Volume 7 | April 2018
April Newsletter
Be sure to read all about what we have been doing at RMDS, look at our educational corners to see what the kids are learning, learn about our Board and much more!
FROM AMY NOVOTNY: our Director
Dear RMDS families,
Spring has sprung! And this also means a lot of events going on here at RMDS; from state testing, the school play, soccer games, promotion ceremonies and graduations. Our calendar is evidence in itself of just how busy we will be until the end of May. I definitely look forward to these events because it creates memories that the students will forever cherish.

I would like to provide a friendly reminder to keep an eye on our calendar, as we begin to plan all of our end of school year activities. We would love your support and participation in those fun-filled events.

With the summer season approaching, please do check out RMDS summer camp flyers. Our team is truly excited about offering ESY and Summer programs for our students.
Thank you for your continued support of our students, our teachers and staff.

RMDSly yours,
Amy J Novotny
RMDS Family Directory
Happy Spring RMDS Families!

Summer is inching closer to us each day, and it seems as though everyone is busy planning their summer already. Students and families in the past have participated in a family directory that allows everyone to keep in touch with each other. Here at RMDS we know that the family atmosphere we foster each and every day is positively infectious; leaving many wanting to celebrate the summer season together.
As we collect contact information and begin to update the family directory, we would like to provide everyone the opportunity to OPT OUT of the directory. Please email or call Janet Turnmeyer, by Friday, April 27 th , 2018 at: jturnmeyer@rmds.co /303-984-5749 voice or 720-961-9200 video phone, to OPT OUT of the directory. If you do not OPT OUT , your contact information will be automatically added to the family directory.

Thank you,
RMDS Staff
Staff Appreciation Week - May 7-11
Happy Spring RMDS Families! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the unpredictable, yet beautiful Colorado weather. Each day, spring provides me with an unexpected surprise that puts a little zest in my step, as I come into work each day. As I look around each day, I spot a new spring flower, a new shadow cast upon my backyard from the longer hours of daylight, or even a garden pea sprouting in my garden. All these things provide with a sense of appreciation and reminder to slow down, even though I may be in a hurry.

With the hustle and bustle of life encroaching upon us as we rise each day, it is easy to forget to appreciate the simple things around us, and the people around us. This is why, from May 7th to May 11th, we will be showing the RMDS staff just how much we appreciate them and each other. From the facility crew to our administrators, and everyone in between. If families would like to bring notes/cards of appreciation and encouragement, flowers, bagels/yummy treats or anything else for the staff to share, please feel free to drop them off during the week of May 7th -11th. It is important that we let everyone know that they are appreciated, no matter what role they have here at RMDS; as every staff member here contributes to our purpose, values, and vision everyday.

Thank you
April Lunch Menu
RMDS provides breakfast and hot lunch service daily. These healthy and nutritious meals are prepared by Rev Foods. Breakfast costs $2.75 and lunch costs $4.00. Families will be billed monthly for lunches served to their students.
The kids are doing really well and they are rocking it!!
Wishing the kids well on their tests!
You will Rock the Test!!
RMDS Summer Camp Registration is now open!
14 years old to High School Seniors

You MUST fill out both RMDS and DVR forms to be able to attend camp.
Ages 3 to 14 years old
Deaf Culinary Bowl Competition
RMDS was proud to send a team of culinary members to California School for the Deaf, Fremont (CSDF) for the national Deaf Culinary Bowl on Saturday, March 10, 2018.  

Vocabulary Bee Competition!
We had our first annual vocabulary bee on March 16! Nine students from kindergarten to 4th grade participated. They were given a list of 100 words to study. They had to know both the spelling and definition of all words! We crowned three winners and they will compete with five other deaf schools via Sorenson videophone conference on May 4th for a National Bee winner!
Our winners for out first annual vocabulary bee! National competition will be on May 4th. From left to right, Geoffrey Smith (3rd grade) - 2nd place, Todd Sevier (2nd grade) - 3rd place, and Noah Kapustka (2nd grade), 1st place.
Honoring "Day Without Hate"
Thursday April 26th
Day Without Hate is a student led, grassroots organization that promotes nonviolence, unity, and respect in our schools. After the shootings at Virginia Tech in 2007, students at Standley Lake High School asked their classmates to wear white in order to show a commitment and trust in each other to make their school a safer place. The day was an overwhelming success.

Since then, students across Colorado and the nation have taken this incredibly positive day to their communities to say that we will not tolerate violence or hate, and we will reach out to friends and acquaintances and say,
"We're all in this together."

I am looking forward to the last week of April! It is the week when RMDS will celebrate Kindness. Students will be doing activities to learn and remember what kindness is all about! On Thursday, April 26th, we will honor this awareness by wearing DWOH t-shirt, "Choose Kind" shirt, or a white top!
Please encourage your children to wear a white top on this very day.

If you would like to know more about this, please feel free to check out this website: Day Without Hate
Toby Haggerty
2nd Grade
Rae Gale
3rd Grade
4th Annual
Youth De'Via Competition
Click on the image to read more!! And be sure to add RMDSart and RMDStheater to your Instagram to follow us!
Click to
Extra news! I definitely encourage students to use their art skills in the community and over the summer — there’s free art activity for age 3-17. Check this link out, click on the pink button.
Science Classes
Click on document to read about some topics covered in Science.
SCFD with Swallow Hill Music
Through the SCFD Alliance grant, Swallow Hill Music came to visit RMDS and excited the staff and students with drums from all over the world! The students learned some drum history, then got to play the drums themselves.
Testing different "beaks" with different "food"
Testing a wind turbine's electicity generation
Feeling the rhythm with Swallow Hill music!
There will be different kinds of people in a wide variety of careers here at RMDS on May 9th. View flyer for more information.
Come check out some books at our Little Free Library, and/or stock them up with books you are done with.
Warren Tech Summer Enrichment Programs
Click on the document to read about our National Literacy ASL Competition winners! And some information on the games and the chart to learn both ASL and English.

Bilingual chart - both ASL and English
We have been keeping active in PE. Jameson Healy is doing his internship with Luci and has been teaching Taekwondo on Thursdays.
Rocketry Club
Evan and Ramon launch their rocket from RMDS’ soccer field, and enjoy the view on a sunny CO day.
Rocket Launch
Another Estes
Rocket Launch
Yearbook Club
The oh-so-serious yearbook staff.
Cooking Club
Caleb works hard to prepare his delicious drink during Cooking Club.
with Stephanie Carson
Middle School Soccer Club Game Schedule:

  • April 18: Team Picture Day and 4:15 Game at RMDS
  • April 25: Game at Dunstan Middle School - 1855 S Wright St, Lakewood
  • May 2: Game at Alameda International School - 1255 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood
  • May 9: Game at RMDS
  • May 16: Tournament Day!
Elementary Soccer Club Game Schedule:

All games are at RMDS on Saturdays at 2:30 pm.

  • April 14
  • April 21
  • April 28
  • May 5
  • May 12
  • May 19
DDY TNO is free for ALL RMDS students! The next one is June 1st at Elitches Garden.

Come join us!

To RSVP or for more questions, contact Stephanie Carson at scarson@rmds.co
March 9 Toddler Program at Denver Aquarium
Click on the image to read more about what fun things we have been doing.
March Toddler Program ASL Story:
April 6 Toddler Program at Columbine Library
Click on the image to read more about what fun things we have been doing.
April Toddler Program ASL Story:
"Giraffes Can't Dance"
Looking for other Camps?