COMP ACT has grown tremendously. We have expanded to include more opportunities to redeem vulnerable youth and families!  Watch our new video release to learn more about our growth.

Assemblies of God COMPACT Family Services

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Throughout scripture, the Bible places importance on the geographical places where people met with God.  Jesus retreated to be alone with God in the Garden of Gethsemane.   Moses met with God on the mountain of Sinai.  When a place was chosen, time was set aside and distractions were removed.  

Camp is just that.   A place where our students have a chance to  set aside the many distractions  they face.  They have an opportunity for a week long experience of  time with God.

We want our youth and kids at COMPACT to have this experience and we need your help. The cost per camper is $150.  

Can you  help send one 
student to camp?

Below is a list of the  birthdays for our children and students on campus. Birthday are a great opportunity to encourage one of the students in our care. Consider sending a card to uplift our students and brighten his or her day on their special day!   

April 22 - Avery* (17)
May 7 - Chase* (5)
May 10 - Ash* (16)

Send cards, letters or gifts to:
COMPACT Family Services
Attn:  (insert name)
2325 Malvern Avenue
Hot Springs, AR 71901

If you would like a full birthday list contact our office and we will get one for you. 
*In order to protect the identity of our students, the names listed above are the child's pen name.  
This is a name that he or she chose.  Each one listed is an actual student on our campus. 

There is still time to join our amazing team of houseparents that provide the daily care to our vulnerable youth and kids at COMPACT

I f you feel called to become houseparents at COMP ACT, apply today!  There are many benefits provided including housing, food, and support needed to care for the kids in your cottage (campus provided home).  

Please visit our website
here  to apply or to view more information about the job requirements and duties.

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. For our campus, that means new clothes.  

For some, it's necessary because they arrived on our campus with only a few items and for others it is necessary because they grow so fast.  

Consider helping us today provide these much needed items.   Visit our website here to give today! 
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