 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM BT each day 
  • Registration closes 7 days prior to the event. Must be an E3A member to register. Non-members should join E3A first then proceed to registration.

Having trouble registering? Call us at 775-376-2530

E3A Certifications Slated for East and West Coasts this Fall
E3A is excited to announce two C2/C3 certifications slated for Fall 2018 - one on the East Coast and one in the West.

If you are ready to step into your role as your equine experiential facilitator, you now have two options for certification this year - one in Reno, Nevada, the other in New York.

The western option takes place in Reno from Thursday, October 4 to Saturday, October 6 for C2 and continuing on Sunday, October 7 to Tuesday, October 9 for C3.

The east coast option will be held at GallopNYC (in New York City). C2 runs from
Monday, October 15 to Wednesday, October 17, followed by C3 from Friday, October 19 through Sunday, October 21.

Become certified before the end of the year and start igniting your EAL business! For more information and to register, visit our Calendar of Events and Trainings.
E3A Crosses the Pond
We are excited to announce that we are heading over the Atlantic to offer our first international Level 1 Practitioner Certification at Cherry Orchard Farm near Bath, England June 5-7 and 9 -11, 2018. Rosie Tomkins of Natural Capital will be our host for the C2 and C3 arena classes. We only have a few more seats left for this certification before meeting our maximum of 12 participants.

You can find out more about this inaugural certification by going to the press release information on our website. Read more about Cherry Orchard Farm by visiting their website.

Cherry Orchard Farm near Bath, England

Since many of you receiving this news update already know how powerful and effective the E3A Facilitation method is, we are asking you to assist us in making this certification successful by sharing this message via your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, especially with any of your UK or European contacts or networking groups. If there are folks or organizations you think we should personally contact to share this information with, please contact Ginny Telego at

It is through our network of committed EAL practitioners that we grow the field and make it credible. Thank you so much for your support.
Member Spotlight on Jennifer Goddard
Jennifer Goddard
Jennifer Goddard is an E3A certified practitioner in Colorado Springs, Colora do, where she partners with horses to help lawyers build more trusting relationships. Jennifer is a long-time marketer, owner and CEO of the legal marketing firm, Integrity Marketing Solutions (IMS). Jennifer and her team at IMS provide comprehensive marketing solutions to attorneys in every state across the country. They are expert at digital marketing, video brand story, and strategic planning.

"We started offering strategic planning retreats to our clients several years ago," she says. "I was surprised to see how much interest my clients had in meeting and spending time with my horses. From these very simple, informal interactions I started seeing major mindset shifts -- and all of them positive. That is when I sought out E3A for additional training, so I could tap into the very organic phenomenon that was already starting."

Last year Jennifer sold her 20-acre farm in Kansas and purchased Legacy Ranch, with nearly 50 acres on the front range of the Rockies, right outside Colorado Springs. 
Beautiful Legacy Ranch

"In the few short months we've been here, we have already hosted more than a dozen law firms. Each one comes with different needs and expectations. Sometimes we do formal horse work, other times we just let the clients hang out at the barn. We don't force anything, but let the energy flow naturally. I find that because attorneys work on such a cognitive, intellectual level, a little horse interaction goes a long way. We all long to be heard, seen and understood on much deeper levels than we usually allow in our professional lives. The transformations we witness are quite humbling."

The Summit Follow Up - Lawyers and Horses?
The Summit Follow Up - Horses and Lawyers?
Jennifer says she is most excited now about a program she is developing with E3A master trainer, Ginny Telego, to empower women in law. "The legal profession remains a male-dominated field and I find that women in law deal with unique personal and professional challenges. For women, a career in the law can be like trying to play a game of three-dimensional chess, blindfolded. Or, as I like to say, dancing backwards in high heels. There is so much conflicting advice about how to be, how to dress, how to get ahead, how to stand up to a man without bruising his ego, and on and on. Women can be paralyzed, trying to act like this mythical, impossible, completely contradictory character. Our goal is help women find their authentic leadership style, live in it, and use it transform their personal and professional lives."

Jennifer and Ginny run a private Facebook group, Empowering Women in Law Leadership to support women lawyers in leadership initiatives. They are planning their first Ranch retreat for women in law now.

"I really hope that if you know a woman lawyer, will share the link to our Facebook group with her and invite her to join us. The chances are good that she is struggling with challenges you could never imagine. Whether she's super successful, burned out, or just launching her career, we want to be her secret weapon. So please, pass this along with love."

Contact Jennifer at

Join E3A!
If you are not a member of E3A, we'd like to invite you to join us.  There are many benefits to being an E3A member, including free Community Network Meetings, great people to network and exchange ideas with, and some opportunities that are only open to our members.  Check them out at  under Membership.   

Want to be more involved?
We have plenty of volunteer opportunities. Call us to let us know how you want to help. Remember, every horse in the herd plays a role in the herd's success...What part will you play in OUR herd? 

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