Apitherapy is the medicinal use of honeybee products. This includes honey, propolis, royal jelly, pollen, beeswax, and bee venom. Founded in 1989, the AAS is a community of individuals interested in this natural, holistic practice.
A Tribute to Jim Higgins
This newsletter is dedicated to the memory of Jim Higgins who passed away on
March 25, 2018. Jim was not only one of the founders of the American Apitherapy Society but a long time member who dedicated a good part of his life to Apitherapy and the well being of others.
Announcing the 2018 Charles Mraz Apitherapy
Course and Conference (CMACC)
To be held in Providence, Rhode Island
October 26-28, 2018
More details and registration coming soon!

American Apitherapy Society News
Join AAS board members Joyce Roetter and
Amelia Moody, LMT at the Bees and Seeds Festival where they will be representing the AAS.
This is a free festival featuring live music, arts and crafts vendors, information tables, and free plants
Tractor Brewing - Wells Park
1800 4th St NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 
Honey’s Magical Power: Four Ways to Slay Microbes
Y ou’ve heard the rumors, right? Honey never goes bad, it’s been found in Egyptian tombs ready to eat, and it’s the only cure for some antibiotic-resistant bacteria. You may wonder if any of this is true, and if so, why. Let’s look at some of the details. Read more...

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