Volume 10 | April 24, 2018
Matrimonial | Trust & Estate | Elder Law 
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6 Tips to Help Protect Yourself and Family Members from Elder Abuse
Every year, an estimated 4 million older Americans are victims of physical, psychological or other forms of abuse and neglect.

No one wants to think it would happen to them or a loved one, but it can, so we should all take these steps to protect against abuse. 

Interesting Reads
Retirement: 'Gray divorce' can break up retirement plans

Even with a divorce, there are steps partners can take to get their retirements back on track, such as considering a collaborative divorce.

Social Security’s Legacy to Ex-Wives, Kids

Two examples of how spouses and children can get help from Social Security.

Aging Parents: Financial Considerations For Family Caregivers  

7 financial tips for caregivers to help them prepare their budgets and plan for their own futures.

Guest Blog
Caregiving Glossary

Thanks to Alliance Homecare for this helpful glossary that defines some important components of home health care.


Making Changes – Not Challenges. On March 20th, I was part of an informative panel with Beth Polner Abrahams, Esq. and Roxanne Polack, Ph.D at a meeting of the International Coaching Federation discussing new approaches for common life-changing conditions.

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