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April 2018


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Happy spring at last!  Season #33 is shaping up to be busy, with space still open on almost half of the scheduled adventures. Now all we have to do here is finish the annual outfitting. It never seems possible no matter how many times we look at the long list of skilled and grunt work to go.. but we'll be ready on time.

Crew's News

courtesy of Shary Fellows
Christa and Tyler scraping, then oiling the foremast.. two coats of linseed oil and turpentine. Slush (grease) comes later after the sails are on. They have already sanded and varnished the mastheads and bowsprit.

Spring outfitting is anything but static.  Shary recorded our arrival in the shipyard cradle last Friday afternoon.

Osprey overseeing the American Eagle hauling

And an hour later here she is, all 115 tons of her, sitting high and dry, ready for a busy weekend of staging, sanding, painting, and more painting.

 courtesy of Shary Fellows
Chris and Logan helped speed things along. Back in the water Monday late afternoon. Whew!

Enough of winter outfitting already! It's time to look forward to days afloat under sail.

photo courtesy of MB Rolfe   
A dynamic duo; and yes Harvey, they are related!

courtesy of Bridget Rolfe

The sailing is great but the anchorages at evening are pretty good, too.

Cruise News

It's hard to find a people picture from a trip that doesn't show what  a good 
time it is.

photo courtesy Ralph Smith 

Postcards from away  



  Nice house, and they never have to paint the bottom




Public lands in California


A feeder race for Windjammer Days in Boothbay Harbor



courtesy of Shary Fellows and Coco

Our canine advisor says it's time to get back to the schooner.


      John and the crew

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