April 2018
Ziveli Winery wine tasting was a vintage event!
We would like to thank our hosts, Rondi and John Nale, whose expertise in wine and fantastic variety of wines made the event unforgettable. We hope to partner with them again in the future. You can still visit them. See the links below.

Serenade for Haiti inspired!

Thank you to the producer of this inspiring film, Christy McGill, for her passionate discussion of the film. You can visit the website for more information or to support the Sainte Trinité Music School.
We have a new home and we got the keys!
We have found a new space for our local office and classes: 1477 E. Shaw Suite 126, Fresno, CA 93710. We will be setting up the office and classrooms to be ready for classes at the end of April.

You can sign up now for a 5-week course of French beginning at the end of April. There will be beginning, intermediate, advanced classes as well as French for Travel and French for Children. Please contact Patience Tshimika for more information: patience_23K@yahoo.com
April 28, Saturday

Atelier de l'art du café
at 10:00-12:00

Art of Coffee Workshop
Have you ever wanted to make coffee-house quality espresso drinks at home? Now you can! Join Scott and learn the fine craft of creating espresso beverages. Scott Donaghe, the President of Alliance Française de Fresno, worked for 5 years in a French Café and was a Starbucks Barista and Shift Supervisor for 2 years. He trained new Starbucks employees how to make coffee bar drinks. In this coffee making workshop, participants will learn how to operate an espresso machine in this very hands on workshop.

In the workshop, you will make double espressos, flavored mochas, cappuccinos, lattes, and the AFF Président's signature drink, the triple layered latte! Watch social media for the commercial for this first workshop in our new building! Whether you want to learn the art of making delicious espresso drinks in French or English is up to you!
Choose the language of your choice and join us in this caffeine infused journey into the exciting world of hand crafted espresso drinks! (All drinks will be made on Mr. Coffee Espresso Machines which can be purchased from Target for $35.00 if you so choose after the workshop.) Each coffee drink will be paired with chocolate and pastries.

This workshop is $25.00 and is open to the first 10 participants for each language session: French "Atelier de l'art du café" is from 10:00 - 12:00" and English "Art of Coffee workshop" is from 12:30-2:30. Please pay online for the session of your choice on our website.

This event will be held in our new office: 1477 E. Shaw Suite 126.
Teacher Spotlight: Patricia Duvet
This month, we decided to put the spotlight on Patricia Duvet, who has been teaching and inspiring students in the Central Valley and in the Alliance Française de Fresno for a long time. She will be retiring at the end of this year and so we thought that we would get some advice from her.
Patricia Duvet pictured above with her daughter on the beach of Dunkerque.

1) How long have you been teaching French in the valley and for the Alliance Française of Fresno?  I started teaching around 1981 at College of the Sequoias as a part-time French instructor until 1992. I started full-time French high school teaching in 1984 in Tulare, then in Tollhouse from 1992 until 2010 and I am finishing my high school French teaching career at Harmony Magnet Academy. I taught for the Alliance for a few years in 1998 and then again started three years ago or so. I also taught and am presently teaching at Fresno City College. I intend to continue there and at the Alliance according to enrollment.

2) What do you enjoy most about teaching French?
I love sharing my native language with my students at all levels. I enjoy sharing my French experiences and my culture.

3) You will be retiring soon. What have you taken away from your experiences and what would you like new teachers to understand about teaching a world language?
Teaching a world language is sharing a culture and a language. It is opening new horizons for students. You must be passionate about the language you teach and its culture. In this manner, students will fall in love with the language. Teaching a language means investing yourself totally and of course be knowledgeable. You must be ready to keep up with the changes in the language and the culture as well. You must be ready to involve the students in extra curricular activities linked to the language and always recruit through your personality and constant efforts. You must inspire!
4) Is it ever too late to begin to learn French?
It is never too late to learn French and I have experienced that at Fresno City and at the Alliance. It just takes patience and willingness to take risks. Teaching French to adults is extremely rewarding for me. Plus the adult learners often have more opportunities to travel to France. I myself intend to start learning Arabic and possibly Italian.

5) What advice do you have for new learners?
Be patient and your efforts will bring great satisfaction. You will get to explore a new world through its language and culture. It will take time but it is the adventure of a lifetime.

6) Please tell us what you are proud of:
I am proud of the fact that I never gave up on teaching my language despite at times the adversity of programs being cancelled. I taught French in different places at once. I built French programs in 3 different high schools. I am very happy to have 3 adult children who speak French fluently and 3 grand children who do also. I also have inspired several students to continue on studying French beyond the high school years.
Sister-City Committee: Fresno and Châteauroux, France
Would you like to be a part of a dynamic committee working to improve the cultural exchange between Châteauroux, France and Fresno? Join the Sister City Exchange Committee by contacting Denise Ulrich: deniseulrich@att.net
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