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courtesy of Steve Morrison  
May 2018

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Anchored for a picnic

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Hello Shipmates,

Happy Spring!!! We can feel it in the air now.  We certainly had our share of March snow storms, extra high tides and strong winds.  The schooner Heritage's 35th birthday on April 16th was a stormy day with gusting winds and rain. 

We have quite the crew this year, all returning with at least one previous season under their belts.

Capt Linda J. Lee photo  

See if you can recognize everyone. Nick (third season), Ben (fifth season), Sean (fifth season), Sam (20 years sailing, outfitting, and dockman), and Capt. Doug.  Theo arrived the next day while Jamie and Elli will arrive before sailing.

We hauled out on the morning of April 24th and launched two days later.  Here's the crew working hard on the topsides from the staging.  They look small next to the schooner.

Capt. Linda J. Lee photo  

The topsides were sanded, primed and painted with Heritage Ivory which Doug and Linda mix up each year.  The bottom got two coats of red anti-fouling paint.  In all, about 25 gallons of paint went on the vessel while on the railway. 

Ready to launch

The schooner is back in her berth and starting to look very shiny on deck.

Capt. Doug worked two weeks on the anchor windlass.  Here he's in our North End Shipyard blacksmith shop making each end of the new shaft square to fit into the windlass drum.

Capt. Linda J. Lee photo  

On Saturday, April 28th, using the crane we hoisted the windlass back aboard.  It looks great and works nicely.

Capt. Linda J. Lee photo  


Hot from the galley oven

Cooked & photographed by Capt. Linda J. Lee  

We enjoyed this on the schooner's birthday.  Sure brings back memories of dinner aboard.

Chicken a la Heritage

4 boneless chicken breasts: trim, pound flat or butterfly.  If the pieces are too large, cut in half.

4 slices of ham:  Top each chicken breast with a slice of ham 4 slices of cheese - your choice, we use sharp cheddar: top the ham with a slice of cheese
3 Tblsp butter: top each slice of cheese with about 2 tsp of butter  
Dried basil: shake liberally over cheese and butter

To coat each chicken breast use:
1 egg beaten in a bowl
1/3 c. bread crumbs or about 8 crushed crackers (Ritz crackers are good) in a separate bowl

Pinch chicken together, enclosing the ham, cheese and butter & hold with fingers.  Dip in egg, then crumbs.  Place in a greased pan with the smooth chicken side on top.

Bake @ 375 degrees for 25-35 minutes until chicken is cooked.


We're looking forward to some very nice trips.  The first one feels so good when we sail away out past the Rockland Breakwater  and see all our favorite islands.  

Fred LeBlanc photo  

Our second trip features the Schooner Gam when we'll be rafting up with other windjammers to enjoy some visiting (gamming) and perhaps some music.  On many trips we have "music night" aboard with our crew.

Capt. Linda J. Lee photo  

The many 3- and 4-day trips offered through out the season are good for families whose busy schedules are a challenge to coordinate. Dads and Granddads get a 25% discount when sailing with a child or grandchild on the June 14th Father's Day cruise.  The schooner is the perfect choice for families to get together and visit, leaving the planning to us.

Dick Loehr photo    

 Looking forward to seeing you aboard.