From the Desk of the Community Lay Director: 

This past week we have been celebrating Holy Week, which culminates on Easter Sunday. It provides a perfect opportunity to reflect on our faith and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Our Emmaus Community continues to celebrate the recent Walks that were held in Waycross. There was great enthusiasm and energy to be felt during both Walks. The outpouring of love, prayer, and blessings was almost overwhelming. The comments made by these pilgrims were powerful and heartfelt. Their Emmaus journey has just begun, and the community needs to continue nurturing them. They were challenged to be Willing Servants and to sponsor someone on a future Walk.

It is important for us to utilize the energy and excitement that is created during a walk. We need these new members to actively support and stay involved with the Community. If we can do this, we will grow and stay vibrant.

Now is the time to begin planning for the Fall Walks. Team selection will commence soon, and the teams will be formed. The Men’s Walk will be held 9/13-9/16. The Lay Director is Byron Johns. The Women’s Walk will be held 9/20-9/23. The Lay Director is Jonetta McDonald. Please pray for them and the teams that will be selected. Please have Pilgrim applications completed and submitted to Anne Wojcik as soon as possible. Let us commit to filling these Walks.

Our next Gathering is the Pio Party on April 6 at Brunswick First UMC. Come welcome the newest members of our community.

In lieu of a Gathering in May, a picnic has been planned at Blythe Island Regional Park on May 5. More information will be coming about this event.

It is my hope that you have had a blessed Holy Week.

He is risen, indeed!

De Colores,

Phil Scott

If you are interested in sharing your musical gifts at Community Gatherings or Walks, please contact Jim Hitt, the Music Board Rep, at: (912) 614-4701.
Upcoming Events
Community Gatherings:      

April 6 at 7:00-- Brunswick First UMC , Pio Party
6:00-- SPONSORSHIP TRAINING before the Pio Party

Saturday, May 5th-- 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. COMMUNITY PICNIC

If you would like to offer your church to host a Gathering in the future, or would be interested in sharing a Fourth Day testimony, please contact David DuBois for more information regarding what is required of a host church.

Bring the whole family!


Pavilion #1 Blythe Island Regional Park
10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
Saturday, May 5th

Community Members : Bring a side dish or dessert and any outdoor games you might have.

Your Emmaus Board will provide Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Drinks, and ALL the rest!
Reflections from the Heart
Why Emmaus?
Trisa Chancey
Table of Mary

While considering ideas for articles for this month’s newsletter, I pulled out my box of Emmaus goodies and re-read a letter I had written to my pastor, Brother Vernon Dillingham, immediately following my Walk. I also explored YouTube for videos about the Walk to Emmaus. The video at  had this to say:

“Why Emmaus? To MAKE Time to Examine our Priorities as Christians - How we choose to Live and Grow in Christ, the Christian Action we will take to Change our World, how we will Persevere as a Body of Christ through Obstacles placed before us, Delving Deeply into God’s Grace in all its aspects.”

I had the great privilege of being at the Candlelight services for the most recent Golden Isles men’s and women’s Walks. Even though my Emmaus book is so old that the page numbers don’t match the current book, I could follow along with the communion service because it is stored in my memory. My husband, Keith Chancey, and I have shared many communion services together using the Emmaus book.

My Walk took place at Golden Isles Walk to Emmaus #2, and I was assigned to the Table of Mary. Being at the two most recent Candlelight services brought back many beautiful memories, and gave me the desire to re-read my account of my own Emmaus experience. When I wrote that letter to Brother Vernon, I kept a copy, and it was my copy that I re-read.

I have long struggled with depression and anxiety. When I went on my Walk, I was terrified. But the love I felt throughout the weekend, from going out to dinner with my sponsors beforehand, meeting my “Newfound Friend,” and the silence and the songs and the talks and the activities, to my own Candlelight service, God used those three days to make a change inside me.

“Why Emmaus? To MAKE time to Examine our Priorities as Christians - How we choose to Live and Grow in Christ…” Talk #1 on our Emmaus Walk introduced us to the concept of Priorities. My notes from the group discussion on Priorities says “Who we were at different times changes with shifting priorities and becoming a stronger Christian.”

There is no doubt that Emmaus has made me a stronger Christian. My Reunion Group helps keep me accountable, and keeps my focus on those priorities God has set for me. For all our new Pios, I strongly encourage you to get involved in a Reunion Group. There is strength in numbers, and comfort in having like-minded people praying for you as you pray for them.

Remember your Walk, and your discovery of Jesus. Remember His embrace. Remember His smile. Remember “Jesus is counting on you. I am counting on Jesus.”
Sponsorship Training

Cindy Jones
GIWTE Board   
Board Sponsorship Training Chairperson

This is intended for those who have just completed the three days of the Walk to Emmaus, our “Pios”. If you are one od these, you have probably found it to be one of the most profound emotional and spiritual experiences of your life. If you are a little confused and bewildered as to just what happened to you, and just what this means at this point in your life, please be aware that this is a normal reaction.

The three days are just the beginning for you. If you have a new awareness of Jesus Christ in your life, you will want to continue to grow in that relationship with Him. The Emmaus movement has structured a method to assist you in that growth.

This is not supposed to be a scholarly, in-depth treatment of the Emmaus movement. It is written to give you an initial understanding of the movement. It is hoped that it will answer some of your questions.


The three days should have brought you into a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. You should now have a greater understanding, particularly as you see Him in your environment. Of course, this awareness of Christ will differ with individuals as we tend to react in different ways. The important thing that must be considered now is that any relationship with Jesus is one that must continue to grow. A person can never say that he or she has reached a particular point and need not continue to strive to improve that friendship. As a husband, a wife,or any two friends realize, any relationship must be nurtured and worked at by both involved. It is evident that the relationship with Christ must be developed and worked on if it is to grow. God's grace and friendship is constant and is extended to us. It is our response to Him that must be regular and increasing if we are to grow in Him.

It is also evident that we cannot grow in His life by attempting to do so alone. One of the talks during the three days made the point that “an isolated Christian is a paralyzed Christian.” We need help and support in our growth as it is also incumbent on us to assist and support others in their growth. Our salvation is not an isolated happening; it is accomplished with and by others. This is the real meaning of Christian community. It is a group of people whose only purpose for coming together is that Christ is the center of that group, and everything they do revolves around that fact. The Emmaus movement recognizes the necessity for the need of helping and supporting each other –- The Christian community –- and this is the manner in which the Emmaus movement is structured.

It is important to view the process of the Walk to Emmaus as a movement and not as an organization. It is also essential to perceive the Walk to Emmaus as a movement of the church. Emmaus is not intended to be a club or another Church organization. The Walk to Emmaus is a movement. This means that it is an ongoing process starting before the weekend and continuing afterwards, for the rest of your life.
(Reprinted from Emmaus material.)

I hope everyone found this info helpful! There will be Sponsorship Training” at 6 pm, before the Pio Party!!
Golden Isles Walk to Emmaus Board Meeting

GIE Board Meeting April 21, 9 AM Brunswick FUMC, Miller Building.

E mmaus community members are always welcome at Golden Isles Emmaus Board Meetings, which are normally held the third Saturday of each month in the Open Door Classroom at Brunswick First United Methodist Church. 
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