April 2018
   What's Happening this month:

April 18th -- Double Point Day
April 28th -- National Drug Take Back Day (10:00 am to 2:00 pm)
The Hopkins Police Department in Hopkins is an official collection site.
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We've got a new app! If you use a smartphone or tablet and would like another way to refill your prescriptions then please download it today.
New Products

Whenever we visit trade shows, we keep an eye out for new products which set themselves apart from others and offer our customers a quality product at a great price. 
We also don't bring in new products unless we can think of at least 3 customers that would benefit from them. In February, Chris visited a trade show and brought in 2 new product lines: Sockwell, which offers therapeutic socks, and BYPRO Nutrition, which offers natural pain relief options. We also have 2 great new product offerings from our friends at NEBO--the EYE light and the REBEL.
Sockwell -- Feel better in style!

Sockwell offers therapeutic socks that provide four zones of graduated compression within their sock to promote circulation, minimize swelling, and reduce fatigue. These socks are great for people who sit or stand for long periods of time, travel, have varicose veins, or for those who have leg and foot swelling. These socks are made in the United States and are made from cashmerino and rayon from bamboo.  The cashmerino is natural merino wool that is important for moisture management, breathability and temperature regulation.  Merino wool helps you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is also able to absorb moisture and move it away from the skin to evaporate into the air which helps keep your feet dry and comfortable all day. The bamboo rayon is important for the odor fighting and durability properties that provide for a luxurious fit and feel. These socks are blister resistant and provide a seamless toe closure and a non-bind welt top for comfort as these socks do not slip, or roll at the top. They provide all day comfort and energize your feet and legs, especially if you stand all day. Besides the great comfort these socks provide, the next best part is that they look great! They come in a variety of designs that are stylish and don’t look at all like your standard black, beige or white support socks!

The price point on these socks is $24.99, which is very competitive with the price of other compression socks, especially given the quality of this product! These socks wash up beautifully and you will want multiple pairs to fit with all your wardrobe choices! Make sure to check Sockwell out soon!

BYPRO Nutrition
Natural Pain Relief with Dodecin and Triargin

Dodecin contains 12 synergistic ingredients that work to address chronic pain and inflammation. It contains: Curcumin, Boswellia, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Glucosamine and MSM, Alpha-lipoic acid, Bromlein, Trypsin, Milk Thistle, CMO, Choline and Inositol. Whether it is inflammation from arthritis, back, neck or joint pain, athletic injuries, nerve damage or fibromyalgia, inflammation causes pain.  Dodecin is a natural solution to alleviate inflammation and relieve pain.

Triargen promotes the production of Nitric Oxide which enhances blood flow that in turn helps to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the cells and remove toxins. It contains: L-Arginine, Korean Red Ginseng, Ginkgo biloba and Vitamin E. Triargin is a natural solution for: low energy, chronic pain, restless/achy legs and decreased focus/concentration. Triargin can help you live life energized!  

These two products from BYPRO nutrition were developed by Dr. Robert Bynum, a family physician, who suffered from chronic back and nerve pain for many years. These formulations have helped him overcome his pain, and now he is sharing them with everyone in hopes of helping others to lead a less painful life. The Dodecin and Triargen are designed to be taken together for the best results. These products are not meant to be a substitute for pain medications, but many people find that they are able to reduce the amount of pain medication that they currently take due to the reduced inflammation and pain they experience while taking Dodecin and Triargin.  

In the short amount of time we have had this product in the store, we have had quite a few success stories from our customers. We suggest starting with a small bottle (30 count) of each that retail for $9.99 each. BYPRO suggests that if you haven't had any relief from these products by the time those bottles are finished (which is about a week), this product is probably not for you. That being said, it is only a $20 investment to see if these products can help you with your pain. If these products help you, they are available in larger sizes for $29.99.
The NEBO EYE light

This light is a versatile 220 lumen work light with three light modes. The EYE magnetically rests inside a base which allows for 360 degree rotation to direct the light wherever you need it most. The base is also magnetic and it does feature a drywall screw hole for permanent mounting. Each package contains two EYE lights and retails for $16.99. We all thought that the FLIP IT was a great light, but the EYE is even better since it is able to rotate in its base and provide directional light. The EYE light is a great purchase for yourself, but an even better gift for upcoming Graduations, Mother's Day and Father's Day. It is a very practical Great Gift!

This is a fully rechargeable task light that is water and impact-resistant, and includes an adjustable head strap for use as a head lamp. The REBEL is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and provides up to 600 lumens of light over four light modes.  It is equipped with a rotating steel clip and a powerful magnetic base to provide even more hands-free lighting options. The REBEL retails for $29.99 and is the perfect gift for the man in your life that has everything!
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    Gift Gab 
Spring is finally here and it has sprung at Center Drug. Stop in and see our fun new spring lines, including our beautiful indoor/outdoor throw pillows and garden art poles. Both would make wonderful Mother's Day gifts. Anxious to get out into the garden but it is still too early, how about a fun and compact fairy garden. We have everything you need to create a charming little garden fit for fairies, gnomes, and even mermaids. Come on in and check out our selection.

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