March 2018
Summit Public Art Update
The mission of Summit Public Art is bringing art to public spaces in Summit . We hope you'll find within these emails something that piques your interest, or helps you see the art around town with fresh eyes. If you find the information in this email of value, please forward to your Summit-area friends. Thank you for your support of public art in our community.
Summit Public Art 15th Anniversary Gala Date Announced
Summit Public Art’s 15th Anniversary Gala will be on Saturday evening, September 22, 2018, at 1 Deforest Ave in downtown Summit. McKinsey and Company have very genenerously offered us the use of their beautiful rooftop terrace overlooking our city.  

We will be sharing more information on the event over the next months. It is sure to be an evening to remember, and one worth sharing with friends. We hope to see you there with us amid the art, music, and revelry!
Scene from the 2017 Gala
Interview with Dan Fenelon, RAMP UP artist
Summit Public Art's Rising Artist Mentorship Program, RAMP UP , has paired artist Dan Fenelon with student artists at Summit High School. The program is in full swing, with installation of the students' artwork scheduled for late May/early June on the Village Green in downtown Summit.

Dan gave us time with him this month to discuss his perspective on the RAMP UP program and how the work with the students is progressing. He clearly has a great love of art and teaching, and strong commitment to mentoring the next generation of artists. Let's get to know Dan!

How is it going with RAMP UP so far?
All the students are highly motivated individuals and have been putting 110% effort into the project. The progress has exceeded my expectations. 

What growth have you seen in the students?
They have been learning what it is like to do a public art program from start to finish. I have seen their work transform from tiny thumbnail sketches into full size vibrant sculptures.

What impact do you hope this program has on the students and the community?
I hope that the students will to continue to help strengthen the cultural foundation of their community and the community will continue to have the wisdom to support the arts.

Where do you find inspiration as an artist?
The short answer is anything from Petroglyphs to Picasso. I am really inspired by civilizations past, present and future and icons as a form of communication.

What is in the works for you? What upcoming projects or exhibitions can we anticipate?

I am working on a series of paintings for a large corporate client’s headquarters in Parsippany, then I have several school murals until the end of June and a large mural planned for South Orange this summer.
Besides your art, what are your interests and passions?
I am a techno nerd. I enjoy building robots and also have a 3D printer which I am using to prototype an invention I am working on.

Shown to right is a Summit High School student artist working with her piece for the installation. Above photo is Dan working with student on sketches for their pieces.
Committee Updates
From the Co-Chairs:
Vivian Furman Rubin and Estelle Fournier, Co-Chairs of Summit Public Art, attended the Summit Common Council meeting last week, presenting on the mission of SPA and our latest initiatives: RAMP UP and two upcoming mural installations. The Council gave wonderful feedback on the success of public art in Summit.

From the article: "Councilman Gould noted that the art, 'makes the town vibrant.' Councilwoman Ogden noted that the works 'brighten my morning' on her daily commute. Mayor Radest added that, 'although not everyone may agree on which pieces of art that they like, the art engenders community conversation, which is important.'"

Sign up for a tour of our public art
Vivian will be leading the walking tour on Sunday, May 6 at 11:15 a.m. Meet at the Summit train station, on the Village Green side. Sign up for the free tour on the Facebook event page .

Art Selection:
The Art Selection committee announces a call for public artists for 2018/2019 installation. Know an artist who creates art for public spaces? Contact us ; we'd love to hear more about them.
Art Installation by Tadashi Hashimoto
Come watch a new installation of public art on the Village Green this coming Friday, April 27. Tadashi Hashimoto will be installing "Grounding Sky," a piece that "continues his interest in how the multifaceted angles of multiple cubes and spaces create light effects in reaction to color," according to his artist's statement. "He is focused on how light travels inside and around the sky blue cubes.  In fact, Tadashi visualizes the concept of 'interference light waves' as well as visible light particles that are called 'light photons.'  Color, the glow or luminosity of the sculpture contributes an imaginative twist that enlivens the public space."

Look for photos of the installation on the SPA Facebook page on Friday.
We love seeing your artistic skills in action. Submit photos of the artwork or of your friends and family interacting with it to us at and we’ll feature it in our emails and social media accounts. Selfies welcome! Include your name or initials and in which town you live.
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