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Newsletter March 2018
How about that March?  February was such a tease with the warm weather only to be shut down with a barrage of Nor' Easters making a mess of things in March.  But we carry on and we now see the weather is improving and the stone is flowing once again.  By and large all our dealers are reporting  strong activity and are expecting a very busy early season.

In this issue we will focus on ways we are improving and refining our service levels.  Core to these improvements is planning-in-advance, which will make our transactions with each other smoother, quicker and more accurate. 

Don't forget about the great deals in our Clearance Corner - all the good stuff is moving fast!
Hours of Operation
This year we will enforcing strict hours for the Yard as we will be using the hour before opening and the hour after opening for delivery truck loading, order picking and staging and general yard maintenance.

Monday - Friday 
Offi ce:  7:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Yard:  7:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Office:  8:00 AM to 12:00 noon
Yard:  8:00 AM to 12:00 noon
By Appointment
Please call the office for off-hour visits.

Order in Advance
Cut down the wait time when picking up from our yard.  Get everything you need on a delivery when you need it.

Yard Pickup
24 hour advance notice

48 hour advance notice

Standard Delivery Routes
Beginning this season we have established standard delivery routes for each day of the week.  Talk to your Sales Representative to determine which route services your business location.

NOTE: If we are delivering to your customer' job site let us know if you need our portable lift (Moffit) for unloading.

Returned Material Authorization
We understand that on occasion it's necessary to return product.  This year we are improving this process so that any applicable credits are processed in a timely fashion.  The basic elements of our RMA process are:
  1. All returns must be pre-approved by your sales representative before they come back to our yard.
  2. In advance of the return a RMA form must be completed, sent to our office and approved.
  3. If the material is returned by our delivery truck, our driver will have a form to document the materials and give you a copy for your records.
  4. If you are bringing the material to our yard, one of our employees will have a form to document the materials and give you a copy for your records.
Remember that you have 30 days to return materials. Restocking fees may be applicable.
Its Worth Repeating:  These Products are Guaranteed to Sell - BIG!
Blue Mist Irregular Pattern

Interlocking Panels

Darker Brownstone
Our fabrication department is ready, willing and able to tackle whatever you can throw at them.  We've never been in a better position to serve your fabrication needs from quick turns to large phased projects.  Send in your sketches, templates and plans.  Our guys will quote the work according to your needs.  Check out these latest jobs just completed.
Granite Fireplace Ring
Stanstead Granite Seating Walls
Stanstead Granite Benches

50% Off all Clearance, Seconds and Fabrication Remnants  
we have some really good deals and lots to choose from.  Everything is deeply discounted so you can make some exceptional profits reselling these items.  Our pain can be your gain!  

Featured 1st Quality Items in Clearance

Autumn Brown
Blue Ice
Pillar Caps

Items categorized as "Clearance" are generally first quality and in some cases discontinued from our catalog.  "Seconds" are less than first quality; and "Remnants" are generally first quality slab stock  generated by our fabrication department that are smaller than 1st quality inventory.

Call the office or contact your sales representative if you are interested in purchasing these materials.  Also you can stop by our yard and we would be pleased to show you around.

Office:  508-699-56665 Justin:  508-509-6093 Angel:  508-509-6028