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Volume 24 - April 2018
Greetings and Happy Spring!
The legislative session is still in progress. The legislative session began on January 8, 2018 and it should conclude April 17, 2018.

Here is a bill that has been signed by the Governor that may be of interest you, HF2456 t he comprehensive Mental Health Bill. Highlights of the bill. include: 
*It ensures e xpanded services are available for Iowans in their own communities. 
*Access centers will provide short-term care for those in crisis and will have the resources needed to get Iowans back home to their families. A
*Assertive community treatment (ACT) teams will provide individualized treatment and support to individuals with mental illness in their homes, 365 days a year. 
*Comprehensive crisis services to include a 24-hour crisis hotline, mobile response and crisis stabilization services. I
*Intensive residential service homes will provide individuals with severe and persistent mental illness with the chance to live with dignity in their own homes .

To stay in the know, check the legislative website often for bills and live auto streaming.  
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Debra Schrader
4 R Kids Executive Director
State Data Center News!
Dallas County remains the fastest growing county in Iowa, increasing its population by more than 31 percent since 2010, according to new county and metropolitan statistical area population estimates from the State Data Center via the U.S. Census Bureau. Johnson and Polk counties followed with 14 and nearly 12 percent growth, respectively.

More than half of Iowans (52.1%) live in ten counties: Polk, Linn, Scott, Johnson, Black Hawk, Woodbury, Story, Dubuque, Pottawattamie, and Dallas. All of these counties are part of an Iowa metropolitan statistical area. The Des Moines-West Des Moines metro area had the fastest growth since 2010 at 13.4 percent, followed by the Iowa City metro area at 12.4 percent, and the Ames metro area at 8.9 percent.

Births, deaths, domestic migration, and international migration are the some of the components that make up the population estimates. Additional findings from the estimates include (all data compared to 2010 Census numbers):
·         Largest county: Polk, population 481,830
·         Smallest county: Adams, population 3,686
·         Largest population increase: Polk, adding 51,195 people
·         Largest population decrease: Clinton, losing 2,106 people

The new county, metropolitan, and micropolitan population estimates, rankings, and maps are available on the State Library's State Data Center web site at www.IowaDataCenter.org.
 April is Child Abuse Awarness Month
This April, Adair, Dallas, Madison and Warren Counties will join hundreds of communities across the nation in celebrating Child Abuse Prevention Month.  All children deserve a great childhood because our children are our future.  How are we going to achieve this?  We're going to do it together, one simple, everyday action at a time, where we support both the families we know and all of the families in our neighborhood and community.   If we work to turn small actions into big impact not just during April, but every day, we can go a long way toward creating the kind of world where all children have the great childhood they deserve and abuse and neglect never occurs. 
The blue pinwheel has become the symbol for child abuse prevention.  Pinwheels symbolize the happy, carefree childhood that all children deserve.  Throughout the month of April, pinwheelwill be on display throughout our four county area and each community will have activities planned to celebrate Child AbusePrevention Month.   Show your support for child abuse prevention by wearing blue on Blue Out Day April 6th in Warren County.  For more information about local activities in your community, contact
Adair County:
Stephanie Claussen
Success 4 Kids Council President 
(641) 743-4205

Dallas County:
Joy Greer
Dallas County Children's Council Development Director 
(515) 282-7679

Madison County:
Lynette Judd
C.R.I.S.P Coordinator
(515) 462-9400

Warren County Child Abuse Prevention Council:
Val Cameron
Food Allergies 
Food allergy affects 8% of children in the United State and food allergies are the leading cause of anaphylaxis, a life threatening allergic reaction that affects the entire body.  Many foods can produce an allergic reaction from mild to severe. 40% of children with a food allergy have experienced a severe allergic reaction. 25% of first time anaphylactic reaction occur at child care/school.  The 8 most common foods associated with food allergy include:
Cow's milk             Egg             
Peanut                    Tree nut
Soy                         Wheat
Fish                        Shellfish
Early Childhood Iowa
Stay up to date with Early Childhood Iowa.  The  Early Childhood Iowa website has a plethora of information. 

Buy Their
Shoes Now
At one year old, a baby will have a foot half the size of their adult size.
Family Friendly Events
Free events for families with children under the age of 5.

4/7/18 - Warren County
4/16/18 - Adair County
5/5/17 - Dallas County
6/2/18 - Madison County

For more information on the events got to the 
April 9-11, 2018
Iowa Events Center
Did you know?
For every 2,000 babies,  one is born with a tooth.
Smile Time
A baby is typically capable of their first non-gassy smile at only one month old. 

Babies Can't Cry 

They can scream and holler for what they want or need, but newborns can't technically cry. Tears can't actually be created or released until about 3 weeks in. However, in some cases, it isn't unusual for babies to shed their first tears until 4 or 5 months.

Save The Dates
4 R Kids 
Board Meetings

April 19, 2018
May 17, 2018
4 R Kids Grant Opportunity
The Board has issued a request for proposal for early childhood programming. The grant materials are located on the 4 R Kids website.
A baby's fingerprints are set  within the first three months of pregnancy.
Do You 
Want Twins?
Adding generous amounts of sweet potatoes to the diet may be the answer. Professor Percy Nylander of the University of Ibadan, located in Nigeria, has done extensive studies of the native Yoruba tribe who have the highest rate of double births in the world. It was discovered that their diet is extremely high in yams (or sweet potatoes)!

Debra Schrader, 4 R Kids Executive Director

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