Hi to all. We have a new format for our newsletter. I hope you like all of our new email formats and how about the new interactive buttons? It is making Charlene's job a whole lot easier.
There is so much news my head is spinning. We have some great events coming up. Next on the agenda is the Great Gatsby Juz Danz at the former Base Recreation Center now called the General Robert H. Reed Recreation Center. Nancy C. has graciously volunteered to use her professional decorating skills to transform the room into a nightclub...mirror ball and all! Don't miss this event. I will be there even if I can't dance. (Had a little knee thing).
 Our own Carolyn B., a professional writer, has started writing posts that can be read on our webpage. On the Home Page just scroll down to "READ MORE" and look for Carolyn's article "Live Longer and Happier with Ballroom Dance". We look forward to more articles.
  Please thank Nancy, Carolyn, Steve and Charlene when you see them!

 Need the latest event schedule? Just go to the top of the page for the link to our website. Dance on!
Marilyn & Gene Cha Cha Showcase
Marilyn and Gene recreated their Cha Cha showcase dance for the large crowd who attended our Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting dance at the General Robert H. Reed Recreation Center in Myrtle Beach on
January 9, 2018. Fabulous!
Sandra & Joe Dance the Waltz
Sandra and Joe recreated their Waltz showcase they danced at VIne Bistro for our Ribbon Cutting Dance. Their dance was exquisitely executed to perfection!

Swing into Spring
BDPS has approached local dance instructors to teach their students the swing to prepare them for our Big Band Dance on June 3, 2018 at the General Robert H. Reed Recreation Center in Myrtle beach. Check out our webpage for a list of instructors.
Dance Showcases & Lectures
Want to share your knowledge or pitch in to help, please contact Char to schedule your dance showcase or ideas for lectures. We always encourage our membership to participate wherever they find a need or a wish. We want to hear from you!

The Summer Solstice on June 21st is the day the Alzheimer's Association has their Longest Day fundraising event. We are partnering with the SC Chapter of Alzheimer's to sponsor a fundraising dance. Please read all of the details in the email we sent you on April 4th. This aligns with our Dancing for Health theme.
Please Read About Line of Dance
We would like to address Line of Dance rules with our BDPS members. This is a tradition to avoid collisions and should always be revisited from time to time.
The Line of Dance is a way to organize dancers. In dances like the Waltz, which are progressive dances; dancers will continuously move around the floor or travel. The Waltz, Tango, Fox Trot, etc. are all examples of progressive dances. These dancers should always be in the perimeter of the dance floor travelling in a counterclockwise direction. These are the dances which the Line of Dance rules apply.
Accordingly, dances that stay on a spot, or spot dances, will be danced inside the Line of Dance. These include the Latin dances, with the exception of the Paso Doble and Samba. The Cha Cha, Bolero, Swing, etc. are all examples of spot dances and dancers will be hindrances to progressive dances. It makes sense to stay out of the way!
It's just good manners. Dance on!
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