April 2018
The Professional Development & Resource Center (PD&RC) Pride is a monthly email communication celebrating the work facilitated by BT BOCES PD&RC to advance teaching and learning. This is also an opportunity to highlight resources available for loan as well as upcoming regional events. We hope you find this communication helpful and welcome your feedback.  
High School - SUNY Broome English Collaboration
"I am proud of our region for taking the steps to start this very important conversation."   This was one response to a powerful regional collaboration facilitated by PD&RC’s Kerri Bullock and Jaime Mendelis .   On March 28th eleventh and twelfth grade English teachers, high school administrators, superintendents, and members of the SUNY Broome faculty began a discussion around the current state of writing instruction in our area. Questions such as How do we best bridge the gap for high school and college writers? and What exactly are those gaps? drove a session that engaged a focus on alignment across grade levels, across districts, and across the region. 

Over thirty participants, representing fourteen districts, started the session by exploring common ground around goals for all our writers, at any level. The discussion quickly moved from Regents requirements to a greater vision: many in the room voiced the hope that our writers would have the ability to take risks, to find a voice, and appreciate the power of the written word for social change and action. The effect of these shared aims allowed for important and frank conversations around what students across the region can expect to learn as writers.

Other highlights of this work included anchoring the role of writing in state testing, recognizing what it does and doesn’t reveal about writers in our classrooms. SUNY Broome shared details about coursework and writing requirements for their English 110 and 111 courses, and as grade-level teachers compared writing expectations within and then across levels, commonalities and gaps began to emerge. 

The day ended with a catalyst of energy for future collaboration, as groups shared next steps in preparing students for success as writers. Participants expressed a need for more collaboration with each other and area colleges, closer study of writing as a progression, and an anchoring of writing traits across levels and districts as possibilities for future outcomes. 

Participants’ feedback to the day was positive, energized, and hopeful. Takeaways included:

"The ability to share thoughts and ideas with other English teachers - the access to great minds. I am taking ideas with me . . ."
"My colleagues in middle and high schools are just as committed to teaching writing as a process and seeing their students as writers as we are at BCC."
". . .it was reassuring to hear and see such commonality in our approaches! We rarely get a chance to get together to share in an environment like this!"
The PD&RC is currently developing future collaborative work around bridges between high school and college. 
Engaging Students in the K-5 Math Classroom
On Tuesday, March 27th, educators from around the region joined PK-6 Regional Math Specialist Paul Volkert for their second 2017-18 session on Engaging Students in the K-5 Math Classroom. With a focus on 'active participation', participants spent time identifying characteristics of the non-engaged learner, as well as in sharing strategies for increasing engagement by making their math lessons accessible to all students.

During the first session in January, through the use of cooperative learning structures, teachers concentrated on essential steps for creating a classroom environment that encourages all students with opportunities to take risks.

The second session began with reflection time for teachers to get feedback and support from their colleagues on modifying and updating their engagement plan. Participants also talked, planned, and lived other engagement strategies including: 3 Act Math Tasks , Would You Rather Math , Which one doesn’t belong? , and Content Scaffolding as ways and means to create entry points for all students to access math lessons.

The resounding message and reminder from the sessions is that teachers have the ability to engage all learners in the math classroom through accessibility and access points!
Osmo Collections
Combine hands-on play, coding, and curriculum connections with the Broome-Tioga BOCES Osmo Collections: The Genius Set, The Creative Set, Coding Awbie, and Pizza Co.

The Osmo Genius Set features a camera reflector and base that transforms your Apple iPad into an educational tool. Included are game pieces that work with each related Osmo game app. Students can practice numeracy with Numbers , master letter recognition and spelling with Words , and play with geometric concepts and spatial thinking with Tangram .

Using the base Genius Set set with our other add-on kits, Osmo can connect across the curriculum. The Osmo Creative Set includes 3 apps - Monster , Masterpiece and Newton – t hat work with the Osmo creative board and Yoobi erasable markers. Monster has multiple drawing activities for creating an interactive storybook. Masterpiece transforms any image into easy to follow lines to draw. Newton uses everyday objects and physics to guide falling on-screen balls into targeted zones. With the Coding Awbie add-on, students can tangibly program movement commands for a character on the screen. Pizza Co. add-on teaches business and math skills, including money management, fractions, and nonverbal communication.

No iPads? No problem. There are ten mini iPad available for loan (EC01025) with the Osmo apps pre-installed and available through the BOCES Media Library a t http://medialibrary.btboces.org   .
Please contact  Kristina Garcia   at   kgarcia@btboces.org   if you need assistance with ordering the Osmo Collections or any other Media Library resource.
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